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The Muse Nashville Live Music Event 8pm Central show

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The Muse Has A Wide Variety Of Music Genres. Ranging from Rock, Acoustic, Punk, Metal, RAVE, Hip Hop, Outlaw Country, Psychobilly, and other underground music. For upcoming events please visit our calendar of events: http://themusenashville.com/e107_plugins/calendar_menu/calendar.php

Preying Lizard's Hot Sheet Mon show show

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This is the HOt Sheet Mon Show channel where a brand new episode is added every Friday evening! Hosted by Les Lewellyn this show brings the very best in Indie Hard Rock Music. From metal, alternative, grunge, stoner rock, hard rock, guitar rock, industrial and more. All handpicked from hundreds of song submissions by Les Lewellyn. check it out and find out for yourself this the number on Indie Hard Rock show online at this time. Hundreds of downloads daily and thousands of listeners can not be wrong!

the nineteenthirteen massacre show

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the nineteenthirteen massacre are a poli-punk band based out of Pittsburgh, PA

Juggalo Music All Day show

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Over 400+ psychopathic tracks & growing. Get your juggalo T-Shirts, listen to juggalo music all day 24/7. Skip songs you don't want to hear or use the request button to hear your favorite song RIGHT NOW! ICP, Insane Clown posse, Twiztid, dark lotus, and more

The Firing Squad show

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raw hip hop 24/7

By Fort Nox

Bionic Ted's Cough Syrup Radio show

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Fueled by a near lethal dose of over the counter medication, your hostess with the less-ness, Bionic Ted, somehow manages to weave together a coherent program with the type of spirit that would make Guglielmo Marconi weep. I'm just kidding, it's total shit. The only thing Bionic Ted and Marconi have in common are foot fetishism and a deeply rooted past in Italian Fascism.

Maniclab.com Discord Radio - All Shows Feed show

Maniclab.com Discord Radio - All Shows FeedJoin Now to Follow

The end all be all of underground rock scene. Different shows for every genre. Punk, hardcore, emo, indie,metal, ska and rockabilly. Brought to you by the good folks at Maniclab.com

The Bull Pit show

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Briefings from the rock underground. Broadcasting from Los Angeles, CA, host, John Dissed combs the web for new and unheard rock n' roll, punk, glam, alternative, should-be hit singles in the vein of The Stooges, Rancid, Ramones, Damned, Motley Crue, etc.

holiday in cambodia :: punk rock show

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Two hours of punk rock, hardcore, thrash, noise, oi, grind, crust, etc. Every Saturday, 6p-8p central on KXUA, 88.3FM. University of Arkansas Radio. Online Broadcast

By nil jones

Monster's Underground show

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Monster's Underground is a weekly show featuring music, and occasionally interviews, from the best in Florida's underground.