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Healthbuzz @ www.Jim.MD show

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Your ONLY source for prescription strength health information!

The Judy Joy Jones Show show

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The Judy Joy Jones show is dedicated to offering its listeners the best available in literature/music/sciences/art/spiritual leaders/ & sports figures. Since the show is heard internationally; many young people are exposed to great minds and ideas they might never have a chance to be; thanks to our very special guests. The wealth of knowledge shared with millions of young minds all over the globe can never be measured. Past Shows include; Maya Angelou, Michio Kaku, Gloria Allred, Susan Powter

Florida Creatives Podcast show

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As long as the Florida Creatives Happy Hour has existed, we have been recording podcast profiles with members of our community. As each interview is recorded, time rolls on behind us, the ideals and goals of our group become more refined, and we hope the content of the podcasts will reflect our evolution.

Kamla Bhatt Show show

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Connecting the Indian diaspora across the world. It is all about life, people and ideas. Every week we speak to an interesting mix of people about business, technology, films, food, books and a host of other subjects. This is the place to come to listen to a stimulating conversation on India.

By Kamla Bhatt

Gartner Voice show

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Gartner Voice: a podcast where Gartner analysts share their insight on business and IT.

Power of the Pixel show

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Each week Leigh Brown interviews someone cool! They could be a: * Podcaster / Netcaster * Author / Writer * App developer * Filmmaker * Web designer * Musician - and they are all doing something 'different' online!

SmallTalk show

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SmallTalk is a podcast series where we chat about nanotechnology with leading scientists, thinkers, artists, writers, and visionaries, and look at quirky nanoscience stories in the news. Dr. Stephanie Chasteen, of the Exploratorium’s Teacher Institute, hosts this monthly series.

4 Top Experts Discuss Grokster Decision show

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Essentially the Supreme Court has ruled in a unanimous (9-to-0) decision that companies providing P2P software can be held liable for secondary copyright infringement if they are conducting their businesses in such a way so as to induce consumers to infringe copyrights. We suspect that the decision will have far reaching implications but it is unclear just how effective the ruling will be in curbing piracy. Among the questions that our panel addresses are the following: What are the full implications? Will it curtail P2P file sharing? Will the file sharing companies merely be driven offshore? Will it inhibit technological innovation? Will it materially benefit the legitimate online stores? What about the related Court decision on competitive access coverage?

Georgia Tech Research Institute - Research News show

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Features short NPR-style news stories highlighting the exciting scientific and engineering research taking place at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Talk About Service show

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Join popular talk show host, author, and cusotmer service advocate on the quest for the best in customer service. Interviews with business leaders as well as customers take listeners on a fascinating journey of the current state of customer service. Fast-paced, edgy, and informative.