Dandelion Wine Online show

Dandelion Wine Online

Summary: Oregon Music Underground and the Hilarious joy of Living Hosted by Adam Goldman, Dandelion Wine Online offers some of the diversist sounds of the Pacific Northwest and possibly elsewhere. Pyschedelic, Psychotropic, indiepop, world, weird, and glurp.


 Dandelion Wine Online Podcast #4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Dandelion Wine Radio is back after a thirteen month absence! Hurrah half-assed radio! 2010: Reaching out to the public from the Tree Fort Lounge with songs by Pulsars, Green, Grace Jones, Buzzcocks, Fit Fort Danga, and Joanna Newsom. Q: Dreamy rambling: [] always [] sometimes [] never A: [Always]

 Dandelion Wine Online Podcast #3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Click title to listen! Paul Haines joines Adam in the Tree Fort Lounge for Episdoe 3 of Dandlionwine RADIO. The thing that lives...Again! Portland groove shoes from: Cafeteria Dance Fever, Hey Lover, Pierced Arrows, and New Bad Things! Also, some otherworldly folk from Current 93 and Seaside (Mike Wu Band).. Wow, amazing luck. Epidsode 3 comes at you straight out of the chasm of seasonal affective disorder, bringing with it volcanic joy and fields of delightful flowers.

 Dandelion Wine Online Podcast #2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Whoah! Another installment of Dandelion Wine Online Radio. Who would have thunk it?! More fantastic music from the likes of The Handsome Family, Fleet Foxes, the Bats From the Pyramids of Egypt, Mary McLaughlin, and 1090 Club. Also, The Sonic Sorcerer, Derek Ecklund shares his thoughts about being real and introduces "Dandelion Wine" by In Gowan Ring ** WARNING: Some graphic content. Click on the title to listen

 Dandelion Wine Online Podcast #1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Well, this here is it, the first installment of DandelionWine Radio with your host, me, Adam Goldman. We're making a noise right here in Portland, OREGON and we're playing some interesting music from the area and beyond. With prepared pianos and Goodwill guitars we lolligag around the many earthly styles. This week it's some tracks from Michael Stirling, the Bugs, Class M Planets, Rollerball, and Duenow. Also, a tribute to "the Prisoner". Click on the title to listen


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