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Audios – LtQ-SA.Org show

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A collection of audio lectures on learning the true message of the Glorious Quran. These weekly lectures are delivered in Malayalam at the below locations.   Markaz Al Da’awa, King Abdullah Road, Al Rawdah Dist in Riyadh on Thursday’s after Isha (8:30PM) Naseem Jaliyath, Behind Yamama Hospital, Naseem Dist in Riyadh on Friday’s after Isha (8:30PM) Facilities available for families to attend these classes.


Kajian Islami & Ngaji Filsafat show

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Podcast ini berisi kumpulan kajian islami dan ngaji filsafat. Donasi via Saweria: 30% Off Additional Purchases, Easy Exchanges, Cancel Anytime. Sign Up & Start Listening! Widen Your World With Bestsellers And New Releases.

By Kajian

chicken pop pod show

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Electronic music delivered hot and fresh as its made. All-original drum 'n' bass, techno, groove, ambient, and what-not.

By cpp network

Boys In The Cave show

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Reviving Islamic Discourse. A Muslim Podcast Facilitating Intellectual Discourse & Dialogue with Academics, Activists, Shaykhs & Influencers from all around the world.

By Boys In The Cave

Islamic History Podcast show

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We often overlook Islamic history as a learning tool. The history of Islam is not only important for Muslims, but important for everyone. Islam and the people who call themselves Muslims have made an enormous impact on our world. The Islamic History Podcast is about discovering that history in a fun and interesting way.

By A I Ismael

This Muslim Girl Podcast show

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This Muslim Girl is an Arab American woman born in Yemen raised in the Central Valley of California sharing stories to empower women.

By This Muslim Girl

DebtFreeMuslims Podcast show

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DebtFreeMuslims is a Qalam Institute project and hosted by Omar Usman and Adam Taufique. The show explores everything related to personal finance for Muslims, including home mortgages, budgeting, materialism, credit cards, student loans, marriage, and much more.

By Debt Free Muslims

Taamolat Quranya show

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البودكاست الرسمي لمحاضرات فضيلة الشيخ صالح المغامسي نبدأ بعون الله بمحاضرات مجموعة تأملات قرآنية وهي سلسلة مميزة لتفسير سور القرآن الكريم بأسلوب الشيخ الذي عرف ببساطته وسهولته وتميزه بإصال المعلومة للسامع بسلاسه يقوم الشيخ بتدبر وشرح تفسير ايات مختارة من السورة به لمحات وعظية مؤثرة. يتحدث الشيخ بشكل مجمل عن السورة ثم يتعمق في اياتها بشكل سلس وممتع اشراف موقع الراسخون في العلم قناة الشيخ صالح المغامسي في اليوتيوب عند وجود اي ملاحظة او اقتراح آمل التواصل عبر البريد

By Saleh AlMaghamsi

Tajweed in English and French show

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These podcasts are designed specifically for English speakers who want to learn tajweed. It will also assist those who do not have the chance to meet a sheikh or qari in their local area, by assisting them to seek this sacred knowledge of Quran and tajweed. Given that there are approximately 20 million Muslims in the English speaking world, this is a useful resource to bring this sacred knowledge to those who cannot find access to sheikhs. The podcasts are a series of short, engaging lectures, going through the rules of Arabic alphabet, makharij (articulation points), sifaat (qualities of letters), waqf (rule stopping and pausing) rasm (Orthography relating to recitation of certain words). There will also be some elaboration on the meaning of tajweed, the history of it (including the biography of Imam Hafs and ‘Asim) and finally, a brief summary on the work of Imam Al-Jazari and ImamAl-Shatibirhm. This interesting historical background provides English speakers with some context of the great Islamic scholarship that is the basis of how and why we study tajweed today.


 نفحات ميديا - الخطيب الحسيني سعيد المعاتيق  show

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تسجيلات موقع نفحات

By تسجيلات موقع نفحات