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GEOaudio: Hören und Reisen - Mit GEO die Welt erleben! show

GEOaudio: Hören und Reisen - Mit GEO die Welt erleben!Join Now to Follow

Der Podcast von GEO: Spannende Hintergrundgeschichten, Interviews mit GEO-Reportern und Experten, ausgewählte GEO-Reportagen, O-Töne aus Metropolen, Urwald, Wüste oder Antarktis. Jeden Donnerstag neu.


Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead interview show

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Mickey Hart - is a percussionist, author, producer and ethnomusicologist who’s done more for drums and drumming than I think almost any other human on the planet. His scope, reach and inclusion know no bounds; he is someone who has been searching, experimenting and expanding minds for over 45 years. Starting off in 1967 with the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart has gone on to reshape and reintroduce human beings to their most basic self. His newest trip “Mysterium Tremendum” might be his most ambitious project to date; taking people on a journey through the vastness of the infinite universe. By taking sounds that were created billions of years ago, Mickey Hart and the Mickey Hart Band are taking these sound, mixing it with the technology of today, and delivering it to us in the most tripped out world/trance music way. Believe me when I say that this will no doubt be some of the most exciting and interesting music that you’ve heard in a long time.

Gartner Voice show

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Gartner Voice: a podcast where Gartner analysts share their insight on business and IT.

Power of the Pixel show

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Each week Leigh Brown interviews someone cool! They could be a: * Podcaster / Netcaster * Author / Writer * App developer * Filmmaker * Web designer * Musician - and they are all doing something 'different' online!

Florida Creatives Podcast show

Florida Creatives PodcastJoin Now to Follow

As long as the Florida Creatives Happy Hour has existed, we have been recording podcast profiles with members of our community. As each interview is recorded, time rolls on behind us, the ideals and goals of our group become more refined, and we hope the content of the podcasts will reflect our evolution.

SmallTalk show

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SmallTalk is a podcast series where we chat about nanotechnology with leading scientists, thinkers, artists, writers, and visionaries, and look at quirky nanoscience stories in the news. Dr. Stephanie Chasteen, of the Exploratorium’s Teacher Institute, hosts this monthly series.

Science and Society show

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Talk radio -- broadcasting 3 years -- focusing on nanotechnology, life sciences, space exploration, K-12 science education, and the intersection between science and art.

The Morning Ride show

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You have certainly heard, "You pass by more opportunities when driving to work than you will ever encounter in your day at the office. This program is dedicated to making sure these opportunities don't pass you by.... In IT terms, that means staying on top of technology other than that which is already assigned to you. Its one thing understanding what you have, but quite another - keeping abreast of what don't. You may be missing out on a technology that would save your hours of work at your desk. However, who has the time to comb through and decipher what is important...? WE DO... So, sit back and listen - and we can keep you up to date on the trappings of technology... Unless of course, you prefer to listen to the mindless chatter of Morning radio...

By Rick W. Ricker show

DevRadio.comJoin Now to Follow

A variety of programming of interest to software developers including a weekly news review, interviews with industry experts and Microsoft Insiders.

Aardvark Abductions- Internet Marketing training that works show

Aardvark Abductions- Internet Marketing training that worksJoin Now to Follow

Bob Cefail and Laura Betterly from In Touch Media Group (stock symbol: ITOU) are "The Profit Doctors" and answer questions from live callers about Marketing and Publicity, and also interview successful entrepreneurs. The show is done live every wednesday from 6-7 pm EST on a Tampa radio station, Tan-talk Am 1340. Call 1-877-343-8911 for live call-in information if you want to be on the show and ask your questions of The Profit Doctors. Syndicated with permission from Tan Talk 1340 Am Radio in Tampa Florida