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Summary: A rock n roll podcast that believes in the garage sounds of punk, glam, and rock n roll


 Mottey's Garage 366 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7098

the slow poster The Pop Rivets / hang Loose Mongoose / empty sounds from anarchy raunch David John & The Mood / Pretty Thing / Freak Beat Masters vol 2 Tie Reds / Come on Lets Go / Gotham Garage: The Best New Rock from New York Crushed Butler / love is all around / Gorilla Garage; Jesse Hector Story Van Dammes / TaxFree World Drunk Mums / Hotflush Fidlar / gimmie something Sneaky Feeling / Gimmie the Look The GT's / Rock n Roll(the only damn thing I know) / Good Times Hysteric Narcotics / Shop Around / Batteries Not Included Radio Blast / Radio Blast / Let's Rock Brat Farar / Im not Like You Bob Mould / American Crisis Moot / I hate Hippies The War Toys / Maybe / Parker The Manikins / Lie Cheat Steal The Raging Nathans / Tragedy Ghouls An Introduction Gonads / Punk City Rockers / The Best of the Gonads Street Dogs / Avenues and Alleyways / Hooligans United a Tribute to Rancid The Thingz / Soulmates Rat Parade / Boring Dystopia / Wheel Of Wow / Yellow Beetle Hot Nasties / hey there girl The Fall Outs / I'm Going Home / Here I Come Stick Horse / I Used to Drink in The Doctors Office The Greenhornes / Going to the River Sluts / Close my Mind / Aperocalypse Makeouts / Last Dance / In a Strange Land Wolf Bites Boy / Rubble and Decay The Gentlemen / Its a Crying Shame / I was a teenage Caveman The Neanderthals / Twinkle Toes / I hate Cd's Norton Singles Downline Sect / One Ugly Child / The Sect Cheater Slicks ? Run run run / walk into the Sea The Barracudas / My Little Red Book / The Complete EMI Recordings jessie noah wilson / galaxy motel la tommie and the commies / hurtin 4 certain joey and the traitors / i need your love toledo / june recorded in 2012 chazdaddy / she's got soul 2014 rochester one man tv coma / will you love me tommorrow /shirells /tv coma sings the hits Saint Albans, UK tv are just like you roxy roller

 Mottey's Garage 365 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7310

the horribly wrong / living nightmare / bleeding for you ty segall / the loner / fudge sandwich biznaga / 2k20 / gran pantalla means big screen draculas / pretty tommy terminal amusements draculas / terminal amusements hank haint / drinking beers screaming rebel angels / pretty when you're quiet chuck berry / I want to be your driver zorton and the cannibals / sinking in ky love / Strange Delights the ex-bats / good enough for you / kick hits and fits permateens / sun kissed / sleeper made violent / my friends the girls / our generation / The New Rock N' Roll charlie foxtrot / born on third / man bites dogs the bloody muffs / ice cream run/ Pandemic Punch idle race / imposters of life's magazine / nuggets ii the hypnophonics / you're gonna miss me / citizens of oblivion ep numbskull action / bald stump / mutate with me free thee braindrops / all my feelings denied / you want to kill me ep the unkowns / dressed to kill the unknowns / will you wait for me / new chupa cabra / russian models / london single the chats / 4573 / high risk behaviour black mambas / up all night / moderation easybeats / sorry the devil dogs / my gto swampmeat family / if you want me to MFC Chicken / KFC called the cops on me / Fast Food and Broken Hearts girl trouble / walking the dog / v.a. estrus lunch bucket tie reds / come on lets go / gotham garage Holiday ghosts / paranoia / holiday ghost melanie / no shoes the candy ditches / welcome to your family moron;s moron / garageman / Looking For Danger the mark vodka group / now i wanna be a bad boy cheap talk / nightmare kidda band / we're gonna make it glitter piss / suck my soul Tom Waits / Return of Jackie and Judy Killing Joke / War Dance MOTTEY63@GMAIL.COM

 Mottey's Garage 364 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7051

black diamond heavys solid gold / a touch of someone elses class daddy long legs shakin up / evil eye on you prince beastly/ give me hope / kat music for kat people vol iv guitar slingers / brand new cadilac / live in bremen the pacifics / i wont miss / you known you make mee wanna stout adam hill / radio pearl / banjo moon crankshaft and the gear grinders / motorcycle woman / junkyard rhythm chazzdaddy / freakout chazzdaddy / the desert 2014 fuzz for the people one dollar anthony harrison / give me a job / just topical 9 single 0 eyebawl / no more bad nights / kat music for kat people hasil adkins / shake that thing / wfmu radio show topedo monkeys / chicken / lunchtime with the torpedo monkeys the pink fits / lex in b / de ja blues / 2009 fuck yeah dinosaurs / a critique of human condition / 65 million beers ago the ghost wolves / lets go to mars webcam teenz / knife love / M.A.F. /lp ukulele hiro / what do i get (buzzcocks) / aloha bitches RAVI / fast cars (buzzcocks) / split w lost cowboys buzzcocks / wish i never loved you / flat pack philosophy howlin wolf / i have a little girl / trixie and the trainwrecks / summertime black mekon / fresh hell / one in the hate johnny horton / i m coming home / a honky tonk man lord high fixers / round and round / group improvisions thats music' the konks / move and shake / the konks hiden charms / cheat liar cheat hidden charms / dial m for musery / the square root of love hungry ghosts/ pretty girls pale lips / the kids robbing banks / about that the delta riggs / all the lil people / talupo music the bobby lees / drive henry funeral shoe / down the line gino and the goons / take it off / venom / the cavemen / give up and drunk / killing myself to live gino and the goon . dead moon

 Mottey's Garage 363 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7168

germ house / sugar sugar / cashgrab ep cherry poppers / she's in love / englan belongs to me the spaceshits / the raging sea(gene maltais) / winter dance party jeff BLVD and the Main Drag / witch Hunter /normal Girl ep slander Tongue / goin down / slander tongue the Prissteens / wildman / the hound the barbarians / hey little girl / the barbarians the dollyrots / teenage kicks loose behavior / instinct response / sad action loose behavior / sad action / sad action the mark vodka group / everybodys punk now / debut nova scotia / march good / stuff buzzcocks / jerk / buzzcocks buzzcocks / lester sands / buzzcocks mad daddy / give it to me / ep3 mad daddy / just you wait (and see) / ep3 disgraceland / hillbilly herion / dose em up ep kiss disease / cripple the bastard / kiss disease capgun heroes / judy / who the fuck are these guys the globs / rebel girl / Lavasocks Records the rhondelles / castastrophe / Fiction Romance, Fast Machines tenement rats / crime pays trixie and the trainwrecks / what would you do three bad jacks / ace of spades peacocks / somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight tim timebomb / life for living dixie buzzards / teenage queen / complete dixie buzzards the air kaics / i'm free the ar kaics / cant stand this place /the ar kaics volume 1 ground floor people / its alright now / cavevoman / bake me a cake jenny / stupid band jenny / coachroach tea ladrones / saico / new single thee mvp's / you aint it / science fiction leeds the bubs / hating you is so fun Burlington, VT. the piggies / love letters replacements / heartbeat-its a love beat polecats / jeepster slow faction / antifascist / retrospective 2013-2019 swine tax / i'd like anthony harrison / give me a job

 Motteys Garage 362 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7217

Stay Clean, stay safe , Stay Home The Steve McDonald Group /Motorboat / This is Not a Rebellion The Prissteens Oh Billy The Hound Baked Goods Beach Shirt Basement Glam Boris the Sprinkler Rock n Roll Girl DMZ Guilty Child Relics The Lost Riots Ball and Chain ( Roger Reale Cover) Slander Tongue /Goin Down / Slander Tongue Hank Wood and the Hammerheads / Tommorrow / Use Me ep Ditches Shelter Bambies Red Guitar Kiss Disease Cripple the Bastard Kiss Disease The Lord Reverend Mongo Joans and the Coathanger Solution / the Crowd goes Wild / GRÜPPE SECHS The Replacements I hate Music Sorry Ma The Replacements White and Lazy Stink Growth Spurt Stink / Relaxing Music for Growing Plants Drug Dogs State I'm In Nat Dyer C.W. Stoneking / How Long / Going Boogaloo 2014 Rats From a Sinking Ship / Nothing Ever Happens Conmen / Too Tough to Dance / Get Loose DMZ / Barracuda / Relics The Problematics / Everthing's Gonna Be Alright / Kids All Suck James Leg / Tell Me More J Roddy Walston and the business / Dont Break the Needle / Don't Break the Needle Gibson Bros. and the Work Dogs / Amanda / Punk Rock Truck Drivin Man The Black Chromatics / Miss Molly Brown / black chromatics ep Outtacontroller / Sure Thing / Sure Thing Rhysics / Good Dad / RHY666 The Mark Vodka Group / Shadow of Your Former ST Thick / Your Mom Hood Rats / Things Are Moving (Jay Reatard Cover) Eater / You Eater Hurry Up and Wait outtacontroller Aborted Tortoise / Making a Mint / Factory Blind Blake & The Royal Victoria Calypsos / Delia Gone The Addicts / You'll Never Walk Alone Charlie Foxtrot / Repetition / Flustercuck EP Organs / Need Your Love Death Traps / Joan Jett fuzz and the Felts / Mucky Melts / Angry Shouty Middle Aged Supergoats / PEAjbho Kpytoe Mecto The Bity / Ramones Cover / KapHTNH Tim Timebomb / I'm Moving On

 Mottey's Garage 361 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7087

Compulsive Roots kind of a family thing Compulsive Gamblers / phoney lesbians / Gamblin Days Are Over thee Shams / dontcha bother me / norton stones singles neckbones / get my kicks / the lights are getting dim city rats/ rotten mind / rat city dog boy revelators / aint got a thing / we told you night to cross us oblivians / bad man popular favorites danny cleaver / uncontrollable urge girlschool / live with me phone jerks / drive me crazy (penetrators) / out the gate reigning sound / i'll cry too much guitar jack oblivian / shake it off / so low oblivians / ride that rain / play 9 songs with mr quinton gibson bros./ ride a black mare / big pine boogie the legendary shack shakers / shake your hips / cockadodledont the legendsary shack shakers / hobo;s are my heros live from sun studio jack oblivian / 2000 man american slang wrong turn / turd on the run compulsive Gamblers /pepper spray boogie / bluff city Fruit Tones / 21st century boy / Natural Selection reigning sound / time bomb high school / time bomb highschool mary weis w/ reigning sound / dont come back dangerous game supersuckers / good living / the greatest rock n roll band in the world loose behaviour / the problem with you sad action knaughty knights / complicated andre williams / i hate cha / the black godfather BBQ / justify tie your noose JACK Oblivian and the Shieks / stick to me / the lone ranger of Love oblivians / little war child / desperation Martin Savage Gang / Momma's Place / goodnight johnny (push my Button) jack o and the tearjerkers lookin for love / dont throw your love away reigning sound waiting for the day / break up break down jack oblivian and the tennessee tearjerkers / til the money runs dry flip side kid the offs / johnny too bad bloodshot Bill reach that woman / trashy Greasy Rockin Billy oblivians / road runner best of the worst oblivians / any way you want it / soul food compulsive gamblers / wait a bit joe / crystal gazing luck amazing

 Mottey's Garage 360 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7122 gang of four at home he s a tourist i found that essence rare entertainment dropkick murphy the bonny slow death a little less ugly no heaven gino and the goons babydoll shake it the kinks too much monkey business southern culture on the skids muswell hillbilly juliette seizure & the tremor dolls be my fred cole cash registers lets be bad black lips dishonest man sing a world thats falling apart the exbats i got the hots for charlie watts the erector set 13 inside out the customs lets go get it / bring my cadillac back the dents queen city radio we were living in cincinnati mott the hoople itll be me two miles from live heaven the replacements borstal breakout the stooges cock in my pocket nervous jerk 40 degrees 1994 ep the lost riots when your back in town The Kids You Love To Hate chubby and the gang speed kills botax rats heatwave nasty business deadshit johnson piss or get off the pot Fuckwit Boogie wolfmanhatten project smells like you s all christine 16 hard to believe phone jerks kill kill out of gate dark thoughts imaginary lines must be nice killer kin feeder blues BAD, BAD, MINDS! cherry pickles lilly is a spy cherry pickles will harden your nipples wood chickens skunk ape lovin scoundrels marcylene New York 18 resuscitators the ron swansong pretend its not over capt 9 and the knickerbockers i aint taking a bath poison boys slow down out of my head the glucks under the gun sonics walkin the dog

 Mottey's Garage 359 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7356

hello, big goal this year to start publishing play list... buried in this week show is a new single by the monsters, kind of a bucket list band for me to see live...also , more from that great new ep from Gulag Beach, Sarrazin Diät mottey63 @ the blackjacks through the valley blodd and sweat lord high fixers round and round nine pound hammer dead flowers mulebite deluxe the muffs ethyl my love Blonder And Blonder dixie buzzards betty lou from Ain't Going Back bbq year old wine johnny kurt und die hubnerficker kombo chubby and the gang trouble (you were always on my mind) speed kills uk heavy cream john johnny s howlin jaws walk by my side the dead exs daddy issues the torpedo monkeys chicken trash cramps tribute Lunchtime With The Torpedo Monkeys jack oblivian and the sheiks home in my hand the lone ranger of love hunches same new thing s/t Portland 01 Yes. No. Shut It.02 pagans heart of stone Cleveland, Ohio formed in 1977 shit street 01 comp on crypt rec. the bloody hollies sticks and stones yours until the bitter end 11 alive rec Buffalo mighty atomics she's gonna kill that girl s/t dublin the monsters im a stranger to me ep heir first record in a coon’s age - scott h biram time flies c carrol (wild red) dont monkey with somebodies elses monkey the haskels baby lets french gulag beach after the turnaround Sarrazin Diät marked men a little lesson fix my brain drakulas pretty tommy hayley and the crushers los angelos x buzzcocks here comes the nice (small faces) teengenerate dressed in black the huns busy kids texas wolfwolf i was wrong Metamorphosis son belly chirpin tharpe son belly the love club slipslideskinnywide full lenght dm bob and the deficits mother of earth oh no!and the tiger pit honeybear killer kin bottom feeder blues purple down social worker boogaloo bauwaves u r everything Austin, Texas beach bitches i got something soul sake down the animals the story of bo diddly

 Mottey's Garage 358 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7032

Broadcast from Trash Can Radio a few weeks ago, check out the station, pretty damn cool especially if your sick of the shit that everyone else plays (on the radio)

 Mottey's Garage 357 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7211

First show of new stuff of 20202. Show is all over the place, of course, as usual.

 Mottey's Garage 356 2019 Favs | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7364

my favs of 2019, a bunch of songs...hope you like it.

 Mottey's Garage 355 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7117

Just played this show on Trash Ca Radio last friday...real fresh stuff, New Gino and the Goons, that se it all

 Mottey's Garage 354 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7094

some cool stones covers plus new cave men and bunches of stuff

 Mottey's Garage 353 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6962

Hey, here's more garage punk glam rock garage songs leading off with some good classic Cavemen and off to the races with more new Manikins email dav at

 Motteys Garage 352 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7191

headache city and alot of ld favs...and alot f new favs


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