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The Gearheart: Maiden Flight of the Avenger show

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Agent Augustus Elsworth is a Seeker of the Arcane Unknown, mechanic, pilot and thief... or so he believes. When he is caught trying to steal a magic artifact from the ruthless mobster Charles Patrick, he is offered a choice: buy it outright, or forget about his mission. In order to win the money, the young mechanic decides to enter the Cliffside Aeroprix, the most dangerous air race in the world. Can Augustus win the race, or even survive it? “Maiden Flight of the Avenger is a rattling yarn, held together with steam, pistons and beauty.” — Philippa Ballantine, Author of "Geist" "A gripping story that lays down the groundwork for the incredible universe of The Gearheart." — Tee Morris, Author of "Phoenix Rising"

By Alex White on

Beautiful Red show

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The future is boring. Technology has solved the world's most pressing problems, leaving people with tedious work and mundane play. Jack is a Security Officer Class 5, which sounds important, but isn't. However, her banal life as a cubicle worker by day and tinkerer by night is interrupted when she discovers that her employer's computer system has been invaded.Jack enlists the help of her only friends - her co-worker, Gilles and Adrian, an online friend she's never met - to help her track down the source of the invasion. Her investigation leads her to a shadowy group called the Red, where Jack learns that not everyone lives a life of quiet servitude.Even though she believes that the Red are responsible for a series of gruesome attacks, Jack begins to become attracted to their worldview. In her search for the people responsible for the attacks, she confronts the leaders of the group as well as her own burgeoning sense of self-awareness.

By M. Darusha Wehm

Misérables, Volume 3, Les by Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885) show

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This is book 3 of 5.An ex-convict breaks parole and starts a new life as a righteous man, but is pursued by a police inspector. Along the way, the ex-convict joins a revolution, adopts a daughter, and beats people up. Hooray. (Summary by smileyman457)

By LibriVox

Vatican Assassin - Remastered show

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The First Book of The Vatican Assassin Science Fiction Trilogy. Remastered in July 2009. Bernard Campion, aka "BC", is an assassin for the Pope, struggling with his work's inherent contradictions while trying to take care of “business” during an out of control interplanetary religious war in 2109. BC is a killer disguised as a priest of the New catholic Church. His current assignment? Eliminate the Governor of Lunar Prime, the free state on the Moon. BC has no idea this latest assignment will change everything...

By Mike Luoma

The Secret World Chronicle, Book Four: World Divided show

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The stories of the metahuman struggle against the Thulian menace continue in the fourth installment of The Secret World Chronicle, World Divided. Echo and CCCP face the reality that is Blacksnake as lines are drawn and sides are chosen. Some heroes fall while others emerge from the ashes, and an opportunist arrives to take advantage of grief and mayhem in the wake of a devastating loss. Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey and returning authors Dennis Lee and Cody Martin are joined by artist and fantasy author Larry Dixon and voice talent/author Veronica Giguere as they continue this podcast in the braided novel tradition. Cover art done by Adam Mancilla.

By Mercedes Lackey

The Secret World Chronicle, Book Three: World Well Lost show

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Continuing the action and intrigue of the first two books, World Well Lost joins the ensemble cast of metahuman characters as they struggle against the growing powers of the Thule Society as well as Echo's own waning popularity. Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey and newcomers Dennis Lee and Cody Martin bring this superhero-themed braided novel podcast series to life with characters such as the Seraphym, Victoria Victrix, John Murdock, and Red Djinni, with stories read by Veronica Giguere.

By Mercedes Lackey

The Secret World Chronicle, Book Two: The Hunt show

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The Hunt portrays the frenzied aftermath of the devastating Thule Society attacks. Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey and newcomer Steve Libbey have joined forces to create a superhero-themed braided novel podcast series called The Secret World Chronicle. The series depicts an ensemble cast of metahuman characters coping with worldwide attacks by a mysterious, technologically advanced Nazi secret society, and the ensuing chaos. The Secret World is a meeting ground for pulpy adventure and thoughtful science fiction speculation, where ordinary people are elevated above their fellow humans and must grapple with the consequences of their newfound abilities.

By Mercedes Lackey

12.21.12 show

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The only way to save the future is to decode the past. The only way to decode the past is to save the future. Archaeologist Sheppard Smyth has staked his career and the honorable memory of his wife and partner on proving his widely panned theory: Cleopatra VII, the last sovereign pharaoh of Egypt, was not a victim of suicide as history suggests, but of a well-concealed murder. When a statue of the doomed Queen is unearthed in a pre-Columbian excavation site in Mexico, Shep rushes to investigate and, hopefully, find the proof that has evaded him for so long. The statue, however, is only the first clue suggesting a mysterious connection between Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, and possibly - beyond. Suddenly thrust into the heated rivalry between sexy and enigmatic antiquities thief Victoria Kent and the infamous Russian mafioso Dmitri Kronastia, Shep finds himself a common pawn played by forces working to see out a quest older than the pyramids and cloaked in the Mayan Doomsday prophecy of 12.21.12.

By Killian McRae

The Arwen, Season 7: Battlesphere show

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During a raid of the Ulliam system the Handler's manage to drop off a message to Captain Cook and the United Corps Planets in the form a 16 year old clone of Captain Cook. The clone, who names herself Ann, has one simple message: Some of Handler's want peace. While on her way to deliver the message the Arwen, as well as the other Corps sentient computers, start acting strangely as a virus turns them against their crew. Meanwhile, Professor Ricter works on way to manipulate wormholes. His ultimate goal is to fling a small star at one of the Handler's Dyson Sphere's. The Arwen, Season 7: Battlesphere brings an end to Handler's saga. The final chapter of a quest that started on The Water Planet, then continued with Dyson Sphere and The Final Days of Peace.

By Timothy P. Callahan on

The Arwen, Season 5: Dyson Sphere show

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The Arwen, Season 5: Dyson Sphere is part two of a four part adventure that will stretch across the vastness of space and time. An exciting follow up to The Water Planet, Dyson Sphere introduces a new threat to Earth and all her allies. While traveling through the newly discovered Wormhole Beta space the Arwen receives a message from an astronaut thought dead for 450 years. It's a mystery too curious for Professor Ricter, Captain Cook and her crew to ignore. The stakes get even higher when it's discovered the signal originates from a massive Dyson Sphere. What the Arwen and her crew discover changes everything they thought about their place in the galaxy.

By Timothy P. Callahan on