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TechNation Radio Podcast show

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TechNation Radio hosted by Dr Moira Gunn

By Tech Nation

Touchpoint Podcast show

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The Touchpoint Podcast is dedicated to in-depth, topical discussions on hospital and health system digital marketing and digital patient engagement strategies. Hosted by Reed Smith and Chris Boyer, we will cover trends in technology, processes and approaches that are impacting hospital systems.

By Chris Boyer & Reed Smith

Pennyrile Technologies show

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We provide a range of cost-effective IT related tech support, computer maintenance/repair, and managed IT services for small and mid-size companies that will help you save time, protect and manage data more effectively, and increase staff productivity.

By Pennyrile Technologies

Retyn Podcast show

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Retyn is a comprehensive rewards and incentives platform that streamlines the process of running a rewards program for businesses. It offers a branded customer loyalty program, which enhances customer engagement and boosts sales by providing rewards, perks, and experiences. With Retyn, businesses can easily reward, communicate, and engage with customers on multiple channels, making it a convenient way to attract, retain, and increase sales.

By Retyn

Creator Spotlight show

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We talk to creators about what they do and how they got started. Brought to you from the interface.

By the interface

Charging Status show

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Charging Status is a monthly show focussing on the latest EV news from the UK & Ireland. Hosted by Alex and Jim.

By the interface

MacBites show

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Hello there! Thanks for checking out MacBites. We're a podcast covering all things Apple, Mac, OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPod and anything else Apple may tempt us with. In addition to all that we have tips, tricks and reviews for hardware, software, apps and more. We also have a fantastic community of MacBites listeners ... the MacBiters! Hosted by Elaine Giles, Mike Thomas, MacBites Siri and Lady Siri we take a rather irreverent look at the Apple world and the tech world in general. To catch up on what fun you've missed so far check out The Newbies Guide to MacBites at We hope you decide to come and join the MacBites family, see you there!

By Elaine Giles and Mike Thomas

Software Testing - Qualität, Testautomatisierung & Agilität show

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Software-Qualität ist heute wichtiger denn je! Welche Tests sind sinnvoll und ausreichend? Wann lohnt sich der Einsatz von Testautomatisierung? Wie sehen gute Integrationstests aus? Alles zu testen ist nicht möglich: Wie viel Qualität ist genug?   Fragen, die in der Software-Entwicklung relevant sind – Entwicklungsprojekte werden immer komplexer. Vernetzung, künstliche Intelligenz und Machine Learning fordern die klassischen Software-Test-Methoden heraus. Anwender haben zudem immer größere Erwartungen an Usability, Performance und Funktionalität.   Experten aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen der Software-Entwicklung teilen mit dir ihre Erfahrungen im Podcast "Software Testing" und geben dir aktuelle Tipps und Trends an die Hand, um die Qualität in deinen Software-Projekten signifikant zu steigern. Software Testing ist der Podcast für alle Entwickler, Tester und Projektleiter, die umsetzbare Tipps und Hacks für mehr Software-Qualität in Ihren Projekten möchten.   Bist du bereit für den nächsten Qualitätsboost in deinem Software-Projekt? Dann höre jetzt die erste Folge! Danke an die Community-Partner des Podcasts: Alliance for Qualification | ASQF | Austrian Testing Board | dpunkt.verlag | German Testing Day | GI Fachgruppe TAV | HANSER Verlag | oop | QS-TAG | SIGS-DATACOM | skillsclub

By Richard Seidl - Experte für Software-Qualität und Agilität

Luxology modcasts show

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The Luxology modcast is a weekly program featuring Luxology President Brad Peebler. The topics range from the mundane to the bizarre covering everything from subdivision surface modeling to the hot political topics du jour. The weekly modcast often features interviews with people from all around the globe speaking up on their expertise in the areas of 3D graphics, beer and life in general. The Luxology modcast, good and good for you.

By Luxology

Wharton FinTech Podcast show

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Connecting you with the leaders, ideas, and companies that are reinventing global financial services. Our guests are the top FinTech founders, executives, investors, and thinkers from across the world. Follow us for more FinTech content including videos, blogs, and analysis by searching @whartonfintech on your preferred platform.

By Wharton Fintech Podcast