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Renovation 101: Home Remodeling Tips show

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Home remodeling tips from an active general contractor and continuing education instructor at Emory University. Author maintains Unlike do-it-yourself home improvement websites, specializes in assisting homeowners who are hiring general contractors or subcontractors to do the work for them. Topics include: new house construction, bathroom renovation, kitchen remodeling, and being your own contractor. an historic murder mystery set in the Internet bubble and rubble by Tom Evslin show an historic murder mystery set in the Internet bubble and rubble by Tom EvslinJoin Now to Follow

The online serialization of has been read and listened to eagerly by Wall Street insiders, nerds, and mystery fans. Some call it the definitive account of the Internet bubble and subsequent rubble. Fictional CEO Larry Lazard served time in prison for hacking through bank security systems and liberating credit card numbers. He parleyed this conviction into an online security consulting business which became Larry takes his company public. Its stock price soars and collapses. Following a hostile takeover attempt, Lazard is found dead in his office. Sex, power, money, farce, and tragedy mix in boardrooms and bedrooms, the parties of the World Economic Forum, and the smoky stairways of the World Trade Center. Characters include super-hacker CTO Dom Montain, SI Swimsuit model and CFO Donna Langhorne, outsourcing agent Ahmed Qali, and Detective Mark Cohen investigating Larry\'s death. An online chat board provides a Greek chorus of contradictory explanations; analysts spin golden fantasies; traders conjure fortunes at trading desks; and everyone clamors for \"friends and family\" stock. If you\'ve always wanted to know what went on inside the companies that went public during the bubble and at the brokerage firms that guided the flow of riches, this is the book you want to read. But, above all, this is a cleverly crafted whodunit. The suspense grows until the last page is turned.

Flashline Podcast show

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Flashline podcasts address issues of interest to IT professionals who face the daily challenge of insuring that IT lives up to its business responsibilities. Topics covered include enterprise architecture, SOA, software reuse, business alignment, open source in the enterprise, and much more.

Advertising and Marketing Podcasts from RADIOLOUNGE show

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Download RADIOLOUNGE podcasts with the brightest minds in advertising and marketing discussing current topics, creativity, cool ads and the Wacky World of Marketing

Eyeful Presentations show

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From creating a compelling presentation through to managing the inevitable nerves, this Podcast provides you with the hints and tips needed to ensure your next conference goes with a bang!

By Eyeful Presentations Ltd

Past Life Regression Podcast with Dr. Ronald P. DeVasto show

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Past Life Regression Podcast with Dr. Ronald P. DeVasto. Learn about your Past Life and what those past lives are doing to your present life. Dr. Ron will take you step by step through your lives and help you discover who you really are.

Closing Bigger Sales Podcast show

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The Closing Bigger Sales Podcast is hosted and developed by Shane Gibson author of Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals. These sales podcasts Podcast interviews with multi-million dollar deal closers in industries such as: Real Estate Oil and Gas High Technology / IT Consulting Engineering International Trade Raising Multi-million dollar financing Additional topics covered will be: Mentorship Sales force management Recruiting top sales people Podcasting as a training and management tool

Internet Business Startup Podcast show

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Calling all internet entrepreneurs! Our podcast features information and reviews about starting and running an internet business. From business ideas to marketing your website, we have the info that you need to start and run your new business.

The Power to Create Profits Podcast show

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Podcast business coaching series offers you meaningful marketing strategies you can use to create bigger profits easier and faster!

By Stephen Pierce

1 Minute and 10 Minute Mentor Message Podcasts show

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High quality personal growth podcasts featuring personal messages from many of today's leading self help experts as well as the world's most famous quotes and quotations.