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Summary: 60 minutes of Classical, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:

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  • Artist: Magnatune
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 2016-07-21 Classical podcast from Magnatune | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:17

Classical podcast (2016-07-21) from Song listing: ------------ 00:00 Artist: SJ Pettersson Song: 02-Descent Album: A Dream Play URL: 01:17 Artist: Harper's Hamper Song: 11-I saw three ships Album: All Hayle to the Days URL: 03:18 Artist: Giorgio Costantini Song: 15-Sous la Pluie Album: PianoPianoForte URL: 06:04 Artist: Asteria Song: 18-Lute Exeunt Album: Soyes Loyal URL: 06:36 Artist: Daniel Estrem Song: 22-Prelude 4 (F Chopin) Album: Reverie URL: 08:41 Artist: Janine Johnson Song: 17-Variatio 16 a 1 Clav Ouverture Album: Bach Goldberg Variations URL: 11:46 Artist: Viva La Pepa Song: 07-La Peregrina Album: Viva La Pepa URL: 15:10 Artist: Magnatune Compilation Song: 17-David Owen Norris- JC Bach Concerto in G Op 7 No 6 Allegretto Album: Classical URL: 18:06 Artist: Sebastian Forster Song: 01-Piano Sonata no22 in F Major Op54 1 In tempo di Menuetto Album: Magnificent Obsession vol 7 - Beethoven Sonatas URL: 23:22 Artist: Takashi Matsuishi Spark Song: 12-Sonate e dur fur Flute und Basso Continuo BV1035 1 adagio ma non tanto (JS Bach) Album: JS Bach Flute Sonatas and Partita URL: 25:41 Artist: Phebe Craig and Katherine Westine Song: 03-WF Bach: Concerto in F Major for 2 Harpsichords (Presto) Album: Beside Themselves URL: 30:39 Artist: Dufay Collective Song: 03-Estampie Real: La Seste Album: A Lestampida URL: 34:27 Artist: Takashi Matsuishi Spark Song: 13-Inventione a 3 no15 B-moll BWV801 (JS Bach) Album: JS Bach Laboratory URL: 35:56 Artist: Daniel Estrem Song: 06-Allegro from Baryton Trio 1 Hob XI 1 (J Haydn) Album: The Classical Period on Ukulele and Guitar URL: 38:15 Artist: Colin Booth Song: 10-Suite in D minor- Ground (John Blow) Album: Grounds for Pleasure URL: 41:18 Artist: Margaret Maria Tobolowska Song: 07-Stormen Album: Enchanten URL: 43:37 Artist: Ireen Thomas Song: 10-Sonata Per Il Liutho A-Dur- II Allegro (JF Daube) Album: Indian Summer of the Lute URL: 45:20 Artist: Colin Booth Song: 07-Concerto In C major BWV976 Allegro (JS Bach) Album: JS Bach by arrangement URL: 48:41 Artist: Vito Paternoster Song: 37-Etude 37 Album: David Popper, 40 Etudes Op 73 URL: 53:20 Artist: Dufay Collective Song: 03-Con amores mi madre Album: Cancionero URL: 55:31 Artist: Music of the Spheres Song: 18-Sarabande from Deuxieme Suite from Pieces Pour Le Violon (1705) (JF Rebel) Album: Toujours l'Amour URL: 58:01 Artist: Cobb Bussinger Song: 08-Hold Dear The Tender Heart Album: Breath of Life URL: 63:13 closing credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All music played on our podcasts comes from More info: Podcast home: Subscribe:

 2016-07-14 Classical podcast from Magnatune | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:42

Classical podcast (2016-07-14) from Song listing: ------------ 00:00 Artist: Daniel Estrem Song: 08-Adagio from Trio Sonata in D Major HWV 397 Album: Handel on Guitar Volume 1 URL: 00:54 Artist: The Hurdy-Gurdy Band Song: 11-La Follia Itinerante (Anonymous)-The Hurdy Album: La Follia Itinerante URL: 09:34 Artist: Steven Devine Song: 12-Sonata No 4 in C Minor- Allemande (Joseph Kelway) Album: Portrait of an English Harpsichord URL: 16:28 Artist: Daniel Estrem Song: 07-Mallorca (Barcarola) Op 202 Album: Colors of Spain URL: 23:25 Artist: Magnatune Compilation Song: 16-James Edwards- Forlana Album: Classical URL: 24:36 Artist: Colin Booth Song: 14-Sonata in A Major K429 Allegro (D Scarlatti) Album: Essential Scarlatti URL: 29:09 Artist: Vito Paternoster Song: 12-Allegro L'Inverno Album: Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons in forma di sonata for cello URL: 32:41 Artist: Daniel Estrem Song: 08-Sor's Zombie Sonata Rag (after Op 14 15b 22 and 25) Album: Estrem plays Lawson URL: 37:34 Artist: Ensemble Mirable Song: 18-Sonata 4 (Tempo di Minuetto 1 and Minuetto 2) Album: Triemer Six Cello Sonatas URL: 40:36 Artist: Hanneke van Proosdij Song: 27-Suite in F major - Courante Album: Harpsichord suites of Chambonnieres URL: 41:50 Artist: Daughters of Elvin Song: 04-Abundance De Felonie Album: Galdrbok - Medieval Songs of Love and Enchantment URL: 49:27 Artist: The Bach Players Song: 21-Recitativo Cantata In allen meinen Taten BWV 97 (JS Bach) Album: Nun Komm URL: 50:20 Artist: Daniel Estrem Song: 12-Adagio from Recorder Sonata in B-Flat Major HWV 377 Album: Handel on Guitar Volume 2 URL: 51:38 Artist: Healing Muses Song: 02-Southesque (Patrice Haan) Album: Garden of Healing URL: 56:02 Artist: Ernst Stolz Song: 17-Largo Sonata in D Major Wiesentheid collection 1722 (Anonymous) Album: German Viola da Gamba Sonatas URL: 59:16 closing credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All music played on our podcasts comes from More info: Podcast home: Subscribe:

 2016-07-07 Classical podcast from Magnatune | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:06

Classical podcast (2016-07-07) from Song listing: ------------ 00:00 Artist: Toni Castells Song: 01-Slaves of Time Album: Slaves of Time URL: 04:24 Artist: Alison Crum and Roy Marks Song: 32-Da bei rami scendea (Vincenzo Ruffo) Album: A Spagna in the Works URL: 06:47 Artist: Katrina Wreede Song: 02-A Life of Love Album: Add Viola and Stir URL: 21:13 Artist: Daniel Estrem Song: 15-Ich Ruf Zu Dir BWV 639 Album: JS Bach on 8 string guitar, vol 1 URL: 24:12 Artist: Gianmarco Leone Song: 07-Rain on the Sea Album: The Birth of a Dancing Star URL: 27:46 Artist: Chad Lawson Song: 05-Prelude in C minor Op 28 No 20 (arr by C Lawson for piano) Album: The Chopin Variations (on solo piano) URL: 31:05 Artist: Doc Rossi Song: 08-Minuet (Antonio De Silva Leite) Album: La Cetra Galante URL: 33:30 Artist: Eric Zivian Song: 10-Preludes Op 28 - No 10 in c sharp minor (F Chopin) Album: Chopin Preludes for Piano URL: 34:21 Artist: Chad Lawson Song: 05-Loves me Loves me not Loves me Album: The Space Between URL: 40:47 Artist: Colin Booth Song: 18-Variation 17 for two manuals (JS Bach) Album: JS Bach Goldberg Variations URL: 43:43 Artist: English Ayres Song: 07-Down by the salley gardens (trad) Album: I sing of a maiden that matchless is URL: 45:35 Artist: Robert F Trucios Song: 08-Sonatina in f (allegro) (Ludwig van Beethoven) Album: From the Lobby of the Cooper Arms URL: 48:34 Artist: Paul Beier Song: 05-Fantasia quinta Album: Simone Molinaro URL: 53:02 Artist: The Sarasa Ensemble Song: 06-Weichet nur betruebte Schatten Recitative Album: Bach Cantatas URL: 54:12 Artist: James Akers Song: 10-Galliarda (Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard) Album: Thesaurus Harmonicus URL: 55:57 Artist: Vito Paternoster Song: 22-Etude 22 Album: David Popper, 40 Etudes Op 73 URL: 58:39 Artist: Romualdo Barone Song: 04-The Dancing Lesson Op78 no2 for Solo Clarinet (H Lichner) Album: Images for Solo Clarinet URL: 61:09 closing credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All music played on our podcasts comes from More info: Podcast home: Subscribe:


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