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Not Safe for Network show

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No trolls. No fanboys. Some fangirling. Welcome to the pop culture news and reviews for the week. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>


A Cosmic Void show

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Cataloging a galaxy of genre

By A Cosmic Void

The Man Cave Chronicles show

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Join Host Elias as he talks to various guests each week where ”Everyone Has A Story” from the world of Pop Culture, Tv, Movies, Comedy, and more.

By Elias Giannakopoulos

Citizen Lame show

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A film podcast for those who love films, and those who are still on the fence. Join musical comedians and movie lovers The Brothers Streep in their uphill battle to introduce their friend Andrew to the wonderful world of film.

By The Brothers Streep

Wildlife Plays an Important Role in Balancing The Environment show

Wildlife Plays an Important Role in Balancing The EnvironmentJoin Now to Follow

Wildlife provides a stability to different processes of the nature . Wildlife and nature have been largely associated with humans for emotional and social reasons . The importance of wildlife can be categorized as ecological , economic and investigatory importance as well as conservation of biological diversities etc. visit - e.g © 2021- 2022

By Harry Range

Reel War Project show

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Charles is a Purple-Heart veteran and long-time cinephile; Aaron is a critical rhetorician and Co-Host of The Alien Movie Project and together they are exploring the narrative, affective, and production politics of the most actiony of action movies: The War Movie. Three movies per batch, one batch episode comparing the three, “Dirt Maps” digging deeper into what we learned, listen in wherever you find your podcasts.

By Redwood Sound Labs

We Thought You Asked: A True Crime Podcast show

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Hosts and sisters, Torie and Kelly, love sharing their opinions on hot topics and scammy crimes. Each week on We Thought You Asked, you'll hear their differing opinions on true crimes from their perspectives as a mental health therapist and a corporate burnout turned digital nomad. Just a quick disclaimer: while T’s a therapist, and we discuss mental health topics on the show, this podcast is NOT therapy or a substitute for therapy. This pod is just for fun, and if you are needing some extra support, we really encourage you to a contact a licensed therapist near you.

By Torie &amp; Kelly

Cinema Bees show

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Any movie lover will tell you that cinema is part of daily life. We live, eat, breathe and even dream about our favorite movies! Join siblings Monica Dexter and Tyler Hines as they talk about all the latest buzz in film. If you ever wanted to hear in-depth discussion, hilarious banter, thoughtful reviews, and even more on the latest movies from Hollywood, catch the buzz with this podcast!

By Tyler Hines, Monica Dexter

Let's Talk: Marvel Fan Theories show

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Two fans discussing the latest and greatest in Marvel! Join us as we break down Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, the Disney+ shows, and MCU news, and share our favorite fan theories we've come across along with some of our own. Because Marvel just blew your mind, so let's talk about it.

By Let's Talk: Marvel Fan Theories

Viva la Movielución - Podcast show

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Das Schweiners für die Ohren! "Viva la Movielución" ist der bayrische Podcast rund um die Themen Film, Serien, Games und alles was unterhält! Wie bei einer Stammtischrunde gehts in so mancher Sendung mit bayrischem Dialekt zu. Am Ende jeder Folge müssen die "Filmexperten" mindestens einen Pro- und einen Contra-Punkt nennen - unabhängig davon, ob ihnen der Film gefallen hat oder nicht. Der Spaß für die ganze Familie!

By Kane, Korbi und Mike