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Damon's Brave New World- A Science Fiction Odyssey show

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Welcome to DamonsBraveNewWorld... The Greatest Science-Fiction PodCast on Earth and in The Galaxy! DBNW is a collection of stories about a Celestial Civilization called DianToz and The AlPha Religion.

By R. Damon Lignos

Life After PTSD show

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We believe the evidence and research demonstrates that Post Traumatic Stress is not a disorder but rather an injury that can heal. Each week we share stories of former sufferers creating a life after PTS: a new normal of their deciding, free of trauma and PTSD and the latest from counselors, therapists and coaches using some of the best evidence based techniques to help them do it. ⚖️ The show is intended to provide encouragement for the listener but is not a substitute for proper treatment. Please seek help from a qualified mental health provider. ©2021 Life After PTSD™

By Life After PTSD

BirdNote Presents: Grouse show

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BirdNote's home for longform stories and series that connect us more deeply with birds, nature, and each other. Our latest series, Grouse, is about the most controversial bird in the West and what it can teach us about hope, compromise and life in rural America.

By BirdNote

Bad Medicine: Ethics and Experimentation in Public Health History show

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Bad Medicine: Ethics and Experimentation in Public Health History is an exploration of human rights abuses both current and historical. Examples include the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Henrietta Lacks, MK-Ultra, and many other issues. Present day topics like HIV denialism, the antivax movement, and the confusing semantics of statistics are also discussed. "Not Bad" episodes will feature interviews with current medical or public health students and professionals talking about their research experiences.The podcast is organized and published by Sarah Morgan, a current MPH student.

By Sarah Morgan

What The If? show

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Make Science Fiction. Learn Real Science! Welcome to our weekly Science and Science Fiction podcast where we learn amazing things by playing a fantastic game: We make a change to the Universe and then, using only real science, we follow the mind bending ramifications as they ripple outward — wherever they lead! Our brilliant guests are some of the world’s greatest science fiction writers, scientists & science communicators. Strap on your seat belt and let’s leap into a journey to answer the most fascinating question in the Universe… What The IF?

By Philip Shane & Matt Stanley

A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast show

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This is the BEST dental hygiene podcast out there! You will get up to date information with some real life application. Michelle and Andrew are exactly where you are, hygienists looking to get better! We may not be experts, but we will do our best to get them on the show! Please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or whichever podcast app your use. Please, enjoy the show!

By Michelle and Andrew The Two Dental Hygienists

Backstory with Larry Potash show

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<p>Explore the BACKSTORY behind some of the most intriguing tales in history, culture, religion and science from Chicago and beyond. </p>


Love is Medicine show

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It is well established in the literature that relationships of all types throughout our lifetime impact health and well being physically and psychologically. Research shows that most chronic diseases have lifestyle and environmental causes. Beginning in childhood and even prenatally, events and relationships the way in together which we interact with nature the world around us shape our state of health and happiness. Affection and aggression have profound implications on physical and emotional development, homeostasis and immune function. How we are loved, how we love each other and how we love and care for ourselves not only impact chronic disease but also resilience, depression and anxiety, sleep issues and performance. Self-care is the true health care! This journey of Love is Medicine will help you get back to who you really are, so that through accepting the love around you, though practicing the self-love of self-care and self-accountability, you will heal all areas of your life: Health, relationships, and business.

By Razi Berry

Speaking of Science show

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Known for its synergistic approach to biomedical science, the Intramural Research Program (IRP) is the internal research program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). With 1,100 Principal Investigators and more than 4,000 Postdoctoral Fellows conducting basic, translational, and clinical research, the IRP is the largest biomedical research institution on earth. Its mission is science in pursuit of fundamental knowledge about living systems and the application of that knowledge to extend healthy life and reduce illness and disability throughout the world. In the IRP's new podcast, Speaking of Science, you will meet many of the federal researchers working to change lives by advancing all aspects of biomedicine.

By The Intramural Research Program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

All About Pregnancy &amp; Birth show

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You're not alone in your uncertainty about this monumental life stage of pregnancy and birth. If you’re ready to replace the overwhelm of late-night Googling with expert conversations and stories of strength and positivity from women just like you — join us on the top-rated All About Pregnancy &amp; Birth podcast. The All About Pregnancy &amp; Birth podcast is your place for supportive, evidence-based information from Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins, an OB/GYN physician who’s been in practice for nearly 15 years and has helped over 1000 babies into this world. You’ll also learn from innovative experts and hear stories of strength and resilience from parents and moms-to-be experiencing the same overwhelm and excitement as you.

By Dr. Nicole C. Rankins