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Diablo Details show

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Diablo Details is a podcast devoted to Award winning Screenwriter, Diablo Cody. Each week, there will be a discussion of all of the latest news and more or commentary will be given for Ms. Cody’s work including Juno, United States of Tara, Jennifer's Body, and more.

Is it a bicycle? show

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A TV & Movie podcast from Ireland.``Find out `` - why Jessica Fletcher needs water boarding`` - what you didn't know with Mike`` - why we suffered a crisis of confidence`` - how we performed a cost benefit analysis of additional copies of Sarah Michelle Gellar`` - how Christopher Columbus is responsible for Irish National Debt

By Mark Leonard, Stephen Rigley, Michael McDonagh and Shaun Leonard

Zoom In Online show

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Zoom In Online is the home page for creative professionals, providing a centralized rich media location for a behind-the-scenes look at the biggest trends, people and projects in the industry. Original video content covering industry leaders and trends, including rich media tutorials on the latest technologies is supplemented by original podcasts and a group blog from high profile industry contributors.

Pod Me If You Can show

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Pod Me if you Can is a fun free podcast that sees long time friends David Farrell and Lloyd Hughes sit down to discuss recent films. David and Lloyd have studied and made films and know the craft. The podcast is also their chance to interview people trying to make it in the film industry. This is a clean podcast although it must be said that the films are discussed after watching them so the podcasts are full of spoilers.

The Watchers Film Show show

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The Watchers Film Show We are The Watchers, we are two movie buffs on a mission to bring you real views on movies - no bull, no lies just real gut instincts. We watch then we record as soon as we get out of the theatre! check us out also on -

By Bleak Horizon productions

What's on JOE Mind? show

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One thing that the Star Wars and Transformer fandoms have are good podcasts to chose from. For GI Joe...well, not so much. UNTIL NOW! Greg from, Chuck from, Justin from and Gary from YoJoe have teamed up for a WEEKLY Joe ONLY podcast. No magic laser swords, no morphing robots, no gladiators, no silly turtles, just GI Joe and only GI Joe (unfortunately, that includes Ninjas, so we hope you don't mind...). Each week we summarize the news covering everything from the toys, the comics, the cartoon and the upcoming movie sequel. We also interview high profile members of the community, review the latest product and discuss topics of interest to Joe collectors in our own show produced segments. Its fast paced, its funny, its interactive and its informative. Think of Sports Talk Radio meets GI Joe and you got "What's on JOE Mind?" If you have time for another podcast in your schedule, check out WOJM and subscribe today!!

Mass Moviecide show

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The epic journey of 3 men recorded in a weekly podcast! We begin with the elimination of AFI’s “100 Years, 100 Movies” list! It will end once our heroes have seen every movie…ever.

Film Courage show

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Film Courage is a program about the pursuit of filmmaking. Film Courage interviews writers, directors, actors, and producers at all stages of their journey, from beginner to seasoned professional. On Film Courage we focus on self-empowerment and perseverance while pursuing a career in entertainment. Although we expand on criticism and battling the odds, we end each show with an encouraging quote from some of the world's greatest thinkers. We invite you to join us...

DaMonskiCast show

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Gregg and Duane discuss all that is pop and what is not. Movies, music, we celebrate Valerie Bertinelli and her entire catalogue! This 10 to 15 minute podcast will be just enough for you to get some useful TV and Movie review information as well as a sufficient amount of uncomfortable discussions that will make everyone on your subway car look at you as you chuckle.

That Movie Critic Show show

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This podcast is dedicated to bringing unbiased reviews of movies for modern and some classic films along with some great podsafe music. Hosted by that Idiot Savant without the Savant, Norman the Movie Guy, we take a look at films that rocked the world and a look at some movies that has everyone questioning "Who in blue blazes would watch this?"