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Tourcaster - Sydney - The Rocks Audio Tour show

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The Sydney Rocks is the oldest and therefore most historical area in Sydney, which also makes it one of the most visited parts of the "emerald city". As you walk along the Rocks, take in the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and learn of Governor Bligh and the Rum Rebellion and the Captain of the Push. Make sure to enjoy some beer and kangaroo pizza before making your way up to the Observatory Hill. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit


MeetItalia » Travel Phrases show

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Italian Travel Phrases, brought to you by, is your language travel companion for visiting Italy. Free podcast audio lessons will help you learn basic phrases useful for your travels. Do not analyze grammar, but focus on what is essential for communicating in Italy. Use the Practice tracks and PDFs for even more in-depth learning. Do not forget that MeetItalia Premium Subscription offers full access to all learning materials & study tools making it ideal for learning Italian before your trip to Italy. This subscription includes: Learn access to all 100+ Travel Phrases Lessons Practice access to 100+ Travel Phrases Practice Lessons to help you speak like a native Play test yourself with fun quizzes and actively use what you’ve just learned Get your Meetitalia Premium Subscription today, by visiting


Aron Michalski: PIBC Podcasts show

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Thoughts and feelings as a man makes his living travelling the world setting up equipment for concerts. This is what happens when people dress all in black who are too old to be Goths and too young to be going to a funeral.

iToors Dramatic Walking Tours show

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iToors are hip travel podcasts. Our podcasts are highly-acclaimed dramatic walking and driving tours focusing on special interests. We cover great topics such as Mozart in Prague, Music in Glasgow, Chocolate in Prague, Design in Santa Monica, Film in New York, Literary London and so on. . .

Josh In Japan show

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Josh in Japan is a weekly podcast about life in Japan for those of us who aren't Japanese. Learn about all kinds of interesting topics, and events. Josh is open to requests as well. You got a question about the land of the rising sun, ask him!

Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast show

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A travel podcast for people who love to travel. It focues on travel stories with a dash of travel news, travel tips and travel resources. Season with humor and serve weekly.

By Chris Christensen

Contractor Mortgages -  Expert advice to find the right contractor mortgage for you show

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About Us At the Contractor Mortgage Company, we know how buying a home or remortgaging can be hectic. With the added stress of working as a contractor and trying to prove your income to the lender, it can be quite difficult. That’s why we set up shop to assist contractors with securing mortgages. We have specialist knowledge of contractor mortgages and the lenders who are prepared to offer contractor mortgages to you. We understand the world of contracting too, and the various ways that you may be remunerated. With all of this knowledge, we have met many lenders at senior level in order to negotiate on their lending criteria to be more ‘lenient and fair’ with contractors so that you are not penalised just because you don’t get a regular wage from an employer. We have educated the lenders on how you as a contractor work in order that they could properly assess the risk, so that they can offer suitable contractor mortgages to you. All of our contractor mortgage consultants are fully qualified and extremely knowledgeable on the subject of contractor mortgages . We as a company have an excellent track record for delivering high levels of customer service, and we are 100% dedicated to you. We want to make your contractor mortgage process as stress-free as possible so that you can enjoy the experience of buying a property. We offer impartial advice so you know that we’re working on behalf of you and not for the lenders. Many contractor mortgage advice firms may be ‘tied’ to certain lenders and gain additional remuneration for the business that they secure. We however work totally independently and our aim is to build a long relationship with you as our client, and to ensure that you get the best deal. This also means that we can search the entire marketplace to find the lender that can offer the best mortgage rates for you. We use software to search hundreds of products from many lenders to find you the best possible mortgage deal suited to your needs and requirements.

By Contractor Mortgages

Tourcaster - Vienna - Composers Audio Tour show

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The capitol of Austria, has long been known as a major fixture in the world of art and culture. From its operas and operettas, to the theatre, and classical music, Vienna has played host to some exceptional talent. Make your way around the Musikverein, where the Vienna Philharmonic play in the Golden Hall, to the Konzerthaus where the Vienna Symphony Orchestra is housed. Then explore the monuments, houses and museums for famous composers who have lived and worked in Vienna. How much time you spend on this tour usually depends on the weather. This is track one of a multi-track tour, to download the entire tour, visit