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"E & P Reports" from Editor & Publisher Magazine hosted by Mike Blinder show

"E & P Reports" from Editor & Publisher Magazine hosted by Mike BlinderJoin Now to Follow

Each week, Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P) produces a Vodcast of timely interviews with newspaper, broadcast, online and all forms of news publishing and media industry leaders. E&P has been publishing since 1884 and is considered the "bible" and "authoritative voice" of the North American newspaper industry. Each episode is hosted by Publisher Mike Blinder. A video version of "E&P Reports" is also available on YouTube or on the E&P Website at:

By Mike Blinder

Risky Business with the Coverage Queens show

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Risky Business with the Coverage Queens: the podcast that talks about the business of educational technology and how tech devices affect our lives inside and outside the classroom. The Coverage Queens, Bliss Landon, a 30-year insurance expert, and Kathy Kaehler, a 30-year health and fitness guru share their expertise and discuss timely topics with EdTech leaders, business professionals, health and wellness experts, and users of technology.

By Bliss Landon and Kathy Kaehler

KEV Talks Podcast show

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'KEV Talks Podcast' is comprised of solo episodes where Kevin Pannell, PMP shares his professional experience and advice from his time working in the Healthcare, Technology and Public Safety fields as well as his personal experience and lessons learned through managing his own mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Kevin also facilitates interviews with guests to provide entertaining and enlightening conversations for listeners around the world.

By Kevin Pannell, PMP

5 Best Odoo Themes for Ecommerce Websites show

5 Best Odoo Themes for Ecommerce WebsitesJoin Now to Follow

The fastest Odoo theme for odoo Version 14, 13, 12, and lesser is suitable for any type of online store.

Today in Manufacturing  show

Today in Manufacturing Join Now to Follow

Today in Manufacturing is hosted by the editors from some of the most recognized websites in the manufacturing industry, including and Industrial Equipment News (IEN). Every week, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward.

By David Mantey, Jeff Reinke, Anna Wells

Reboot Recast Rethink show

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A podcast about technology and why you should care. We take a dive into the areas of data, hardware, software, privacy, cyber-security and various aspects of tech. Our aim is to break tech down and keep it simple for you.

By YES Medical System

Not So Complicated show

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Not So Complicated podcast explores the thinking and discussion between design and engineering when an idea is thrown at them. One topic, one hour, no script. Dive into these weekly sessions with your hosts: Jaime Caballero, Product Designer and Alejandro Urbano, Product Engineer. Whether you're grabbing a coffee or starting your run, press play, let the mind wander, and get creative!

By Alejandro Alvarez and Jaime Caballero

Managing Remote Teams show

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A podcast that explores how to achieve when everyone is working from home.

By Luke Szyrmer

Dealcasters show

DealcastersJoin Now to Follow Amazon Live influencers Jim Fuhs and Chris Stone of Dealcasters deliver you motivational interviews from key influencers, thought leaders, podcasters, live streamers and content creators across many spectrums. If you’re feeling stuck in your journey, these podcasts can help you move forward in your career, podcast, live show and your life. Don’t fear the gear, as Dealcasters will take all the guesswork out of the technology for you! They’ve spoken to Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson of School Of Podcasting, Guinness Record Holder Chris Krimitsos of Podfest Global, Jennifer Watson of The Weather Channel & Agorapulse, and many others that not only share their tips and stories – but also their tools of their trade that you can use in your own business and life. If you have a goal to either start or grow your show, your podcast, your YouTube Channel – or finally be able to write your book, start your blog, develop your website or just be able to maximize your time in your everyday life – Dealcasters will help you do just that by hearing what top-level thought leaders and influencers do that you can implement right now. If you’re wanting to catch Dealcasters LIVE, feel free to follow them at: Dealcasters.Live, follow them on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. You know the deal: don’t fear the gear!

By Jim Fuhs & Chris Stone

BurnerFox Podcast show

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Hey ya buddies thanks for tuning into my podcast and to brief out about my podcast in few words here I will be solo speaking about some general topics which helps us in our daily life and may be in future So yah hope to see you on my episodes :)

By BurnerFox