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KidCity Bedtime Stories show

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<p>Welcome to kid city show, a podcast for children about everything in life. Filled with captivating fairytales and calming lullabies - you will love every second of these stories! Thoughtfully written and acted out by talented actors - each story is told in a kid friendly voice so they are easy enough for little ones aged 3 and up as well as adults who refuse to grow up. New content is added daily so we'll never run out of greats shows before bedtime! Don't forget to subscribe because this experience will change how you go to bed.</p>

By Sound Media House

Unshakeable Marriage show

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Welcome to the Unshakeable Marriage Podcast hosted by Oliphant and Cretia Mtsweni. The podcast aims to equip couples with the requisite knowledge, tools, and skills to build and enjoy an unshakeable marriage. We have real conversations and present practical, time-tested, and biblical insights that will take your relationship to the next level. Each episode highlights key areas where your marriage could use improvement. So, join us every week on this journey and watch your marriage grow!

By Oliphant &amp; Cretia Mtsweni

Becoming Parents show

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Sharing stories about infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, labor and delivery, bottle feeding, breastfeeding relactation, self-care after birth, sex to get pregnant and after kids, birth options, to medicate or not to medicate, adoption, midwife vs hospital, the struggles, surprises, joys and exhaustion, and - holy cow - you’ve become a parent! WHAT NOW?! Mom Of 18 DOULA BLOGGER SINCE 2011, BECOMING PARENTS PODCAST SINCE 2017, AUTHOR SINCE 2016, MINIMALIST, RV LIVING, RUNNER

By Jenn Taylor Campbell

Wag Out Loud show

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<p>The Wag Out Loud pawdcast started as a passion project that would help all of us to be the BEST advocates for our dogs’ health and wellness. After many amazing guests, intriguing topics and incredible feedback, the WOL pawdcast is hitting a nerve with dog lovers all over the world. </p> <p>Why is it that over 50% of our dogs are getting cancer? I believe it is because of the extreme toxic load that are dogs are taking on from not only their poor diets, but from their environment as well. We can do so much better for our dogs, but first we need to be educated on how to make the right choices for our dogs, to help them lead longer and healthier lives.</p> <p>Our short and succinct episodes (about 30 mins each) feature experts in the fields of canine health, nutrition, and wellness as well as recommendations about products and services that I've used, know, like and trust and have found to enhance the lives of dogs. </p> <p>My name is Krista and I am the host of the WOL pawdcast. After receiving my certification in canine nutrition and noticing that most dogs are getting sicker and living shorter lives, I have become obsessed with bringing experts and dog enthusiasts together in committed community. Together we can learn about the most updated science, treatments, protocols and products that will benefit both the mental and physical health of our pups. I continue to learn something every single day.</p> <p>This show mostly features topics and opinions from those in the holistic and integrative veterinary health industry. We address things like dental health, over vaccination, nutrition, benefits of feeding raw, gut health and the immune system, common canine diseases, aging issues, behavioral issues, cognition and so much more. </p> <p>You love your dog, right? And you want to provide them with the best life possible. Let’s learn together. No matter where you live, your financial status, how many dogs you have, if they are a pure breed or mixed, we have something for every dog parent on the planet. Dogs are such amazing creatures and are a part of our families. As research continues, we are learning more and more about how they enhance our lives. It’s time to give back all of the unconditional love that our dogs show us. They are here to teach us so many things…we just need to know how to listen.</p> <p>Nothing and I mean nothing, in the dog industry is regulated. That includes food, treats, supplements or the manufacturing of dog products. It really is like the wild, wild west and we have to do our own research on products, ingredients and materials. We can’t be fooled by false marketing claims.</p> <p>This is the only podcast that focuses on practical, actionable tips and strategies to help your dog to thrive. Tune in for the latest research, science-based information, natural alternatives and inspiration for ensuring you are making well-informed decisions, when it comes to your dog’s health and happiness. </p> <p>Just think of Wag Out Loud as the ultimate resource for the dog lover who is on a quest to provide the best care for his/her canine companion(s). I am the guide that helps you to navigate the landscape of conflicting and confusing information in the ever-growing pet health space. </p> <p>Listen in to all of the Wag Out Loud pawdcast episodes and be sure to tell your dog-loving friends about the Show. Your dog will thank you!</p>

By Krista Karpowich

Von Anfang an dabei show

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Von Anfang an dabei ist der Eltern-Podcast von Wir begleiten dich durch die Schwangerschaft über die Babyzeit bis ins Kleinkindalter deines Kindes. Ehrlich, frisch und kompetent berichtet unsere Moderatorin Emmi, selbst Mama von zwei Kindern und Erzieherin, über Themen, die für Schwangere und Eltern relevant sind. Sie trifft regelmäßig spannende Interview-Gäste, mit denen sie über Sorgen, Probleme und echte Gefühle ganz normaler Eltern spricht. Wir wollen euch zeigen, dass ihr nicht allein seid und bieten euch liebevollen und professionellen Rat, damit ihr mehr Sicherheit, Selbstvertrauen und Mut in euch als Eltern gewinnt. Unser Podcast erscheint jeden Montag und wir sorgen für einen kunterbunten Themenmix. Schreibt uns gern eine Email an, wenn ihr Themenvorschläge, Anregungen oder Kritik habt. Wir freuen uns immer über ein Feedback. Zusätzlich zum Podcast findet ihr auf unserem Portal viele kostenlose Downloads, Checklisten und Entscheidungshilfen und natürlich ganz viele Inhalte rund um das Thema Elternschaft.

By Babelli - der Eltern-Podcast

Declutter Your Life: Reclaim Your Time &amp; Freedom show

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<p>If you’re overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, exhausted, and sick and tired of the clutter in your life, maybe it’s time to do something about it.</p><p>And if you’ve ever felt hopeless and dragged down by dead-end relationships, addiction, crushing debt or just the disappointments of everyday life, then this show is for you.</p><p>In this podcast, The Most Organized Man in America, Andrew Mellen, will demystify how to get started and organize your world. Andrew hands you the keys to unlock the power to stop clutter from robbing you of your precious time, freedom and joy in your life.</p>

By Andrew Mellen

Just Talkin Outloud show

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A podcast where we talk about life, family, sports and everything in between.

By ron

Let's Talk Legacy show

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What does it mean to build and maintain a legacy, either in business, or for your loved ones? What tools and resources are available to help? Join the discussion as host Gary Michels, along with exciting guests and real listeners just like you, tackle the answers to these questions, and learn how to grow today, for a better tomorrow.

By Southwestern Family of Companies

All These Things show

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Seeking the Kingdom of God as an Orthodox Christian Mother - This podcast provides encouragement, inspiration, and direction for mamas who juggle "all these things" of motherhood but long to live with intention and beauty while seeking the kingdom of God.

By Hannah Vazquez and Ancient Faith Radio

Obsessed With Humans On The Verge of Change show

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<p>We are obsessed with humans on the verge of change. We are your personal development entourage that guides you through the roller coaster of life. Every week we will serve up the tools to empower your every day and to become obsessed with your life. </p><p>We are experts in the fields of nutrition, relationships, law, self-esteem and so much more. We feature compelling stories of kicking fear in the face and taking that leap of faith. Each episode features experts in their fields, like Dr. Laura Berman who is a celebrated scientist and researcher in the fields of love, sex, and relationships. Dr. Berman was a regular expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show and currently has a popular show on the OWN network. </p><p> Other notable guests, are Michael Losier, the author of The Law Of Attraction and host of his own radio show on the Oprah Winfrey Radio Network. Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a beloved guest of Obsessed and author of the best-selling book, "But Its Your Family". Campbell is the pre-eminent expert on cutting ties with toxic families. </p><p>In each episode, you are led on a journey of self-development with the mission that you will become obsessed with your life and think about things a little bit differently. </p><p>Collectively the three hosts bring different perspectives to the table as you explore, healing, trauma, nutrition, vibrational energy, confidence and so much more.</p><p>Host Tia Morell is an integrative holistic nutritionist and life coach. Tia is the author of the best-selling book "Obsessed With Mindful Nutrition" and speaks to giving yourself grace in your health journey. It is not about the numbers on the scale or dieting, it is about untangling your relationship with food. </p><p> Host Julie Lokun, is an attorney, master certified coach, founder of Media Queens Publishing house, and a mom to four boys. Julie is passionate about amplifying the voices of those who are making an impact in the world and looking to change the world through creating communities that uplift. Julie is the author of the best-selling entrepreneurial series "Hustle Smart" and advocates for innovative ideas that are making an impact and empowering women and men. </p><p>Host Mika Altidor is a media darling, certified life coach, and most notably a champion for the plant-based lifestyle. Mika has won accolades as one of the top black-owned business owners in Florida. Mika is passionate about her vegan lifestyle as well as unearthing confidence in all humans. </p><p>Together, Julie, Tia, and Mika are obsessed with lifting others in their personal development journey. You will get a peek into their personal challenges and the tools that they have used to rise above. </p><p>Welcome To Obsessed!</p>

By Julie Lokun, Mika Altidor and Tia Morell Walden