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Build Relationships. Break Poverty. show

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“Build Relationships. Break Poverty." is a podcast that challenges the Western perception of international poverty by elevating the voices of local leaders and processing how we can help to alleviate poverty without harming those living in vulnerable communities. We are Children’s HopeChest, and we believe that building two-way relationships will break the cycle of poverty.

By Children's HopeChest

Open Belly show

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Open Belly is a podcast exploring America’s vibrant and diverse food culture. Our mission is to share the stories of immigrant and refugee chefs and restauranteurs, and to use food as a way to understand the world from perspectives other than our own. We hope you’ll join us on our quest to open our minds and fill our bellies.

By Presented by ChowNow

Public Therapy Podcast show

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The Public Therapy Podcast is hosted by Dallas Natives, Chris and Rae. They are newly weds and currently live in England. They discuss topics such as marriage, relationship advice, traveling, current hot topics, pop culture, and much more! Subscribe and follow their IG page @publictherapypodcast.

By Chris and Rae

Brincando El Charco show

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¡Bienvenidos a Brincando el Charco! En este podcast semanal, discutiremos lo que significa haber crecido en la isla y ahora vivir en otra nación. Música, comida, historia, política, anécdotas, el impacto latino fuera de Puerto Rico. En fin, de todo como en botica.

By Vimarie y Liliana

MADE SOUTH: Conversations with interesting Southerners, hosted by Chris Thomas show

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Southerners don’t all look the same, talk the same, eat the same, think the same. This is a podcast for all of us. Hosted by Chris Thomas, MADE SOUTH features candid conversations with interesting Southerners.


Why So Cold? show

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As we began to dive deeper into the cold cases that happened along Route 29 on the Route 29 Stalker podcast we discovered something.. That Route 29.. isn’t the only place with dark secrets.. So we’re bringing you a new series.. with longer more in depth stories...featuring new cases every episode.. there are too many families without a voice..that need closure..WE will be their voice.. Subscribe today to WHY SO COLD?..and help us keep these cases alive.

By Watts Creative Studios

Something ELSE About Food show

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Every city across the country is full of restaurants, farms, fishing companies and chefs who have made a name for themselves, the difference between being known and being: NOTEWORTHY…is in the details of their work, life and existence. It can be seen in the sweat, tears, joy, passion and the intention by which they live….everyday. My job is to help share those stories through pictures, stories and content. Award winning restaurants and chefs are able to create exceptional dishes when they source from quality & conscious growers and producers. Sharing their stories is my mission… Something Else About Food offers services for companies and individuals in need of professional photography, content creation, social media training, branding, creative marketing campaigns and speaking engagements.

By Candice Townsend & Max Trujillo

Dreamfinders show

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Nathan Hartman sits down with Imagineers, authors, actors, dancers, photographers, YouTube creators and other artists to discuss how Disney has inspired them and why they’ve used their talents to create or celebrate the parks.

By Nathan Hartman

Main Street UCI show

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Think of us like your virtual water cooler buddies, in a convenient take with you, podcast format so you can get your Disney fix wherever you go. Irreverent, opiniated, goofy (nyuk, nyuk) and mostly factual, add a little magic to your day and subscribe to Main Street UCI.

By Main Street UCI

NK Merrimack Valley Radio show

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Podcast from the Nam Knights MC Merrimack Valley studios featuring NK events and happenings at our chapter & the NK community.

By Nam Knights MC Merrimack Valley