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NutekK Labs Podcast show

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100% vinyl progressive house sets by JdM.

By JdM


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Elektrocast + Selecting the finest electro tunes for you. Elektrocast is the last baby of Elektrotribe community grounded in 2005 to promote underground electronic culture. Elektrotribe basement is in Berlin the city of underground electronic music. Elektrocast is using the podcast technology. We program the last finest tunes of electronic music, minimal, hiphop, drum 'n bass, and trance for the plaisure of your ears... and eyes

By www.elektrocast.com

Affiliation show

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New sounds, old sounds, analog sounds, as long as its good in any layer you may find it here. I am writting/recording/producing these tracks as I go. If you are sick of the old techno/pop/commercial sound, then this podcast is for you.

By Affiliation

Rooted Groovez show

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Rooted Groovez is a weekly show on Netmusique.com live from Detroit. Tune in Wednesday nights at 8pm EST to hear Jean-Paul and special guests. And make some noise on the chat. Guests have included Terrence Parker, Marcellus Pittman of the 3 chairs, Raybone, Dwayne Jensen, E Smuve, Whodat, Gabe Real, Mike Rhythm, and Adam Francesconi.

By Jean-Paul

NoizeCast ! Electro Dark Indus & Cold Mixez ! show

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Electro Dark Industrial & Coldwave Mixez ! Ces mixes sont réalisés live, au tempo (ou presque.. (-: ) avec des samples de films ou d'autres... Abonnez vous & accrochez vous ! Theses Mixes were recorded during parties... made with movies samples and others... Register and get ready !!


The Evilrabbit Podcast show

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A collection of funky house and funky breakbeat tunes from the evilrabbit DJ's in Cheltenham, UK.

By evilrabbit

Liedschatten - Video-Podcast show

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The two songwriters of Liedschatten - Keno Hellmann and Jens D. Kotnik – have recently finished the production of their brand new album “Sweet & Sour” in Hamburg. On it, Liedschatten mixed various music styles. Inspirited by his former engagement as Sir Elton John’s drummer Hellmann is addicted to pop music. Kotnik, who plays the violin, piano and the guitar, has his roots in the classic music.“Sweet & Sour” is the result of these two backgrounds: A very delicious music cocktail with several different ingredients - pop music with classic elements, chill-out sounds and much more. Just pour, stir and dive in …! The Liedschatten - Podcast delivers you with the latest information about Liedschatten and its work. How songs and projects develop. Every little step, beat, note and sound will be explained. Don´t hesitate to email us suggestions for new podcasts - what do you want to know about Liedschatten and its music? Join us, take part in our everyday musician's lives. For more information join us at www.Liedschatten.com or send us an email to info@Liedschatten.com Liedschatten is also available at skype (Liedschatten), yahoo (Liedschatten_Music) and icq (361 99 332)

By Liedschatten.com

textureDJs present... transatlantic grooves show

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textureDJs bring you studio and live club mixes from the UK and USA. Mixing nujazz, broken beats, funky lounge and soulful house, textureDJs will always bring you an eclectic perspective and quality electronic music.

By textureDJs


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Experience SPACE STATION. Ground breaking, original Artists and Composers from around the World explore Electronica Trip Hop Tribal Ethnic Fusion and Alien Soundscapes with astounding innovation.````SPACE STATION Journey to new alien landscapes throughout the Galaxy...Be transported via wormholes to distant star systems...Next, be beamed back to Planet Earth for Shamanistic Ceremonies...Travel to remarkable new soundscapes with The SPACE STATION.


Mister Speaker's Baltic Beats show

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An hour of soulful funky dance music, broken beats, drunken funk and jazzy fishbake. Presented by Mister Speaker from the dockside studio in southern Sweden.

By Mister Speaker