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The Real Estate Guys Radio Show - Real Estate Investing Education for Effective Action show

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Fun and informative, this real estate investment talk show has been broadcasting on conventional radio since 1997. Hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray, the show delivers no-hype education and expert perspectives in a fast-paced, entertaining style. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki says The Real Estate Guys are wild and crazy, but they really know what they are talking about. The Guys talk investment strategy, economics, tax and asset protection planning, market and property due diligence, international diversification and much, much more! Gain valuable insights from interviews with notable experts, industry leaders and real life investors. Discover proven strategies for making money with real estate in any market, how to avoid common and costly mistakes and what is working in the real world right now. Relevant topics, credible guests, upbeat delivery and no sales hype have made The Real Estate Guys one of the most listened to real estate talk shows in the world. Check it out! There is a new episode released every week, so be sure to subscribe today!

By The Real Estate Guys

The Ray Lucia Show show

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Ray Lucia may have answered more questions about financial and retirement planning than anyone in America. Ray’s been a respected financial planning authority for more than thirty-five years. He hosts a daily talk show, syndicated on radio stations across the country.

By The Ray Lucia Show

TFNN - The Option Hour show

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Listen as Tom Sosnoff of thinkorswim explains various options trading strategies

By TFNN, Corp.

The Real Wealth Show with Kathy Fettke: The Real Estate Investor's Resource show

The Real Wealth Show with Kathy Fettke: The Real Estate Investor's ResourceJoin Now to Follow

The Real Wealth Show brings you the information and inspiration to build more wealth and create the lifestyle you really want. With a focus on commercial and residential real estate investing, you get real-world advice from recognized experts. Each week we cover topics such as: analyzing investments, property management, improving your credit, buying your first investment property, and increasing your cash flow. Brought to you by - "The Real Estate Investor's Resource".

By Kathy Fettke /

The Tom O'Brien Show - show

The Tom O'Brien Show - TFNN.comJoin Now to Follow

Market analysis and commentary by Tom O'Brien, author of Tom O'Brien's Timing the Trade, How Price and Volume Move Markets

By TFNN, Corp.

Create My Independence | Live Below Your Means | Build Your Own Business | Create Freedom show

Create My Independence | Live Below Your Means | Build Your Own Business | Create FreedomJoin Now to Follow

Inspiring commentary & interviews on how to create personal freedom in our lives by living on less and building our own business. Weekly podcast! Join the CMI community at as we discuss what it takes to create real independence and escape our reliance on others, keeping us unsatisfied, overworked and without options.

By Kraig Mathias

Money Subjects Made Simple Show show

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The money show that helps couples with kids and careers grow their family fortune at at any income level. Learn personal finance tools, strategies, and best practices to get ahead in income, insurances, savings, debt, investing, sharing money, retiring, and estate stuff. Plus, hear special guests bring their perspectives on personal finance to help you make money subjects simple. If you want to grow your family fortune, then this show is for you!

By Tom Wachowski

WealthFast Podcast show

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Get ready to multiply your way to wealth! We teach smart investing with stocks, real estate and more. Don't worry, we know that building wealth takes tome but there's no reason to take the slow route! Get on the fast track with your hosts LaTisha Styles and Paula Pant from

By WealthFast Podcast

 Stocks And Jocks  show

Stocks And Jocks Join Now to Follow

This is NOT typical business news - this is a GREAT TALK SHOW that focuses on business, providing real financial information, market analysis, and breaking news right from the trenches of the trading day. This fun, information packed and sometimes-irreverent program is just the thing for active investors who need to get information about what to expect from Wall Street.

By Tom Haugh and Jon Najarian

The Master Trader's Workshop show

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Novice traders discuss their experience in trading and investing and receives mentoring feedback from a master trader. Think Renaissance master-apprentice relationship in the internet age.

By Thomas Dall