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holiday in cambodia :: punk rock show

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Two hours of punk rock, hardcore, thrash, noise, oi, grind, crust, etc. Every Saturday, 6p-8p central on KXUA, 88.3FM. University of Arkansas Radio. Online Broadcast

By nil jones


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THROW AWAY YOUR RADIO AND LISTEN UP!!! A showcase of new and undiscovered bands with a fresh approach to underground music that's too hardcore for corporate controlled, commercial driven radio stations. This music isn't for your momma or your daddy. It's time to get down and dirty! Forget what you thought you knew about "music" spoon fed to you by the mass media. Sit down, shut up, and listen.


Regresso Radio show

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A big, tasty pudding of your favorite alternative music selections from the recent past and now, rainbow-sprinkled with semi-knowledgeable commentary by a person who may or may not be qualified to be in radio!

Double Shot-Local Music Hour show

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Local music show hosted by Stephen Ingram and Mark Connors. Hosts are based in suburban Philadelphia, but the music encompasses all of Pennsylvania. Local show announcements and music. We primarily play punk and hardcore.

modern products show

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punk rock and postpunk from the 1970s and 1980s, new wave, indie rock, death rock, goth, synthesizers galore, futurist pop, garage punk, dub, soundtracks, tv themes, novelty records, thrift store finds, oddities, rarities, the forgotten and the forboden. airs live mondays 12-2pm on www.eastvillageradio.com. your host- harris smith.

Monster's Underground show

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Monster's Underground is a weekly show featuring music, and occasionally interviews, from the best in Florida's underground.

New West 49 Battle Of The Bands show

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West 49 Battle Of The Bands Monthly Podcasts. Get on to www.West49Music.com and go vote for your favourite band on the show! Remember to check back every month for a whole new set of bands.

Aloha Films Action Sports Lifestyles show

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Cutting edge live music performances and action sports videos.

West 49 Battle Of The Bands show

West 49 Battle Of The BandsJoin Now to Follow

This is the West 49 Battle Of The Bands. Each month 10 bands are selected to go head to head giving you the opportunity to vote on them to pick a winner on www.MuchMusic.com/contests. Ton's of prizes for not only the bands but for the voter's as well. Check it out!