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Latin Whimsy with Magister J: Mirabile Visu show

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Mirabile Visu – wonderful to behold! Time. Space. From the infinitesimal to the infinite. Tethered to reality by only one thing: an immortal language. Latin. Join me, Magister Janicke, as we sail the seas of spinfoam and become imaginary numbers. Together, we’ll Grasp the Grammar Wheel and steer ourselves through realms real and rewarding. Beware, Beasts of Boredom! Begone, Islands of Indifference! Seek, risk, lean into the wild winds of knowing the unknowable with Latin as your lux in tenebris. Each episode contains KEY LATIN VOCABULARY. Carpe podcastum – SEIZE THE PODCAST! Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Magister Janicke

Bachchon Ki Duniya show

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Hindi Story for children with fun and moral messages. Useful in real life, the story telling as an art helps the imagination skills among the children. It also inculcates and nurtures the narrative skills among them which leads to good communication skills.

By Anand Kumar Sharma

Black Father Hood show

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A place to share, discuss and discover what it means to be a black father in America (and beyond)

By Row Jones

Musings and Other Nonsense - Children's Stories, Poems and Songs show

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If you're looking for a podcast, but can't find the right one, I have some good news, your search is now done. There are poems and stories and songs that are great. It's perfect for children, ages two until eight. The poems are sweet and all filled with laughter. The stories end well. Happily ever after. So be sure to subscribe and begin to explore. And please don’t forget, there’ll always be more. | Musings and other Nonsense is a children's podcast of whimsical stories, poems and songs. It's perfect at bedtime, car rides or anytime laughter is needed. Please visit | To help cover our production costs, you can support the podcast at

By Peter G. Reynolds

A thirsty mind - A Podcast by Abhiram show

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In todays world, it becomes imperative for kids of my age to learn and aspire from people around us. So that we are aware of, in general, everything around us. Be it career choices, different cultures, passion towards an art or for that matter dealing with a younger sibling.In this series, I try and talk to people from all walks of life, trying to bring in knowledge and inspiration to my fellow listeners. Come, join me on this journey of discovery. Together, let's broaden our horizon. For, We are the future.

By Abhiram

Go beyond show

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Sagar Kc

Amanda show

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Shweta Susmita

Cartoons China show

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Cartoons China page 59 and 60

By Mriganka Chaudhry

A Therapist Takes Her Own Advice show

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Therapists may seem like they have all the answers, but that doesn’t mean they can easily apply them to their own lives. Join Rebekah Shackney as she discusses her own challenges with guests who offer unique insight into overcoming them. Whether you’re struggling with the effects of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, trying to devote more time to self-care or meditation, or looking to make a major life change, you’ll find inspiration and get practical advice on your journey. Topics include mindfulness, parenting, depression, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), eldercare, family, emotions, happiness, stress management, and more.<br> <br> Produced by David DibS Shackney. <br> Marketing Strategy by Jessica Hulett <br> Photo by Alex Joyce.

By Rebekah Shackney

Corona Diary Rise and Rise Again show

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This is my first podcast, it is all about the stories evolving around the Corona virus. Some are inspiring, some are innovative and some are to tell you rise and rise again so you can believe and Rise again. please have fun listening and give your feedback :)

By Kailash Mehrda