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Thirsty Digging show

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Thirsty Digging Podcast. Created by John Wannamaker. This podcast is about living your best life, on purpose. Be intentional. There are only 24 hours in the day for everyone. Use your time wisely because it is worth whatever you put into it. Dig like there is no water except the prize under the sand. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By John Wannamaker

Let's Interact show

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This podcast is an open-minded no judgement zone where people can just listen and get a different perspective on things. The goal is to just Interactive have fun show were the audience and myself cooperate with each.

By Adante Pitter

Scared Confident show

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A show that seeks to honestly examine the vulnerable realities of a life with many roles. This is an unpolished space to learn what it means to face our fear and live life scared confident.

By Tiffany Sauder

The Traveling Man Masonic Podcast show

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A Masonic Podcast covering all aspects of Freemasonry hosted by WB Jim Hall

By Jim Hall

TheBigFatVoice Psicologia, Musica &amp; Teatro show

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TheBigFatVoice è un podcast creato e presentato da Massimiliano Becco Gagliardo. Che cosa hanno in comune l'opera lirica, il counseling bioenergetico, il voice coaching e i tarocchi? Una cosa sola: me. Unisciti a questa eclettica chiacchierata su musica, psicologia, tarocchi, opera, voice coaching, crescita personale, bioenergetica, storie e curiosità, esperienze di artisti e vita di performers, career advices per il showbiz, fotografia, cinema, tips and tricks, bits and pieces, curiosità, amenità &amp; in una parola... la vita. Come nella vita, anche questo spazio è fondamentalmente fuori controllo. Quindi non ti resta che dare un'occhiata, prendi un episodio a caso, allaccia le cinture di sicurezza e ... divertiti. Benvenuti!

By Massimiliano Becco Gagliardo

MaltaSajf: il-Poddata show

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<a href="" rel="ugc noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">MaltaSajf? Smoke MaltaSajf.</a>

By Mhux Alfie Fabri

Captivate the Room show

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Hosted by Internationally known voice expert, Tracy Godwin, an award-winning speaker who has taught hundreds around the globe to make a big impact with their voice. This podcast is for anyone who wants to step onto a bigger stage, make a bigger impact and have a voice that makes people listen. In this podcast, I'll teach you how to find your voice, sound more confident, compelling and captivating. I'll also share great techniques for presentations of any kind, storytelling and be captivating the room on video. I interview business leaders around the globe about their voice and communication struggles and triumphs. Voice is the most powerful tool you have, it's how we determine everything about you, in this podcast I'll teach you how to touch our emotions and change lives simply by using your voice. Presentation matters and the voice is the missing link.

By Tracy Goodwin

The Misery Machine show

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There‘s a problem with True Crime. Creators are idolizing perpetrators, shaming victims, or being completely checked out on cases while they do their makeup. However, we can‘t forget there are victims who lost their lives and families who are still grieving to this day. The Misery Machine is a podcast that focuses on cases the media fails to give proper attention, especially local and missing persons cases. We want to help give those a voice that never got to have one to begin with, and bring light to cases desperately needing more resources. We also cover aspects of cases that other podcasts might look the other way on such as mental health and social issues, and the way that these cases impact their communities for generations. It‘s not enough to simply cover a case, our platform must be used to make a difference. True Crime is boring, we‘re fixing that. New episodes every Monday. Want to request an episode? Leave a comment, join our Facebook group or send us an email!

By The Misery Machine

Incontri show

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La Corte costituzionale “incontra” i vari mondi della cultura.

By Corte costituzionale

La Corte costituzionale e la sua storia show

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Momenti salienti della storia e dell'attività della Corte nella narrazione dei Giudici.

By Corte costituzionale