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Our current Big Rig Owner show (July ’05 – December ’05) is being promoted in more than 430,000 magazines each month. 100,000 copies of Big Rig Owner are polybagged with a free CD of the show and are distributed through major truckstops across America. Big Rig Owner also has a special 16-page insert promoting the show and its sponsors. Next American SuperStar is also heavily promoted on The Dave Nemo Show, the most popular program on XM Satellite Radio's Open Road Channel. In addition to promoting the contest daily, The Dave Nemo Show produces a special 30-minute Next American SuperStar radio program featuring the contestants and sponsors. The Next American SuperStar special airs every Saturday during the contest. TripPak Services is publishing a special Next American Superstar edition of their Dropbox Location Directory, which will be distributed to more than 100,000 drivers via TripPak’s fleet customers. Additionally, TripPak has Next American SuperStar decals on their 1,226 dropboxes at truckstops nationwide. Any drivers who don't have access to the web can vote using these dropboxes and the TripPak ballot found in Big Rig Owner. Drivers can also check out the show on the IdleAire channel and website, which receives over 1 million visits per year.

The Crappy Asst Podcast show

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An amazingly accurate representation of being in a room with us. We don't promise entertainment, but we do promise noise you can listen to.

creative-nexus show

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Superb live recordings - real music played on real instruments in real spaces (or so ...) - 2 to 12 tracks, with my mobile studio @

I'll give you something to cry about show

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"I'll give you something to cry about" is an all-inclusive podcasting site hosted by Jason. I'll get into a little of everything including politics, sports, sex, and relationships. I'll keep it short and sweet so you won't have to spend hours a day listening to podcasts. One of my features will be recorded phone conversations and voicemail. You never know when I'll get a drunk dial from someone. Tune in a couple times and I think you'll be hooked.

the wandercast show

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Chris Collins, he who brings you the blog, ', how did I get here?...', wanders through life and tells you about it. Recorded from Allentown, PA, USA and beyond.

ConfessCast show

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The ConfessCast Confess at: 206-888-4POM (4 piece of mind) It's here where you can confess your innermost deepest darkest secrets without judgment. You will be completely anonymous and once you confess you will achieve a sense of relief and serenity. Your confession could be heard by thousands of others on the ConfessCast podcast.

bTALK show

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bTALK for bears, cubs, and gay men. 5 gay bears sitting around talking about life, sex, and TV/Music

Bump! - Radio's 1/4 Hour Tour Guide show

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Keeping the "Creative Buzz" sends radio insider Bumper Morgan in search of inspiration. BUMP! is your 1/4 Hour Tour Guide from archives to inlets or wherever creative energy stirs. show

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Join in the anticipation of a new baby girl as Jesus & Taylor Heredia document the pregnancy experience. As first time parents, they discuss the latest on-going venture into parenthood. Featuring guests such as friends and family.

BofhCast show

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A BOFH in the Webhosting industry mixing techy tips with music