Secure the Core show

Secure the Core

Summary: Secure the Core is brought to you by Arbor Networks® a leader in network security for global business networks. This first-of-its-kind dramatic podcast series features expert commentary from industry leaders. It begins with a two-episode pilot and will feature a new 3 to 6 minute episode every Tuesday. Come back each week as Secure the Core takes you deep into the world of a company under attack, and demonstrates how the Arbor Peakflow® Platform protects your network from external and internal threats. Be sure to download important technical information after each episode. Secure the Core follows the story of CSTF Financial, a credit card company that's about to run into some big problems. Jim Grant, CSTF's Chief Security Officer, receives an email demanding five million dollars in return for regaining control of his company's network. At first Jim dismisses the threat as a hoax — until the network begins to fail piece by piece. Stranded in the data center, cut off from their colleagues and clients, Jim and his network security and operations teams must find out which areas of their business have been compromised, repair CSTF's technological infrastructure and discover the identity of the hacker. It could be anyone, even one of their own. Listen to the adventure unfold as CSTF Financial works to repair the crisis — before their company is Lost.