Area 67 - Undiscovered Artists Podcast Show show

Area 67 - Undiscovered Artists Podcast Show

Summary: We play music from Unsigned/Undiscovered artists looking for exposure. All genres are accepted and played. Artists are encourged to send us CD's, MP3's, show date info, CD releases and anything important that you want us to pass along to our listeners. We will have guests on the show to discuss the music/review we are playing, talk about new equipment out, as well as discuss music BIZ topics and much more. Our shows will be geared towards a specific genre and shows will be catorgized by them for easy access to genres you enjoy most! If you have any suggestions or comments, you can post them on the Forum/Blog or you can email us. So speak out and let us know what bands you like, want to hear more of, or any new bands we should check out. Thanks for stoping by and listening! Don't forget to tell your friends.