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Summary: I am the husband of one wife; the father of one son. Life should be simple for me...but I am somewhat of a musician. My name is Hovig. Welcome to my podcast: Drop A Note. Join me as I talk music, life and everything in between.

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 STAGE FRIGHT...UNDER THE BED | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1311

Live on TV and going through major stage fright...running to hide under my parent's bed...and other stories of how I managed (or unmanaged!) to deal with the stresses of performing on the piano in public. Highlighting at the end one of the pieces released in my new piano album, Peaceful Christmas. Listen to my arrangement of 'What Child Is This?' on Spotify. For more information, visit our website. Background information on the music in the Peaceful Christmas album.

 STUCK INSIDE A FROZEN CHICKEN | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1135

In 1989, the celebrations for my 18th birthday took place in the bomb shelter of our building, during one of the worst periods of fighting in the Lebanese civil war. In this episode, I talk about that night, my close shave with a car bomb explosion and the significance of being stuck inside a frozen chicken! Also featuring the story of 'In His Care', from the original musical and subsequent recordings. 'In His Care' piano version on the 'Peaceful' Album 'In His Care' stage version from the 2007 Esther Musical at the Ancient Curium Amphitheatre.

 AMBUSHED 10 MINUTES FROM THE AIRPORT | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 986

The story of how I was ambushed just before Larnaca Airport and the sequence of events which led me to Northern Sweden where I met my wife, Anna. Featuring the 'Worth Waiting For' piano single, composed in 2005 and re-released this year as a song. LINKS 'Worth Waiting For' Piano Single on Spotify 'Worth Waiting For' Vocal Single on Spotify 'Worth Waiting For' Vocal Single Music Video on YouTube Johan Drejare on Spotify

 Crying Through Minor Lullabies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 899

In this first episode, I talk about my childhood and growing up during the civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. You will hear about the challenges of learning the piano in that environment and how I went about writing my first composition as a teenager. At the end of the episode, I play and talk through the process of composing the 'Tonight' piano piece. Listen to the 'Tonight' on Spotify and all major online music platforms. For more information, visit our website. Do you want the piano sheet music score of 'Tonight'? Click here to get it.


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