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The ToddCast Show

Summary: Join host Todd Murat as he calls random strangers to help bring people together through authentic, old-school-style conversation. The ToddCast Show seeks to explore the human condition and make a positive change in the world. One stranger at a time...This is a call-in show currently. Guests will call a local number in Arizona to be interviewed.Join Todd as he takes one step towards building relationships with others and focusing on the moments, stories, and feelings that connect us all. Nothing is ever scripted, we don't discuss politics, and you'll never know who or what to expect next.NEW EPISODES DROP ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS @ MIDNIGHT PACIFIC, 3AM EST. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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 Episode 003 Getting Spiritual With Sara Jane | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:29

Host Todd Murat speaks with Sara Jane in Nashville Tennessee about life, Spirituality, manifestation, kindness, past lives, turning tragedy into triumph, and much more. Sara shares her perspectives and beliefs in a way that many will relate with and benefit from. In this candid, free flowing conversation Sara and Todd explore some of life's most important questions and paradigms. Don't miss this special episode, there's something for everyone in this call and hope you find value in the conversation. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

 Episode 002 Pandemic and Activism | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:13

Host Todd Murat shares his thoughts about the pandemic and activism in our current society. He discusses impacts and things to consider to stay safe. This is a special 1:1 episode with you, the listener. Normal call format "talk with strangers" coming up in next episode. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

 Episode 001 Welcome To The Show! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:17

In his debut episode, Todd Murat shares a special 1:1 message with listeners about the background, purpose, and intent of the ToddCast Show. He discusses his work with the Census Bureau, social experiences, lifelong struggle with depression, estrangement from family, and the fact that we all have something to share. The world has become divided and Todd believes that we share more in common than the small things that divide us.Todd strives to share a heartfelt interaction with strangers and share for others to learn from. He seeks to respect people where they are at and understand their viewpoints on matters that we share in common. People seem to want to disengage from truthful conversations, which is eating away at the fabric of society. The US is an amazing place with amazing people, as do other countries in the world. But in this country, we share unwritten social responsibilities that help keep us together as a community in society. There's a lot going on and we need to talk more about things outside of politics and things that divide us. We need to get back to wholesome interactions and genuine communication. Over the decades, society has changed dramatically and in modern times has posed a challenge to unity among people in the USA. Common values and experiences unite us. Experiencing people in the Census gave Todd a view of people who were all similar, yet different. It took 2 years for Todd to finally release the ToddCast Show due to depression and procrastination. The show aims to find many common denominators among common strangers and will deliver hope, healing, curiosity, and satisfaction from learning something. To learn how to deal with challenging family members and people, as well as learn to develop better communication methods. By sharing our experiences, we can all learn something special together.Key Takeaways From Episode 001 People are interesting! Previous generations offer valuable wisdom. No politics are ever discussed on the ToddCast Show. Struggles with depression can be overcome (with help) over time. We need more hope and can learn from others different from us. Episodes are never scripted, everything is spontaneous and on the spot. Follow your hunch in life and make more friends. Don't let depression or procrastination get in the way of your goals. As a child remembers experiences that later became valuable lessons. Soul crushing to know people can dispose of family members without remorse. Outbound calls only to avoid pranks and deviation from show goals. Todd's legacy is his music and enhancing communication and honesty in society. Every individual has the right to speak their mind and heart. Ethical and moral rebirthing to salvage the civilized nature of society. Through kindness, we can start to face an epidemic of unethical behavior, crime, and mayhem. We have control over our input in society, lives, and careers and have a purpose in the world. We're going to learn, share, laugh, and cry together regardless of political or social beliefs. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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