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Sometimes, it takes more faith to stay than to go.

By Michael Thomas

			The Sheldrake Vernon Dialogues

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Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist and author. Together they discuss: consciousness, prayer, angels, science and spiritual practices, magic, dreams, hell, the unconscious, rituals, enlightenment, atheism, materialism, and more.

By Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon

Trinity Community Church - Sermons Archive show

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TCC exists to glorify God, follow Jesus, and make disciples. Loving God, and Loving People. Here, you can find sermons, audio of classes, and more. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, we serve the greater East Tennessee region and internationally through our mission partners by equipping and severing our communities and ultimately directing people to Christ.

By Trinity Community Church - Knoxville, TN

Exactly What The Moment Called For show

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Exactly What The Moment Called For is a short, powerful, deep and calming podcast to ease you into a powerful state and remember something you once forgot. Explore the inner workings of the Heart and Mind, appreciating Exactly What The Moment Called For. This podcast has been created using 432 Hz and isochronic tones to enhance your experience. Each episode, Lane takes you on an audio journey within, to deeply move and unlock a hidden gift within yourself. Each episode, a new topic to dive into and explore in a focused, yet flowing way. Open your Heart and Mind, as Lane Creates Space to allow you to visualize, meditate, contemplate and energetically receive Exactly What The Moment Called For. For best results, listen to each episode several times to fully experience the depth and wisdom. Repeat listens offer you greater insights and expanded perspectives to these beautiful and powerful topics. Exactly What The Moment Called For is brought to you by the book, Unleash Your Humble Alpha. Authors Lane Belone and Steven Kuhn dissect how to take ownership of your life and reach your full potential. Learn more about the book at: or grab your copy by searching "Unleash Your Humble Alpha" on Amazon, iTunes or Audible. Exactly What The Moment Called For is also brought to you by the Humble Alpha Paradigm Upgrade Advisory Program. For leaders, business owners and those creating an impact in the world. Learn more about this powerful program at: At the end of the day, Exactly What The Moment Called For is intended to be of service to you and your journey. Please share any topics or feedback! Many blessings! Lane P.S. Using 432 Hz and isochronic tones allows you to feel more in harmony with nature and receive even more profound insights. Research both of these to learn more.

By Lane Belone

The Abundance Journey show

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Hello, I’m Elaine Starling, The Abundance Ambassador. The Abundance Journey video show and podcast is a fun, engaging conversation about Abundance and all the ways it shows up. Abundance is a form of love. We are here experiencing life in order to engage, embody, express and experience more love and Abundance in all forms. We believe that the best way to attract and experience Abundance is to BE Abundance. Our guests share: • What has held them back from abundance in the past. • What they did to overcome the resistance. • And how they help others experience more abundance. Every show is designed to amplify abundance. Each guest provides an Abundance tool for our viewers and listeners. Then we amplify Abundance by empowering you, our audience, to support the show guest too. (What you give is what you get.) We forge an energetic connection of love and Abundance that lifts the host, guest, everyone in the audience, and everyone connected to those in the audience. Tune in to empower more Abundance in your life along with lots of laughter, fun and joy! Here are some of the questions you can expect in any interview. 1. How do you define Abundance? 2. What challenges have you had in your life around Abundance? 3. What did you do to overcome these barriers? 4. What do you do to deliberately notice Abundance and anchor it in? 5. What is your favorite way to help others experience Abundance? (Describe the results they get for their clients) 6. What is your free gift for the audience to help increase their Abundance? (Link to your TEDx Talk or other video if you don’t have a free gift.) 7. What is one action the audience can do to support you? (What you give is what you get!) Here are some choices – pick ONE that works best for your goals. - Join your Facebook Group - Share the podcast interview - Comment with the most valuable thing you learned from this conversation - Become an Affiliate - Send three friends a link to your free gift so they experience Abundance too.

By Elaine Starling

The Final Stand With Pastor John show

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This Ministry was given to me in a Heavenly visitation back in July 2016, when I had an unexpected supernatural visitation from the Lord. I was given a Mandate from Heaven to begin sharing the visions, dreams, and supernatural encounters that I receive from the Lord, regarding the Church, the United States and the World at large. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By John Lopez

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Meanings In Hindi show

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It has a motive to convey to the world, in simple language, spiritual way of life. A lot of effort is required to create these audios for the benefit of entire world. Please support me by donating as a source of motivation to create more episodes. Please support and donate so that "True Teachings Reach Massives".

By Prayers Of Sikhs

Bible Savvy show

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Welcome to the Bible Savvy Podcast, a weekly conversation on how to understand, enjoy, and apply God’s Word. Join hosts Clayton Keenon, Eric Ferris, and Nikki Lucas as they unpack the Bible Savvy reading schedule. Each episode will guide listeners through the COMMA Bible study process and show them just how fun and easy it can be to read God’s Word. Jump in at any time and follow along with the Bible Savvy reading schedule yourself. More information at

By Christ Community Church

Dorsey Ross Show show

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Discouraged, disappointed, need a little encouragement this week in your life, I believe this podcast will be for you. Every two weeks, I will have a new guest on the show to encourage and inspire you to get through your week and help you with your life. I began this podcast because I love encouraging people and giving them a little inspiration in their lives. I hope that you enjoy each podcast.

By Dorsey Ross

The Christ Minute show

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I read from a book by Charles H. Spurgeons called One-Minute Devotions - Faith's Checkbook. I also share scripture from the Bible and other readings from Christian authors. I attempt to answer questions you may have from the Bible. If you're feeling scared, lonely, or "worr;ed" (worried), please don't hesitate to write me. If you need prayer, guidance, or insight into a particular situation you have, let me pray for you and be a friend. May God bless you always.

By Eva Esperanza