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Tourcaster - Paris - Pere Lachaise Cemetery Audio Tour show

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The world's most visited cemetery is also also the largest in Paris, and is located in the 20th arrondissement. The cemetery somewhat resembles a park, thanks to the architect who designed it and the multitude of artists who created incredible sculptural tombs and vaults. When it was first established by Napoleon, the cemetery was thought to be too far outside the city, so the administrators actually created a marketing plan. The remains of several famous people were transferred to Père-Lachaise, in hopes that the general population would jump at the chance to be buried next to a famous person. The plan worked, making it the largest cemetery in Paris today.This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


Gadabout Paris on Audio show

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We've got Paris on Audio. Articles. Stories. Life in Paris. Urban street art reviews. Restaurant reviews. Book reviews. Reviews on events, classes, tours and places. Information on very unique things to see, do and experience. Stories and experiences from expats living in Paris. Audio walking tours of Paris. And more. You name it and we've got it. All from people who have been living in Paris for years and can give the insider tips and information.

Perpignan France show

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Perpignan is located in the south of France in the Languedoc Roussillon. WE hope you find our videos informative. They are intended to give you an idea of what the town of Perpignan is like before you visit. See video of our markets, shops and a few restaurants. Perpignan is the capital of the Pyrenees-Orientales the southern most department of the Languedoc Roussillon. Perpignan is located near the Mediterranean Sea and is only about 30kms from the Spanish border. The city retains a distinct Spanish flavour as it was once the capital of the kingdom of Majorca and later Catalonias second-largest city after Barcelona. Perpignan’s height was in the 13th and 14th centuries, when the kings of Majorca held their court here. Today it is a fascinating city to explore.

Herro Flom Japan (Podcasts & Videocasts) show

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An American expat living the life of the typical Japanese salaryman conducts soundseeing tours, introduces indy music and babbles.

By Rich Pav

La Jolla Estate show

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Tourcaster - Paris - Eiffel Tower Audio Tour show

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Visiting the Eiffel Tower is an obvious destination while in Paris and the length of this tour depends on whether you decide to enter the Eiffel Tower, or just tour the exterior. The surrounding area is just as significant, with four major museums and the Trocadero gardens and fountains. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


Tourcaster - Paris - St. Germain des Pres Audio Tour show

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The St. Germain des Prés neighborhood is one of famous patisseries, cafes, churches and gardens. Situated in the 6th and 7th arrondissements, and bordered by the Seine, this once suburb is home to the oldest church in Paris, St. Germain des Prés. Boulevard St. Germain was fashioned in the 19th century, and connects the Pont de Sully to the Pont de la Concorde. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


Tourcaster - Cape Cod - Wellfleet Audio Tour show

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These two historic Cape towns are located within the boundaries of the Cape Cod National Seashore and your tour will take you from town to wilderness and back again! You’ll be able to see both Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean as well as diverse historic sites including the cliff top where Marconi sent the first trans-Atlantic message to England and the beach where the Pilgrims first met the Native Americans! Bring a picnic or plan a snack or lunch in cozy Wellfleet Center. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the complete tour visit

By Tourcaster

Tourcaster - Paris City Guide show

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Paris is the City of Light, the epicenter of fashion and art, and where every girl wants to go to fall in love. Possibly the most well-known and visited European city, Paris is an enchanting dichotomy of old world traditions and modern innovations. Split into two sections of land by the Seine, the Right Bank includes the grands boulevards and the city's most monumental buildings, such as the Louvre. The Left Bank is cozier, known for its bars and restaurants, and the hip, bohemian crowd that wander the streets. It is no surprise that Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world. If you are one of the 30 million people that plan to visit Paris, either now or in the future, here is some pertinent information about the city to help you along your journey.


San Luis Obispo Local Travel Secrets show

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Your podcast for local travel secrets of San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast of California.