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Nikkei Sindex 2 show

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Japanese punk is the most exciting thing happening in the world today but it's extremely inaccessible. UNTIL NOW! Live shows, studio songs, and interviews with the best of the best! Check out our sister site/label -- The Modernist Recordings! Order our absurdly cheap releases on CD or vinyl, or download full songs for free! http://www.themodernist.com/recordings.html

By Eric Ottens, Jordon Cheung

Out of Our Minds show

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Bi-weekly, 15-minute spirituality podcast focusing on Advaita / Nonduality in the "Direct Path" traditions (Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, Jnana Yoga, etc.) Anyone interested in Satsang, Enlightenment, Awakening, Liberation, Moksha, Nirvana, Freedom, Self Realization, consciousness, awareness, etc. would find this podcast of interest. Eric speaks from direct realization, understanding, and experience, but borrows upon Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Robert Adams, Papaji, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, and many others. A modern-day mystic and yogi, Eric Putkonen searched for thirteen years and awakening in 2005. "Remember, no one is in their right mind."

Autobiography of an American Yogi show

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This weekly program features spiritual teachings & insights based on the true life experiences of an American Yogi -- Yogi Sean.

By Yogi Sean

Dancing in the Fire of Transformation show

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In this lively interview series, Yogi Sean reveals that personal transformation is not based upon changing conditions or upon circumstances in your life; it's based upon changing who you are as you approach life.

By Yogi Sean

Poetry Chaikhana show

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Sacred poetry from around the world. Poetry from Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian sacred traditions, along with commentary.

By ivan@poetry-chaikhana.com (Ivan M. Granger)

Mile High Pod Chronicles show

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Lively reviews, interviews, and explorations by a poet and arts-policy activist who lives in Denver and travels a lot.

Forest Hills Presbyterian Church Podcast show

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Welcome to the Forest Hills Presbyetian Church Podcast!! Here you will find messages of spirituality, Christianity and the greatness of God's love and compassion. Please visit our website, http://www.fhpconline.org

Atheist Chat show

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A podcast for atheists to discuss the impact of christianity on society.

Buddha Chill Lounge show

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Features downtempo electronica music from a new series of uplifted World music for spiritual journeying, chilling out, or romantic adventures from Joe DJ. The expanded program features special guests. Recommended if you like: Buddha Bar, Zero 7.

A Buddhist Podcast show

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This Podcast is a free show about the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. Jason and Karen are members of the Soka Gakkai. Every two weeks they take a Buddhist study point and do their best to make it easy to understand and of use to anyone who listens. Practical Buddhism for living in the 21st Century, not beside a remote lake or mountainside but in the midst of daily life, with a job to do, a house to run and children to raise.

By Jason Jarrett