Hydrogen Economy with MKB show

Hydrogen Economy with MKB

Summary: The term "hydrogen economy" refers to a decoupling of energy production technology from energy consumption technology. Efficient means of producing hydrogen will allow many different fuels to supply a common world hydrogen pool, which will then feed the planet's engines, planes, trains, power plants. Hydrogen delivery infrastructure, once in place, will not be obsoleted by the dominance of another fuel. Rather, the new fuel will be used to produce raw hydrogen, thus creating a layer of abstraction between energy production and energy use. For better or for worse, the hydrogen economy is an unavoidable future if humankind is to survive. Its enemies are those entrenched in current economic paradigms, centered around petroleum. They are willing to sacrifice long-term sustainability to uphold their current profits. Even vehicle manufacturers are aware of the impending crisis so we are not without hope. We must work together with the creators and the maintainers of machinery to ensure our longetivity in the face of avarice and consumption. THE SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS CAUSED BY TECHNOLOGY IS THE INCREASED AND CORRECT USE OF ADDITIONAL TECHNOLOGY THE CORRECT USE OF TECHNOLOGY IS TO MAKE MUSIC THIS IS THE SOUND OF THE FUTURE