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Summary: Freestyle's Premier Podcast featuring The Countdown Showdown - a DJ Based countdown of Freestyle's Top Ten Songs broadcast on Commerical FM Radio Stations and International Internet Radio Stations. The Podcast also features weekly mixes from the best deejays around the globe. The Freestyle Mixtape Podcast enjoys thousands of streams and downloads via Apple Podcast, Amazon Podcast, iHeart Podcast, TuneIn, and many other destinations.

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 One Night In sunset park by varrinique | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:18

One Night In sunset park by varrinique featured on tst the ride * Inside Outside by Covergirls* Mirage by India* Dreams of Santa Anna by Orange & Lemons* Make Noise by Lisette Melendez* Give Me Back My Heart by Corina* Baby Don't Go by FFWD* Close My Eyes by Latin Boyz* Roses Are Red by Marisol* Listen To My Cries by Body & Style* Loving You by Soild* Running by Lamorez

 DJ Smiley mix #93  | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:42

* Wish Feat. Fonda Rae - Touch Me (Club Mix)* Dhar Braxton - Jump Back (Smiley’s Multi-Version Mix)* Degrees of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now (Extended Club Mix)* Madonna - Vogue (12” Version)* Colonel Abrams - I’m Not Gonna Let (Smiley’s Multi-Version Mix)* Frankie Knuckles Feat. Lisa Michaels - Rain Falls (Rain Dance Mix)* Liz Torres - I Can’t Get Enough (Smiley’s Multi-Version Mix)* Raze - Break for Love (Smiley’s Multi-Version Mix)* Kraze - The Party (Club Mix)

 DJ MIKE TORRES | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:41

DJ MIKE TORRES DJ Mike Torres, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY has been into music since a young age. A New Yorker with Puerto Rican roots, he was raised listening to Latin, Disco, Motown, and Funk. At the age of 6, he walked around with a portable record player and a box of 45s!! Even then he knew he wanted to be a DJ. As he grew older, he eventually branched out into other genres such as Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, House, Freestyle, and even global genres. With over 25 years in the industry, DJ Mike Torres has invested time and has mastered his craft. With his vast knowledge of music and his business etiquette, he has what it takes to make your event a successful and memorable one. From small intimate locations to large-scale venues and festivals, DJ Mike Torres has honed in on what it takes to make a crowd move! DJ Mike Torres is also the co-owner of POWER787RADIO, a new internet radio station that is quickly setting itself apart with its programming, website design and functionality, and exciting live events.

 DJ SMILEY Mix 90 C&C MUSIC FACTORY TRIBUTE MIX | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:37

Angel Productions #90 1 Hour Edit Part 1 Angel Productions #90, #ProfoundVibesNYC - D.J. Smiley’s C&C Music Factory Tribute Mix * 2 Puerto Ricans, A Black Man & A Dominican - Do It Properly (Remix)* 2 Puerto Ricans, A Black Man & A Dominican - Scandalous ’88 (89’Garage Mix)* The Soul System It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day (Dub House Mix)* C & C Music Factory Feat. Q Unique & Deborah Cooper - Keep ItComing (The Cole Clivilles House Anthem)* Clivilles & Cole - Pride (A Deeper Love) (Smiley’s ReverseUnderground Club Mix)* Naisha - One Step at A Time (Notice the House Dub)* The 28th Street Crew - Get Dumb (Free Your Body) (The Clivilles &Cole Dub)

 DJ SMOOTH ONE One Hit Wonders (Freestyle Edition) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:48

DJ SMOOTH ONE One Hit Wonders (Freestyle Edition) A mix compiled of Freestyle one-hit-wonder artists. A tribute to their beautiful work. It's a shame that these artists did not come out with a follow-up single in their time. This is a mix to pay homage to these wonderful artists in this genre. Several of these tracks are common freestyle in their heyday, although several are rare unreleased, and obscure. Some came out on major labels and others not so much. Some are even unreleased. I put this mix together for the love of Freestyle Music no matter whether it is old or new. This is a timeless genre that still receives tons of support to this day. These tracks are courtesy of the artist and their respective labels. Strictly for promotional use only. One Hit Wonders was mixed and created with x2 Denon sc6000 and a Denon DJ X1850. With x1 pioneer PLX1000 for vinyl records. PLAYLIST: * Javian Angel Tell Me Why* Unknow Never Let You Go* MS-1 As Time Goes By* Christina Navarro Another Lonely Night* Ashley Wills 'Cause I Want You* Johnny Vega Losing Control* Ariel Feat Nick Colon Let it Go* Rocco Regazzo Cryin' Inside* Lynette Here We Go Again* Substince I Waited For You* Nina Bena Sweetheart* Joannie Hold On* Michael Vasquez Memories of Love* Issac In My Heart* Visage In Your Eyes* Shavonne So tell me,tell me* Latin Tech A Broken Heart* Leila Simone Memories & Silent Dreams* Rhingo Without Your Love* Willie Crespo Where Have You Gone To* Marcos Gil Just One Night* Jen Mallilo Give Me One More Chance* Cliche Feat Nancy Vanier This Time* Babylove Heartbreaker* Samaria Take Back The Love* Nirva You Did Me Wrong* Victor Delgado Love Affair* Unknown Just One Chance* Charisma Extacy* Kim Davis Miss Your Lovin'* Tavio Let Him Go* Damian Latin Lover Girl* Simon Sez Lover Boy

 10 TOP FREESTYLE SONGS OF FEBRUARY 2022 – SYNDICATED! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:28


 Angel Productions #160 Smiley’s Freehouse Mix #2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:17

Smiley’s Freehouse Mix #2 * Nitro Deluxe – Let’s Get Brutal (Club Mix)* J.U. Ice – It's Just A Groove (House Mix)* Coro – Where Are You Tonight (Club House Mix)* Loose Touch – Bad of the Heart (House Mix)* Alè - Stop Me if I Fall (House Mix)* Cynthia – Change on Me (House Mix)* Solid – Loving You (House Mix)* Rios – You (R & B House Mix)* Denise Lopez – Don't You Wanna Be Mine (The Clivilles & Cole ClubMix)* Coro – Can't Let You Go (House Mix)* Soave – Crying Over You (House Mix)

 DJ SMILEY SALSA MUSIC IN ENGLISH | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:20

DJ SMILEY SALSA MUSIC IN ENGLISH I am known in Spanish Harlem as “Smiley” by my childhood friends. My professional music career started in 1981 with mixed cassette tapes named D.J. Angel Productions. I was also known for my jumping parties throughout El Barrio (Spanish Harlem, N.Y.C.) My specialty at the time was sweet sixteen parties, Glamorous 18’s, weddings, and my much sought-after mixed tapes I sold out of Double Sound car stereo shop at East 106 Between 3rd and Lexington Avenue in the early ’90s. [ Read More ] * Orquesta Versalles - Lady* Tito Nieves - I'll Always Love You* Eddie Garcia & Doble Duzura - Shower Me with Your Love* Toby Rivera & La Orquesta Rayo Power - Here & Now* Tito Nieves - Can You Stop the Rain* Ray Sepulveda - Superstar* Louie Ramirez & Ray De La Paz - Suddenly* Johnny Ray - Always & Forever* Conjunto Imagen - Tears on My Pillow* Cheo Feliciano - Yesterday* Domingo Quinones - Crazy for You* Jose Alberto "El Canario" - Dance with Me DJ Angel “Smiley” aka “Angel Productions”, Spanish Harlem’s legendary and undisputed king of house and freestyle.

 DAUNKNOWNADMIN RIDE @ 5IVE MIX | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:21

DAUNKNOWNADMIN RIDE @ 5IVE MIX Good evening everyone. Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe this winter. This week’s guest DJ is a good friend and returning guest Rafael Reyes Jr. aka “Da Unknown Admin”. And when I say his mix is dope I mean it’s straight up . This mix is what the Ride@5ive is about. Great music selection and dope mixes. You do not want to miss it. Please Share and support our syndicates below....- ERNESTO SANTANA Playlist: 1.) Tni Li Neshika by Corina (DaUnknownAdmin Bastid Blend) 2.) Stop In The Name Of Love by Lisette Melendez (DJ MDW Countdown Remix) 3.) I Believe In Love by Fly Groove & George Lamond 4.) We Weren't Meant to Be by Nelson Rego (Cutlass Mix) 5.) Here & Now (No Longer Available For Sale) by Shy (TST The Santana Twins Dub Mix) 6.) Who's Holding You Now by Monet feat. George Anthony 7.) Please Don't Forsake Me by Don't Forsake Me (Extended Mix) 8.) Posion by Erik Christian (Tim Spinnin Schommer Version) 9.) Are You Ready For Love by Cynthia (CMG Club Mix) ***Click On Song Title For Purchase Info

 DJ RACER TOP 20 SONGS OF 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:03:23

DJ RACER TOP 20 SONGS OF 2021 DJ Racer aka "The Puerto Rican Gangsta" presents the Top 20 Freestyle Songs of 2021. Tune in as DJ Racer presents his top songs for the year 2021 on his Friday Night broadcasting simultaneously from 7 iRadio stations across the world, including the new home of Modern Day Freestyle, Freestyle Lovers Radio, Music Lovers Radio, VIBE 24-7, NYCRHYTHM, Klassic407, Xtreme Mix Radio, Boriqua Posse Radio, and now is part of DaUnknownAdmin Mixtape Podcast!

 DJ IMPACT QUARANTINE MIX 2.0 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:37
 10 TOP FREESTYLE SONGS OF 2021 – SYNDICATED! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:12

2021 was a very challenging year for everyone and it was especially so for those in the Hospitality and Entertainment industries, yes this does include Freestyle Artists too! But then the going gets tough the tough get going... right to the studio and produce some fantastic songs! Here are the Top 10 Freestyle Songs in Freestyle for 2021 =| playlists |= 10. He's Just A Step Below Me by C-Bank 9. Love and Lies by Anthony Ramos 8. In Exchange for What by Marilyn Torres 7. Walking Away by Rudy Fausto 6. Out of Time by Luis Guevarez 5. Freestyle on I4 (Remix) by Luis Marte 4. It Won't Be Long by Aby Cruz 3. I Believe In Love by Flygroove & George Lamond 2. Who's Holding You Now by Monet 1. Inside Out by Mia * Support the Labels, Producers, Song Writers, and Artists by clicking on song tile and artist for purchase info.

 (TST) (S2) RIDE @ 5 FEATURING DJ TONY BORICUA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:50


 (TST) (S2) RIDE @ 5 FEATURING DJ PJ SERA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:53


 (TST) (S2) RIDE @ 5 FEATURING DJ D ROCK | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:44



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