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Transformarketing show

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A podcast revolving around marketing transformation through innovation, analytics and digital

By Prashant Malkani

Rural campus Introduction show

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Having worked in rural markets of india for over two decades there are many marketing and communication insights i have gathered over the years. My years with Ogilvy outreach one of the divisions of Ogilvy advertising were the best . one got to travel a lot, interact with people, understand them and work with them. This is the time and forum to share the same. India as you know has over six lacs villages with 70% population living there, from a one rupee match box to twenty lac worth of earth mover it is a vast market. As they say no one size fits all we need different strategies to communicate and sell.s is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Rajkumar jha

BE-Bonfire Entrepreneurs show

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What is your relationship with your business? Are you stressed, tired, overwhelmed? Going nowhere? Entrepreneurs can feel stressed and burnout, so if that’s you? You are not alone. Kajal Khurana (KK) interviews experts who share their knowledge on how they have overcome stress/burnout and also shares tools and techniques you can implement to 10x your business. Stressful situations in business are what makes entrepreneurs journey either fruitful or futile. KK is a certified Yoga Therapist with a Masters Degree in Yoga and Meditation, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist and a Reiki Healer. Being an entrepreneur herself, KK understands the struggles. She is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally so they can make better decisions and move forward in their business by being focused and not quitting. Subscribe today and listen to this weekly podcast to learn how you can escape burnouts, reduce stress and increase your productivity so you can achieve your goals faster and 10x your business. Please rate, review and subscribe to the show that would mean the world to me! Let me know what topics you would like me to cover in my future episodes at or visit our website at Please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Kajal Khurana -KK

PROFCAST-DIGITAL – Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke show

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In seinen Podcasts nimmt der bekannte Digitalprofessor mit seinen Gesprächspartnern aktuelle Entwicklungen unserer Digitalgesellschaft und -Wirtschaft auf´s Korn: authentisch, scharf, spitz, aktuell, pointiert, kritisch. Er hilft Unternehmern mit seinen Impulsen und fundierten Tipps. Er hält Keynotes zu Digitales Leben, Lernen und Arbeiten. Dazu alle Infos:

By Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke

The Impostor Syndrome Files show

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Do you ever feel like a fraud? Are you living with chronic self-doubt? Do you question whether you deserve to be in your role? If so, you're not alone! As a women's leadership coach and lifelong struggler with Impostor Syndrome, I wanted to create a space where women can tell their personal stories and unburden themselves of the silent shame that comes with this experience. I also wanted listeners to be able to hear themselves in others and realize that they are not alone. On this podcast, we'll share the stories of women from different backgrounds who've struggled with and learned to manage Impostor Syndrome. Let's erase the stigma and stop feeling ashamed of these very normal experiences. And let's come together to share our challenges and strategize how to effectively rise above them.

By Kim Meninger

Irgendwas mit Immobilien show

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Beim Irgendwas mit Immobilien-Podcast dreht sich die Welt um drei Themen: Immobilien, Immobilien und Immobilien. Christian Gottschling gibt hier sein Wissen und Erfahrung weiter, beleuchtet Themen aus verschiedenen Perspektiven und gibt Dir Einblicke und Ideen für Immobilien und Investments. Der Podcast ist von Investoren für Investoren oder die es noch werden wollen. Wir wollten hilfreiche Tipps und Ideen geben, die Euch weiter bringen. Also höre rein und teile Deine Meinung! Hast Du Fragen? Poste es in unserer neuen Facebook-Gruppe:

By Christian Gottschling

RedGuard's BlastCast show

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Welcome to the Blast Cast, by RedGuard. There’s a lot to learn about blast events and explosions, and also the industry that specializes in protecting you. Listen to podcasts from subject matter experts in the blast-resistant building industry. We’ll talk about blast safety, products that can protect you, the latest recommended practices to follow and much more. Subscribe today to get the knowledge you need to keep you and your team protected.Find more about RedGuard and blast-resistant buildings at

By RedGuard LLC

Think.Create.Initiate (from sidehustle to startup) Podcast show

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Starting a new business whilst still in a 9 -5 is by no means easy but it can be simple when you know how. Business partners and besties, Grace and Charlotte and we help people to simply gain clarity of direction and apply simple strategies that will work for them in order to grow their online business. The Think.Create.Initiate (from Sidehustle to Startup) Podcast is for people who are looking to start and an online business alongside their 9 -5 and within small pockets of time. We will be delivering effective strategies and insights into how to start and grow a business even when you have no prior business experience or you are not tech savvy. This podcast simply exemplifies the power of conversations and having a plan of action, covering topics on business, entrepreneurship, mindset, education and success tips.

By Grace and Charlotte

Global Investors: Foreign Investing In US Real Estate with Charles Carillo show

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The Global Investor Podcast focuses on helping foreign investors (and Americans alike) enter the US real estate market. Host Charles Carillo interviews investors, mentors and other industry professionals who have successfully built their businesses while working with investors to create passive income.

By Charles Carillo

Maharajas of Scale show

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Maharajas of Scale is a Podcast focused on Indian Entrepreneurs. It is hosted by Krishna Jonnakadla, Co-founder of Mango Mobile TV and Flit. Over the years, India has been home to many stellar startups. These startups have scaled, have travelled the world and created a pathway for others to follow. We, at Maharajas of Scale, celebrate the creative mind. We will take you on a journey to understand, to dissect and to learn from the masters who have scaled it Big.

By Krishna Jonnakadla