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The Casuals with Jack and John show

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The Casuals are Jack and John, they are long term friends who started a podcast to record their sometimes ridiculous conversations on different topics each week.

By Jack and John

Sworcery show

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Welcome to Sworcery! The search continues for the perfect sword & sworcery movie. This is a podcast where your hosts, Jef Drawbaugh and Jason Kincaid, recap films and rate them to determine if they are indeed a great Sword and Sorcery movie.

By Jef and Jason

They're Terrified & Tipsy show

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Hosted by Courtney and Stefanie. These girls have opposing feelings about horror movies...Courtney LOVES them where Stefanie HATES them! Listen while each week the girls watch a different scary movie separately and share their emotional struggles together. Each episode is full of reactions, opinions, and pure silliness as Courtney and Stefanie discuss their newest movie. So grab a glass of wine and your favorite couch blanket and enjoy the ride with them! CHEERS! <a href="" rel="noopener"></a>

By They're Terrified &amp; Tipsy

Sutta Buddy show

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A coming of age Hinglish podcast about an over chilled out millennial. ; Instagram Handle : . Other Platforms :

By Lakshay Kumar

That's a Bad Sign show

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Serial killers, cold cases, missing persons and conspiracy theories... there's no topic these two women won't cover. Hosts Emily and Liz discuss a new true crime case every week, diving into gruesome details, while managing to keep the mood light.

By Emily Winchurch &amp; Liz Mahoney

Kiss My Working Class show

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Kiss My Working Class is a comedy show that breaks down what doesn't work with American work culture and discovers what we can do to make it work. If you enjoy the show, your support would be greatly appreciated. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Kiss My Working Class

All Marbles Lost show

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We are telling you why we are losing our marbles. Tune in each week to find out why you should be losing yours! Carrie tells thrilling true crime stories that will have you locking your doors and hiding under the covers. JT tells gripping conspiracy theory stories that will have you questioning everything you know.

By Marcarrie Wolf &amp; Jaxon Wolf show

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Hi friends, Welcome to my podcast journey.I have created so many podcasts on health, mental health, emotional health along with spiritual stories. My goal is to research on life skills with todays life style. How our life co related with spirituality and science? To create innovative ,motivational and research posts on ethical stories is my pod journey. With it I want to support brands with their terms and conditions. I am always loving and welcome their new opportunities with change of lifestyle.

By Pranita Deshpande

SisBro Show: A Comedy Duo show

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We are Megan and Brooks. A comedy duo who happen to be siblings. We are wannabe comedians on a mission to enjoy life. We tell stories of our unique, eclectic childhood. We also talk about present day and the crazy situations we find ourselves in. Sit back, relax, grab a bag of cheddar and sour cream chips and enjoy. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By SisBro Show

Bacon is My Podcast show

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Bacon = Passion. Bar style chats with cool people to uncover their bacon. Singer/songwriters Jimmy G (Craving Strange) and Mike Wahmann (Something Heavy) sit down and have a few drinks with musicians, actors, producers, comedians, pro wrestlers, (anyone interesting) and talk about what makes life even cooler.

By Bacon is My Passion