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Costa Rica Talk Radio show

Costa Rica Talk RadioJoin Now to Follow

Costa Rica Talk Radio is a weekly Podcast show offering insider tips, news, interviews, videos, and sound seeing tours of Costa Rica.

By Alan Petersen

Learn Chinese with Video Podcast show

Learn Chinese with Video PodcastJoin Now to Follow is the easiest way to get you speaking Chinese from the very first lesson or improve your level of Chinese with the Intermediate and Advanced lessons.


German Hacks – Fair Languages show

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With the German Hacks minimal effort maximum effect approach you’ll be able to concentrate on the important points of effectively speaking German. We hack the language, take out the parts that you won’t need most of the time or that are simply not efficient. Instead we will learn simple concepts and rules of thumb that will get you through everyday conversations easily. German Hacks is for the 80% of learners who simply want to communicate in German and don’t have the objective to become a specialist in German studies not to say the next Goethe or Schiller. And if you think about it, this is also true for most Germans.

By Kirsten Winkler | Fair Languages

The Podcasting Principal show

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Elementary principal comments and reflects on technology, leadership, teachers, and learning. Inexperienced podcaster but excited!

By Melinda Miller

Black Hat Webcasts RSS Feed show

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Security news doesn't always wait for conference season. That's the guiding principle behind the Black Hat Webcasts – a regular series of live web events focusing on what's hot in the infosec space all year long. On the third Thursday of every month, we'll bring together Black Hat speakers, independent researchers and leading security experts from the government to the underground to answer your questions live.

By Black Hat Briefings

CSSE490 Android Development Rose-Hulman Winter 2010-2011 show

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Interested in getting started with Android Development? This college course goes through all the basics. The course is application driven, meaning that there are almost no lectures. We learn topics as we need them for the example.

By David Fisher

Another School of Thought Radio show

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Josh and Jeanne of EastWest Healing and Performance have dedicated their practice to helping people to help themselves. Our goal and dedication is in educating, guiding and supporting each and every client through the physical and nutritional changes necessary in obtaining optimal wellness! In our experience it has become very clear how influential each one of our personal environments can be on our current state of health. Learning how to identify these offenders along with restoring the damaging effects of these stressors provides the optimal environment for healing! There is so much confusion with the advent of “Google University,” in addition to the dismembering of our foods and the human body that have contributed to the practice of “this can work for that…and that can work for this” mentality. You are an individual and how your body function’s is dependent upon its ability to do so. We are here to offer you back ownership of your health and to provide you the information you need to make more informed choices around your health!

By Josh Jeanne Rubin

Ann Levine show

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Law School Expert, Inc. empowers and educates prospective law students about everything related to law school admission and the law school decision. Ann Levine, chief consultant and president, is the author of The Law School Admission Game (Amazon's bestselling law school guidebook) and The Law School Decision Game. The Law School Expert Blog is read by nearly 200,000 law school applicants each year.

By Ann Levine

Appy Hours 4 U show

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Educators & App Enthusiasts Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker will guide you through a menu of app-ealing lesson ideas, apptivities, and pedagogical practices.

By Techchef4u

English Pronunciation and Language Lessons by show

English Pronunciation and Language Lessons by ElementalEnglish.comJoin Now to Follow

Elemental English is a free online resource for English language lessons, with a focus on English pronunciation, practical conversation, and of course the basic foundations of grammar and vocabulary that all English language learners need. Read the text of every audio lesson at Check out the YouTube channel for videos at: