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Design2Share Q&A show

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Catch Design2Share Q&A, the weekly Big Apple video podcast series that takes a good stab at answering viewers' design-related questions. Our two co-hosts, South African born designer Irwin Weiner and British born designer Nicola Chernicoff, have plenty of opinions and tips packed into each video episode. We think you should subscribe just to hear their dueling accents. Submit your design questions to and dare to share your house-and-garden videos with others. [Copyright 2007 Design2Share LLC. All rights reserved.]

MusicCityFLA show

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Music City FLA is a two-hour radio show on WTAN 1340 AM (706 N Myrtle Ave, Clearwater, FL 33755) that airs between midnight and 2am on Friday mornings. The show is also simulcasted on and is available for download through this Website. Hosted by Justin of the band WeakSauce and Ivan of the band Soulfound, the show’s focus is promoting the artists and supporters of the Florida music scene.

Claritas Podcasts - Adding Intelligence to Information show

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Marketing perspectives provided by Claritas clients, partners and industry experts. Claritas has provided companies with the most accurate and reliable marketing research demographic data, marketing software and market segmentation services to make the smartest business decisions. Discover how Claritas can help you increase profitability, select the best site locations and market more efficiently and effectively by targeting your most profitable customers.

Thrifty Boutique online magazine show

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Welcome to Thrifty Boutique online magazine. The loyal connection between you, emerging designers and neat finds. From innovative concepts to artistic ideas, we have everyone's lifestyle covered. Enjoy it.

Audible Justice show

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A Refreshing and Enlightening View of Current News and Policy. We don't report the news. We find the stories you want to hear, take them apart and provide a unique point of view. More than just commentary.

The SIDESHOW Podcast » Podcasts show

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Rising out of the dark ages of nu-metal, The SIDESHOW led the charge for the New Wave of heavy music at 98.1 WQAQ, initiating a loud rock revival at the prestigious, student-run radio station. What Brian began in 2002 would grow into something bigger than he ever imagined. Garnering critical acclaim with the addition of Nick in 2003, The SIDESHOW would evolve and continue even after its creators graduated. Brian and Nick passed the torch to the ROCK(jock), who further revolutionized the program by bringing it to a worldwide audience. Collectively, The SIDESHOW won two Show of the Year awards and marched on to become the longest running show in WQAQ history. Now, after a two-and-a-half year hiatus, The SIDESHOW rises again… The SIDESHOW Podcast features heavy metal and hard rock reviews, news, tour info, and interviews to keep fans of the genre up to date as well as expose listeners to bands they may be missing out on.

Boomers: The road ahead show

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A podcast for and about Baby Boomers. I offer advice and tips for those folks who are retired or facing retirement. Retirement, Travel, Finances, Health, Aging, Baby Boomers, Relationships are some of the topics we will be pod casting about.

By Bill Terry

Wedding Podcast Network show

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This is the only place on the internet to listen to advice about wedding planning. we have podcasts with newlyweds who share their wedding planning experiences. And podcasts with the top wedding professionals sharing their expertise. We have podcasts with wedding cake designer Ron Ben-Israel and wedding make-up artist Laura Geller. We also have a wedding podcast with world famous wedding designer Preston Bailey who has designed for Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Regis Philbin and Joan Rivers to name just a few. If your are planing a wedding then you need The Wedding Podcast Networkâ„¢````````To be interviewed for an upcoming show send an email to

By Wedding Planning Inspiration

The Eyeball Podcast-Interviews show

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To eyeball - (verb) to look at, check, or observe closely The Eyeball Podcast is a closer look at the interesting stories behind everyday objects, food, holidays, toys and more. Who knew the mundane could be so interesting? For people who enjoy trivia, learning and are curious about the world. Take just a few minutes to learn the stories behind.

By Lynn in the PM

Common Man Cocktails show

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Covering mixed drinks and cocktail recipes, making drinks that are interesting, fun and worth your time. Keeping things simple enough an everyday drinker can create it for parties and social events.

By Derrick Schommer