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Summary: The purpose of this podcast is to spread the "REAL TRUTH" about the Mormon Church and expose the true history, fraud and lies that the Mormon Hierarchy would rather not discuss. It's time to uncover the lies and reveal them to the world!!

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 Mormon Truth #20-An Interview With Joy-Part 3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:40:50

Mormon Truth Podcast #20-An Interview With Joy, An Ex-Mormon-Part 3 In this final installment of my interview with Joy, we pick up where part 2 left off, with Joy talking about her dear friend that she very recently lost. We continue discussion on the awful condemnation and blanket accusations of sin, that are heaped upon homosexuals, by both Mormonism and Christianity and how offensive, bigoted and awful it is. Interesting how these people, shouting sin or sinners, that do the condemning, don't have a freaking clue why people are gay or if they are born that way, just that the Bible is against it and they believe in the Bible, case closed!! I guess they claim to have all the answers, even though they have no answers in reality. It is a disgrace and they should all be ashamed of themselves, Mormons, Christians and any other religions that condemns innocent people, especially for being gay!! Anyone see the disgusting clips of Mormon Apostle Russel M. Nelson this week, in Washington DC, praising the anti-gay marriage bill, which failed today by the way? What a dumb ass and what a bigot, as he just made our point for us, once again, publicly condemning gay rights and showing their true colors, for all the world to see. They call that love and compassion? Finally, we wrap things up, talking about her Dad's modern day polygamous ways, which are fully sanctioned and approved by the Mormon Hierarchy and their "official Bishop's Handbook" and through the Mormon Temple, where the polygamous marriages still take place. What did the Mormon Church's Public Affairs Department say the other day, in an interview with the LA Times, when they were asked, "Is polygamy gone forever from the Church?" They said: "We only know what the Lord has revealed through His prophets, that plural marriage has been stopped in the Church. Anything else is speculative and unwarranted." They are damn liars, plain and simple!! Anyone seeing a pattern yet? The lies will roll forward, just like that big stone they often reference, until they fill the earth, which they are already doing. Let's read the quote from the "Official Church Handbook of Instructions", regarding "modern day polygamy" and then decide if it has been stopped and is just "speculative and unwarranted", for us to say that it still exists: Living Men If a husband and wife have been sealed and the wife dies, the man may have another woman sealed to him if she is not already sealed. If a husband and wife have been sealed and later divorced, the man must receive a sealing clearance from the First Presidency before another woman may be sealed to him (see "Applying for a Cancellation of Sealing or a Sealing Clearance" on this page). A sealing clearance is necessary even if the previous sealing has been canceled. What about women, can they be sealed to more than one man, at the same time? Living Women A LIVING WOMAN MAY BE SEALED TO ONLY ONE HUSBAND. If she is sealed to a husband and later divorced, she must receive a cancellation of that sealing from the First Presidency before she may be sealed to another man in her lifetime (see "Applying for a Cancellation of Sealing or a Sealing Clearance" on this page). So, there you have it, pretty damn simple; men can be polygamists, women can't and the above statements, show and prove Joy's story to be true and the Mormon Church's Public Affairs Department to be liars; but we already knew that, didn't we? Come on TBMS AND APOLOGISTS, bring it on and show me and Joy that we are wrong, prove Joy and I to be the liars!! We will anxiously await your responses!! Samuel the Utahnite Originally Published June 8, 2006

 Mormon Truth #19-Interview With Joy-Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:00

Mormon Truth Podcast #19-An Interview With Joy, An Ex-Mormon-Part 2 This is part 2 of my interview with Joy. We appreciate everyone that has listened to part 1 and hope that you will enjoy part 2 just as much. In this part, we start off where part 1 left off, with Joy explaining what the Church taught her regarding marriage and the Mormon depiction of marriage. She shares some absolutely revolting quotes, about how much a man should love his wife and children, compared to the Mormon Church, from Brigham Young, of course, in The Journal of Discourses. The first quote by Brigham Young, is located in volume 3 page 360. The 2nd quote is located in volume 9 page 37. I feel bad For any of you TBMs out there, that can hear or read these quotes, and then somehow justify them, and still call this man an "inspired Prophet of God." What would it take for you to wake up and realize that this man, who is praised by Mormons and has a University named after him, had nothing to do with any God. If their is a devil running around tormenting people, as part of God's inspired plan, then Brigham Young was one of his die-hard servants and did a great job. Also, the Mormon Hierarchy has never repudiated these quotes that Joy shares and still sells them in Jesus' one and only true and living bookstore. Brigham Young was a disgrace to mankind and a very vile human being. These quotes just add to his legacy of disgrace!! Joy also mentions the studies done on Prozac use in Utah, among many drugs, compared to other places. Why is it so high? Hmm....70% Mormon and the highest Prozac use? You do the math, but it's not hard to figure out, is it? We are simply pointing out that people do what they have to, to cope with their life and that here in Utah, where most are Mormon, well....they never feel good enough and can never live up to the impossible, lofty standards and responsibilities, that are given to them from birth. The suicide rates in Utah, are also always among the highest in the country and it is all inter-related. One need only read the story of Kip Eliason of Idaho, to see how awful the Mormon Church handles depressed people and what the end result may be. Joy also shares a very personal story about a dear friend of hers and what he went through when he revealed to his family, that he was homosexual. His family is die-hard TBM, which means that they are intolerant and anti-gay, even with their own Son, because they follow the Mormon Church's teachings and beliefs on the subject. Those that teach and advocate these homophobic and awful views, includes the bigots Gordon B. Hinckley and Boyd K. Packer....which are 2 of the top 4 big dogs of the Mormon Hierarchy. Boyd K. Packer is 2nd in line behind Thomas Monson, to be the next Mormon Prophet, just so that everyone knows. Like Hinckley says, gays and lesbians have a problem and need to be fixed, but he also admits that he doesn't know how to fix them or have the slightest clue why they are even gay. Again, how can anyone support or justify this? He's an inspired Prophet of God? Boyd K. Packer and Dallin H. Oaks, have also admitted that they don't know why they are gay or if they were born that way. Please leave your comments and let us know what you felt while listening to this podcast and the personal experiences of Joy. I feel like Joy shared some very powerful things with all of us and I'll always be grateful to Joy, for giving her time, heart and soul to this podcast and all of you out there listening. I know that it wasn't easy for her and in fact very painful, to discuss these things and I hope that it was helpful to some of you out there struggling. For those that don't think the Mormon Church destroys lives or ruins families, this interview with Joy, should help clear that up for you. For links to the above topics, please visit: Samuel the Utahnite Originally published May 28, 2006

 Mormon Truth #18-Interview With Joy-Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:34:37

Mormon Truth Podcast #18-An Interview With Joy, An Ex-Mormon-Part 1 Well, I felt that it was time to get a woman's perspective on these issues that I've been covering for the last 10 months, between my blog and my podcasts. I really want to thank Joy for coming forward and being that voice for women and explaining her perspective on things, from a woman's point of view. It takes courage to want to do an interview like this and it also takes a lot of internal strength, to want to rehash these issues again, that have been in her past now for many years. I know that Joy sincerely wants to help others, as I do and I appreciate her efforts to do so in this 3 part podcast. As former Mormons, it is hard for us to ever forget our past, especially after we were so repressed and now have that taste of freedom, which helps us understand even more, just how controlled we were by the cult and its leaders. How can we simple forget and move on, as TBMS always say we should do, when we were cult members and survived and actually found our way out? Some of us were members for 30-40 years or more and we are now supposed to pretend it never happened? I guess in a delusional, twilight zone and a TBM, twisted, jacked up reality and world, it sounds great and makes sense!! Here in part one, we first get to know Joy and her background and how her Parents were converted to the Mormon Church when she was 4 years old, soon after they had left the re-organized Mormon Church. Joy discusses some of the differences between the Salt Lake based/Brigham Young sect of Mormonism VS. The Re-organized Church. Joy then shares how difficult it was when her parents divorced and how she was treated in her ward, and what was behind many of the invitations that she received, which led to a period of inactivity, although she still believed the Church was true. She then discusses what is taught in Relief Society and compares it to what men are taught in Priesthood. Joy then tells us what her experience was like going to the temple at the age of 8 and being sealed to her Parents. We go on to discuss many more subjects that I'm sure most of you will find very worthwhile. I think Joy did an outstanding job!! Thank you Joy for sharing a part of your life with us and for sharing your personal pain and experiences. I'm sure Mormon Truth listeners will be very grateful for your willingness to share what you have and that they will all be able to learn a lot from you and be better for having heard this interview, just as I'm better for having done it. THANKS SO MUCH!! The personal Email for Joy, for those that want to get in touch with her, is: Here is the link I promised during the podcast, for the audio of the temple ceremonies. You can listen to the pre-1990 and current ceremonies. Also, here is the link where you can compare the two ceremonies, and see exactly what was erased and what was added, when the ceremony was drastically changed in 1990. The first Presidency called them "modifications" and then once again, instilled their typical fear BS, when they said, "As with the other aspects of the Endowment, you are under solemn obligation not to discuss these sacred matters outside of the temple": Also, here is the outrageous Kimball quote, that Joy read during the interview: “We recommend that people marry those who are of the same racial background generally, and of somewhat the same economic and social and educational background (some of those are not an absolute necessity, but preferred), and above all, the same religious background, without question” (“Marriage and Divorce,” in 1976 Devotional Speeches of the Year [Provo: Brigham Young University Press, 1977], p. 144). We both look very much forward to all of your comments and opinions!! Samuel the Utahnite Originally published May 24, 2006

 Mormon Truth #17-A Mormon Apologist-Part 4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:50:28

Mormon Truth Podcast #17-An Interview With Jared, A Mormon Apologist Jared-Part 4 Well guys, here we are, finally at part 4, of the interview with the Mormon Apologist Jared. My next 3 podcasts, which are already recorded, and should prove to be very interesting, to most of you out there, especially you TBMs, specifically women. Here in Part 4, of the interview with the Mormon Apologist Jared, we continue on where we left off in part 3, with Jared discussing what his definition of repentance is. We then go into what is forgiveness and how and when we are forgiven for our sins. We quoted Mormon Prophet Spencer W. Kimball out of "Miracle of Forgiveness", which clearly showed that Jared's conclusions or personal opinions, on what forgiveness is for Mormons, were wrong, according to the former Prophet Kimball. We then discuss what it takes to get into the Celestial Kingdom and Jared seems to be in a little bit of denial, that you have to be a Mormon, in this life or the next, in order to achieve that. Jared justifies the Mormon teachings, by once again, comparing it to Christianity, which was getting very tired for me at this point. Jared does point out, with his argument, the flaws in both Mormonism and Christianity, in regard to who is saved and I have to say that I agree with that argument, that both are very flawed. However, the flaws in Christianity, in this regard, are just as bad and do not justify, the flaws in the Mormon cult. There are many more topics that you guys will enjoy, as the above description only covers the first 10 minutes or so. Now, when the show ended, I continued recording, as we discussed many extra topics, that were not part of the regular show. I have included as much of that bonus coverage as I can, without compromising Jared and the personal information regarding his life and some topics that he wasn't comfortable with me posting, which I respect. I had to do quite a bit of editing, but the bonus audio still turned out great and I did post this with the full approval of both Jared and Eric. As I just mentioned, Jared knows that I'm going to post this "bonus coverage", just so that everyone knows that I wasn't doing it behind his back. When I listened back to it, I realized that too many great things were discussed, to not include them in this podcast for all of you guys to hear; so I sought the approval of both of them, to post it. So, enjoy everybody and thanks again for your patience in the delay of releasing this part 4 and I hope that you all enjoy it and that it was worth the wait. There should be no more long delays in releasing my podcasts, since I'm all set up now, finally, and I really appreciate all of you loyal listeners out there for your patience and support. I also appreciate all of the recent hatemail from you clueless TBMS and apologists, who just attack me personally and condemn me to hell and can't wait for the Mormon God to serve out his justice, "in this life or the next."(blood atonement) Of course, all of these personal attacks, without addressing one specific thing I've actually said or written about. You guys just continue to show me why it is that I must continue to do what I'm doing and I appreciate it very much!! Now, you apologists and offensive, die-hard TBMS go back to your pathetic cult and bow your heads and say yes!! Samuel the Utahnite Originally Posted May 16, 2006

 Mormon Truth #16-A Mormon Apologist-Part 3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:28

Mormon Truth Podcast #16-An Interview With Jared, A Mormon Apologist-Part 3 Well everyone, I'm finally back, with part 3 of this interview with Jared, the Mormon Apologist. In this part, we pick up where we left off in part 2, with Jared discussing the many errors of the Bible to somehow justify the many errors in the Mormon Church and Book of Mormon. I still can't see the connection of how bashing and disproving Christianity helps prove Mormonism is true. I felt like I was in the twilight zone!! Also, the same is true going the other way; trying to prove Christianity as the ultimate truth, doesn't prove Mormonism is false. Jared loves to compare the errors of Christianity to the errors in Mormonism, to justify and show that the Mormon Church is true. In other words, according to Jared, the screwed up Mormon Church is true, but the screwed up Christian Churches and the Bible, which are full of errors themselves, upon which Mormonism is based, are all false. Jared is welcome to respond in the comments of this podcast, if he feels that I'm misrepresenting what he was trying to say or believes. I think the interview stands for itself. We then debate the translation process of the Book of Mormon and Jared disputes that it was "word for word" and impossible for errors to have been committed, despite the quotes I share, proving that it was indeed word for word. He does finally admit that the errors may have happened at the printing press...yeah right!! Samuel the Utahnite Originally published May 3, 2006

 Mormon Truth #15-A Mormon Apologist-Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

Mormon Truth Podcast #15-An Interview With Jared, A Mormon Apologist-Part 2 Okay guys and gals, this is part 2 out of 4, of the interview that Eric and I did with Jared, who is a Mormon Apologist. Jared is also a great guy who strongly believes in his faith and can usually find an easy explanation for most anything. I do give Jared credit though, for coming on the show with us and at least being able to admit some of the faults that are in the Church; but then, unfortunately, he has to explain them all away and tell us why they are okay, or don't impact his overall testimony or the truthfulness of the game. Jared is a very nice friendly guy, but we do have to agree to disagree on about every subject. In Part 2, we pick up where we left off in part 1, continuing our discussion of "The Book of Mormon" and the lack of any evidence whatsoever of "The Book of Mormon", the people, their cities, war remnants, etc. Jared likes to point out the errors and discrepancies in the Bible, in order to justify the errors and problems in the Book of Mormon and Mormonism in general. Jared admits that it doesn't matter if they ever find any archaeological evidence of The Book of Mormon and that it wouldn't affect his testimony one way or the other. Once again, it's all about feelings and has nothing to do with any evidence. I say that if you have to claim the Bible to be so wrong, in order to justify that Mormonism and The Book of Mormon are okay, with so many screwed up things and errors, why would the Bibles errors, which are many, make the Mormon Church and the Book of Mormon right and true? It's ridiculous!! Jared Also likes to refer to current and past teachings of Apostles and Prophets, as "statements, opinions, traditions, their personal beliefs, or whatever", but that it doesn't mean that it's truth. If you can't trust the words and teachings of current and past Prophets and Apostles, which claim that they can't lead you astray, and that God will remove them if they try, what good are they? I honestly have no idea how Jared, or other Mormon apologists, determine what Mormon doctrine is or isn't, due to the fact that nobody ever really knows when these so called Prophets and Apostles are speaking for God, or just sharing their personal opinion. I guess if it fits their point, it is inspired, if it doesn't, then he was just "speaking as a man." In my opinion, it's ridiculous!! At one point, both Jared and I are astounded at each others views and express that to each other. There is much more to this part 2 and I really hope that you guys enjoy this episode, as much as I did, making it for you. Samuel the Utahnite Originally published April 18, 2006

 Mormon Truth #14-A Mormon Apologist-Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:11

Mormon Truth Podcast #14-An Interview With Jared, A Mormon Apologist-Part 1 This is part 1 of 4, of an interview with a great guy named Jared. Eric, from "The Living Truth Podcast", invited both Jared and myself, onto his show, so that we could all share our views on Mormonism. Jared is a current, faithful, active, member of the Mormon Church and wanted to explain his view on things and where Eric and I are going wrong in our analysis of the Mormon Church. In part 1, Jared explains why he wanted to come on the show with both of us, and he also gives his description of how the Mormon Church came to be. We discussed the First Vision, the apostasy, and the differences between the Bible and Book of Mormon. We also discussed the fact that God the Father lives on Kolob and has polygamous wives, according to Mormon doctrine. I also brought up the fact that there is not one shred of "REAL" evidence, of any kind, of the Book of Mormon people, battles, wars, cities, etc, especially in and around the Hill Cumorah in New York, where it should be plentiful. I also asked Jared who the Lamanites are and where they are located, since the Book of Mormon was written primarily and specifically for them, according to the title page. I think that you guys will really enjoy this a lot!! Thanks again everyone for listening and stay tuned for parts 2-4, coming soon. Samuel the Utahnite Originally Published on Saturday, April 15, 2006

 Mormon Truth #13-Interview With Eric-Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:27:57

Mormon Truth Podcast #13-Interview With Living Truth's Eric-Part 2 This is part 2 of my podcast with Eric. unlike the Mopologists like FARMS "Daniel C. Peterson" or FAIRS "John Lynch" who will claim that an apple is really a pineapple, and they'll show you how. We talk about a lot of things in this part 2, including my journey to the truth and out of Mormonism, which included a big dose of Cognitive dissonance, along that path, as I tried to reconcile what I was finding, with what I had been taught all my life. We discussed Darron Smith and the article in the Salt Lake City Weekly, which was really the impetus, that got me onto the path that I'm on now. That then led me to Hinckley's interviews, which we discuss, along with polygamy and many other things. We also discussed exactly "what is a special witness of Jesus Christ", since that is what the Apostles and Prophets, refer to themselves as. I also discuss my feelings on leaving the Mormon cult and the impact that it has had on me emotionally, spiritually and also in regard to my family and friends. Also, at the beginning of this podcast, I play the "audio of Gordon B. Hinckley", the current Mormon Prophet's words, from this past Saturdays General Priesthood Session, April 1,2006, regarding racism. I also give a few comments on what I think about the situation. Please see part 1 of this interview, for the explanation of why I no longer support, endorse, or even remain friends with this man, that openly condemns every human being on earth that doesn't believe what he does, especially ALL Mormons. Please disregard any comments I've ever made in this 2 part podcast, or on any of my blogs, endorsing or supporting Eric Hoffman, as they are now invalid. Samuel the Utahnite Originally Posted April 6, 2006

 Mormon Truth #12-Interview With Eric-Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:47

Mormon Truth Podcast #12-Interview With Living Truth's Eric-Part 1 This is part 1 of 2, of the interview that I just had with Eric, from the Living Truth Podcast and Mormon Deception blog. He asked some great questions regarding why I left the Church, how I discovered it was a fraud and what the process of discovery was like for me. I also shared my view on the "early cult indoctrination program" of the Mormon cult, that is alive and well, just as it was when I was a kid growing up Mormon. We also talked about my mission and some of the experiences that I had, along with some of the abuses I suffered, along with some of the rules of my super-repressive and abusive mission Presidents. We also touched on the lack of separation between Church and state here in Utah and how it doesn't exist. I discuss the incredible guilt that is heaped on missionaries for not baptizing enough people and all the rules they must follow. We also discussed that "LOGIC" or "INDEPENDENT THINKING", is not really allowed or tolerated in the Mormon cult. Sadly, I'm no longer friends with this man and I do not endorse anything he says or has written, as he condemns all Mormons with a blanket, to not only loose their soul forever, but to burn in hell and flames eternally, on the way to losing their soul, unless they follow him and his exact beliefs. He is nothing but a dishonest, fanatical, die-hard Christian that has no true desire of helping Mormons now or ever. It is also called a "God complex!!" He claims to love and have a huge heart for Mormons and to condemn Mormons with love in Christ/God. Had I known what a condemning person Eric was; I never would have done this interview and I now regret it deeply. However, I did express mostly my views, so I will leave it here for everyone to listen to. We all learn from our mistakes and I learned from my involvement with this guy. I thought he was a good, honest man and I was wrong. I take great offense to anyone who openly condemns me, my friends, family and loved ones, just because we were or are Mormon. I condemn the Mormon cult Hierarchy, not the average, good members, just trying to live their life and be happy. Samuel the Utahnite Originally published March 30, 2006

 Mormon Truth #11-Famous Mormons #1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:53

Mormon Truth Podcast #11-Famous Mormons In The Media #1 This is hopefully only the first installment of many to come, of "famous Mormons in the media." In this installment, I discuss Shawn King's (Larry King's wife) recent appearance on the Howard Stern Radio show along with the actual interview. There were a lot of questions regarding her "magic or lucky garments." She laughs through most of the interview, wondering why Howard wants to keep his mind and the topic on her "magic underwear and sex life." Gee, like she didn't know whose show she going to be on? Cut the naive act please!! Meanwhile, her Dad is stomping around absolutely furious in the green room, as Howard just can't stop talking about her "magic underwear."This is hilarious and I think you guys are gonna love it!! For those that are easily offended and don't like sexual innuendo or topics, then this podcast isn't for you and I highly suggest that you don't listen to it. This is why I have the explicit label on my podcast, as you never know what I'm going to talk about or present. Take care everyone and enjoy!! I look forward to your comments. Samuel the Utahnite Originally published on March 27, 2006

 Mormon Truth #10-Is Mormonism A Cult-Part 2?!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:33:34

Mormon Truth Podcast #10-Is Mormonism A Cult?!!-Part 2 This is a continuation of the last podcast and part 2 of "is Mormonism a cult?" In part 1, I discussed the first 7 of 15 items on the "cult checklist." Those that have already listened to part 1, know that we went 7-7 and so far, everything is checking out 100%, that Mormonism is indeed a cult, without a doubt. I shared many examples and I will share many more in this 2nd part of the podcast, covering items 8-15 on the "cult checklist." I will also include several clips from the pre-1990 temple ceremony, which will include the penalties that went along with it, which I sadly agreed to obey, as I bowed my head, out of fear and lifelong brainwashing. It is sick and twisted stuff and I can't believe that I agreed to give my own life, and slice open my neck from ear to ear, along with my chest and stomach, before revealing "the secrets" of the Mormon temple. If, after part 1, you still have doubts that Mormonism is a cult, this 2nd part, should be able to easily erase that doubt and convince you that Mormonism is definitely a cult. I also share a clip of Spencer W. Kimball, one from Hinckley and we'll even get to hear from Adam(God) himself, in a special guest appearance, exhorting us to obey these men called Prophets, Seers, Revelators and Apostles. We all know what will happen if we don't obey these so called Prophets, Seers and Revelators, as President Benson says: "follow them and be blessed—REJECT THEM AND SUFFER." So, here's the bottom line; if you liked part 1, you are gonna love part 2. For those that would like to dispute the facts that I've presented, that Mormonism is a huge cult; I look forward to your rebuttals, comments and Emails. I will be fascinated to see how you TBMs and Apologists, explain away all of these obvious facts, that confirm Mormonism is a cult. Then again, it's probably just all a huge coincidence, that you can go down a cult checklist and check them off one by one, right? Samuel the Utahnite Originally published March 13, 2006

 Mormon Truth #9-Is Mormonism A Cult?!!-Part 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:32

Mormon Truth #9-Is Mormonism A Cult?!!-Part 1 In this podcast, I go through the cult checklist to once and for all, decide if Mormonism is a cult or not. I'm using the list from the ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association). Here is a quote from the website of the ICSA: "The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) is an interdisciplinary network of academicians, professionals, former group members, and families who study and educate the public about social-psychological influence and control, authoritarianism, and zealotry in cultic groups, alternative movements, and other environments. Founded in 1979 as AFF(American Family Foundation), ICSA took on its current name in late 2004 to better reflect the organization's focus and increasingly international and scholarly dimensions." The list that I'm using is entitled "Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups" and was written and created by Janja Lalich, Ph.D. & Michael D. Langone, Ph.D. I'm sure that Mormons will find a way to discredit this website, this list and these people because Mormonism and the Mormon Church just couldn't possibly really be a cult, right? In fact, most members, as I once did, find it extremely offensive to be labeled as a cult and/or cult member. On the ICSA website, it is also states that: "ICSA does NOT maintain a list of "bad" groups or "cults." Their website also says: "We nonjudgmentally list groups on which we have information. Groups listed, described, or referred to on ICSA's Web sites may be mainstream or nonmainstream, controversial or noncontroversial, religious or nonreligious, cult or not cult, harmful or benign. We encourage inquirers to consider a variety of opinions, negative and positive, so that inquirers can make independent and informed judgments pertinent to their particular concerns." So, with that being said, this group is clearly not "out-to-get" the Mormons or "persecute" them, or "anti-Mormon" in anyway. Mormons seem to love to believe that stuff about anyone that speaks badly of them, as it just further proves that the Church is true in some twisted, jacked up, cognitive dissonance way, because they are being persecuted. Persecution = truth, because that is what the members are taught by their leaders and the cult Hierarchy. If you are involved in a cult and a cult member, you wouldn't know it, unless you knew what to look for and what the signs are. The purpose of cults, is to brainwash and control you, so that you don't think you are in a cult at all and that your life is completely normal. The leaders of cults always reassure their members, that they are normal people and that everyone else in the world is strange and weird and even dangerous and to be avoided. They encourage their members to only have cult friends and only marry someone in the cult, etc, just like Mormonism does. This podcast will help anyone that is in a cult, whether it be Mormonism or some other religion/cult. I strongly encourage everyone to listen to this podcast, Mormon or not and decide for yourselves; "is Mormonism a cult?" Samuel the Utahnite Originally published March 8, 2006

 Mormon Truth #8-Brent Belnap On The Today Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

Mormon Truth Podcast #8-Brent Belnap's Interview On The Today Show Well, this has been irritating me ever since I first heard this interview and I really felt the extreme need to address the mis-truths and flat out lies that Brent Belnap, (Mormon Stake President of Manhattan), felt the need to propagate and spew, during his recent interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show. The ending of the interview and the final question of Matt Lauer and then Brent Belnap's answer, was astonishing to me and one of the biggest lies I've heard yet. It sums up perfectly, the lies, deceit and fraud of Mormonism. It just proves that the Mormon Church will continue to openly lie and defraud people in order to keep their stone of fraud, lies and deceit, rolling throughout the world. This "plan of fraud" is greatly helped by their strong 50,000 + force of missionaries spread out all over the world, who are trained and taught to lie to everyone they meet and teach, without even knowing that they are lying. The missionaries are victims, just like the people they teach are victims. Don't think for one second, that Brent Belnap wasn't prepared, scripted and told exactly what to say by the Mormon Hierarchy. He was fully prepped and probably even had a list of questions beforehand, from the Today Show that he might be asked, if not the exact questions. To think otherwise, would be the ultimate case of naiveté. If they did know in advance what the questions would be; that makes Brent Belnap and The Mormon Hierarchy look even worse and more complicit in this latest escapade of lying to a Nationwide TV audience, in order to further their cult. However, it would come as no surprise to those of us that know the truth. The Mormon Church Hierarchy would never EVER let someone go on national TV without full preparation of what to lie about and how to lie about it. I look forward to all of your comments on the lies that Brent Belnap and The Mormon Hierarchy are continually propagating throughout the world, such as those that are shared in this piece. I think that everyone will really enjoy listening to this podcast and will be able to clearly see the deceit and lies of the Mormon Hierarchy, that are being spread around the world every single day. Samuel the Utahnite Originally posted on February 17, 2006

 Mormon Truth #7-Those Evil Anti-Mormons #1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:18:32

Mormon Truth Podcast #7-Those Evil Anti-Mormons #1 In this podcast, I review the most recent hate-mail that I've received, along with my opinions and rebuttals to what they are saying about me. Some of it is funny, some of it is pathetic and sad while some of it is just ridiculous. I also take a run through my reviews on iTunes and have a few good laughs along the way, as well as pointing out where these anti-anti-Mormons are going wrong in their attack of me and the truth of Mormonism, that I've now discovered. This podcast is a pretty revealing look into the head of an anti-anti-Mormon and the twisted logic that they use to justify their beliefs. I also discuss the positive reviews that I've received and thank those that have given them. Enjoy everyone!! Samuel the Utahnite Originally published January 30, 2006

 Mormon Truth #6-Better off dead?!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:59:59

Mormon Truth Podcast #6-Better off dead?!! This podcast describes in depth, with exact quotes, how Mormon Prophets and Apostles have advocated, that it is better "to be dead" or "to come home in a pine box", then to break the law of chastity or allow any degree of immorality, which they preach is only next to murder in severity. Here is an example, as quoted in Kimball's famous/celebrated Miracle Of forgiveness; Heber J. Grant said, "There is no true Latter-day Saint who would not rather bury a son or daughter than to have him or her lose his or her chastity. What kind of pathetic human being(if you can even call them human), would actually believe this and feel this way? I then break down the entire talk, "Love and Lust" given by former Mormon Prophet Spencer W. Kimball at a BYU Devotional in 1965. He condemns everyone from the average sinner, to people that don't understand the meanings of words, to homosexuals, masturbators, fornicators and even those that just have an occasional thought about sex. He makes it crystal clear that he hates perverts or any type of perversion; which would include anyone with sexual thoughts or any type of sexual activity. I guess he was the opposite of Joseph Smith eh? He leaves no stone unturned in condemning everybody!! He is an equal opportunity condemner!! This podcast will allow everyone to get a better insight into just who Spencer W. Kimball really was and it isn't pretty folks. Samuel the Utahnite Originally published December 15, 2006


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