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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose show

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Purpose exists in everything and everyone. We were each created uniquely, with gifts and talents no one else on this earth has and one of the biggest tragedies is passing through this life without meaning or purpose. Life was meant to be lived abundantly.

By Daphne DeLoren

Собака съела дневник show

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Школьный подкаст студии «Либо/Либо», где подростки обсуждают насущные проблемы и готовятся к взрослой жизни. В пятом Сезоне Егор (16 лет), Ваня (15 лет) и Ануша (в трейлере ей 13, но в жизни уже 14!) снова отвечают на ваши вопросы. А ещё попытаются лучше понять себя и друг друга. Будут разговоры о жизни, смерти, сексе, отношениях и ОГЭ. Партнер сезона — «Фоксфорд», онлайн-школа для учеников, учителей и родителей: Отправить вопросы: Instagram: @sobacast

By libo/libo

School for Mothers Podcast show

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The School for Mothers Podcast disrupts the idea that once we’re a mother, life is done. Join entrepreneur and mother of 10, Danusia Malina-Derben as she interviews badass mothers about how they’re answering the question: How can I be a mother and still be me? She hears from celebrities, well-known authors, heavyweight entrepreneurs, global activists, career powerhouses, influencers, & leading experts. Be prepared for truth bombs, potty mouth moments and big dollops of inspiration.

By School for Mothers

Raising Equity show

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Raising Equity explores social issues and inspires listeners to create a more equitable world. Host, Dr. Kira Banks, is a psychologist, professor, consultant, wife and mother. She is a thought leader in diversity, equity & inclusion helping people and institutions bring their ideas into action. Dr. Banks is known for her work during the Ferguson Uprising where she was a consultant for the Ferguson Commission, local activists, and community organizations. More recently, she guided organizations after the murder of George Floyd to act beyond symbolic statements and make substantive change. Podcast and other videos available at

By Dr. Kira Banks

On Purpose: The Heidi Stevens And Dr. John Duffy Podcast show

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Balancing Act columnist Heidi Stevens and family therapist John Duffy sit down once a week to discuss the news and topics that are weaving their way into our parenting, our marriages, our friendships, our dinner conversations, our Facebook feeds. They’ll bring together Heidi’s columns, John’s insights from both his training and his clients and offer up a weekly half hour of questions, answers and perspective that will help all of make sense of daily lives and the relationships that so profoundly shape them.

By Heidi Stevens/Dr. John Duffy

Adventures in Autism show

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Welcome to Adventures in Autism! This podcast was created as a safe place to come together and share our journeys with autism. Host, Megan Carranza, shares her family’s experience with her son, Logan, and speaks with a variety of incredible guests. From fellow autism parents, to siblings, to experts in the field and individuals on the spectrum themselves! It’s all about support and finding a sense of community. These are people who just “get it”. If you’re familiar with autism, then you know everyday is an adventure, you’ll hear all about those adventures here! Thanks for listening!

By Megan Carranza

I Fought For You show

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A podcast about parenting, pregnancy loss (miscarriage), IVF, and all the things in between

By Shaheena

Champion Puppy Training Podcast show

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Are you a new puppy owner? A busy puppy owner? A frustrated puppy owner? This weekly podcast will allow you to better know and grow your puppy. This puppy training podcast delves into obedience, manners, socialization and how to get your dog's training off to a Champion start. Want relief and results? This podcast will sharpen your ownership skills so you can better develop your Champion puppy.   Throughout the year topics will include: Management techniques How to motivate your puppy (without bribing or being heavy handed) Increasing your handling skills.  Champion owner mindset Socialization considerations  Putting your puppy's natural drives to work for you versus against you Common mistakes I see owners make Busting commonly help myths  Shining a light on small things that when done over and over make a big difference Scaling up your training so you can rely on your training when it matters the most Want the free app, or to check out my amazon store or more info on the Champion Puppy Training System online-app based course? Go to: Got questions about your puppy?  Email:  in the subject line put: podcast.  If you give me good details, I can give you a great answer!! Want to talk: 1-877-552-4267 THE FREE APP INCLUDES: Win the Day-Win the Dog: Your puppy’s daily regimen webinar Puppy Parables: Deep insights via e/audio book into your puppy’s development Skippy is Nippy: Turn the kids into Jr Puppy Trainers! Check out book or have the author read it to them via video book. Want access to: 200+ professionally produced videos, webinars, handouts, audio files, your own copy of the Puppy Playbook, plus weekly coaching calls with me!! Sign up and get instant access to my online puppy training course and my schedule:

By Pat Quinn: Creator of the Champion Puppy Training System

Mint Arrow Messages show

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Mint Arrow Messages is a podcast from blogger and content creator Corrine Stokoe who's best known for her fashion and deal blog Mint Arrow. In Mint Arrow Messages we talk to influencers you know and love about the REAL grit that made them who they are, the hidden stories of struggle, challenge and triumph. We're sharing their stories in hopes to create more awareness, compassion, kindness and understanding in a world that's starving for more goodness.

By Corrine Stokoe

Exactly Enough Time show

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<p>This podcast is about being present. It is also about playful creativity and other things like curiosity and connection. I’m your host Stacy Julian. I am a life enthusiast, a storyteller and a believer! Helping people document life in doable ways is my jam. I love to talk about people, places, things and solutions and I want YOU to be a part of the conversation. I produce these episodes to inspire you to live life and tell your story—because you have exactly enough time!</p>

By Stacy Julian