Summary: The podcast is dedicated to the Hawai'i music industry, its players and its fans. It features news, talk, reviews, music, and live interviews with some of hawai'i's artists. "Our goal right now is to create the feeling of a vibrant environment in the Hawai'i music industry, a feeling that has been sorely missed since internet file trading has been introduced" says host Dr. Trey. He and Co-Host Jroq create a show that is a fun and entertaining "behind the scenes" look at the industry. Dr. Trey and Jroq are no strangers to the music industry. Trey has produced many best selling acts in Hawaii including Kanalo, Jake Shimabukuro, Guy Cruz and yes, even Jroq. Together Jroq and Trey have collaborated on their critically acclaimed and award winning album titled, Jroq Vs. Dr. Trey. Join them as they share their thoughts and aloha through podcasting.