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Strange Origins show

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Have you ever wondered what gave birth to the stories we tell around the campfire? What happened in our history that caused spooky tales of creatures such as werewolves and ladies in white to be passed down from generation to generation? And more importantly, why are we still so fascinated with the macabre? Join me as I jump down the rabbit hole of a new subject each week and attempt to stitch together the history of all things strange and spooky. Visit FascinatingPodcasts.com for more info.

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From the 55 Yard Line show

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From CFL America Radio, sports journalist Scott Adamson, along with fellow enthusiast and armchair historian Greg James, take a hot read with guests on the history, remembrances, culture, lore, legends and meaning of pro football around the world. Every few weeks the pair will sit down with authors who, through their books, have given all of us a close up look and perspective at the game we have grown up with and enjoy no matter where on the map we may call home, be it in Tokyo cheering for the Roughriders, in America's south rooting for the J E T S, or in Chicago cheering for Da Bears. What has brought Scott and Greg together has been their love of professional football not just in America, but in Canada where Americans make up many of the players and who for too long have gone unrecognized in their native land. In their podcast they will take on a global view of the game and seek to entertain and educate on what the game means to those who have the same passion as they do and also in the larger context of history and sports economics in the 21st Century. Host- Scott Adamson Scott Adamson hails from Birmingham, Alabama, known as the "Football Capital of the South" and a place that has hosted more pro football teams than just about any other city, none of which have been in the NFL and all that have failed. Quickly. As veteran sportswriter he can attest that being a fan, no matter the brand of team is the triumph of hope over experience. Having decided at an early age that tackle football was the greatest sport man had yet to invent, Scott took on a fan's-eye view of life with Brand X football in his book "The Home Team: My Bromance with Off-Brand Football," which is a funny, somewhat tortured, journey of a fanatic's lifelong quest for a hometown team of his own. Host- Greg James Greg James hails from Chicago, Illinois, which he describes as the "Pro Football Capital of America" as it was where the NFL's oldest teams were birthed on the dirt infields of Comiskey Park and Wrigley Field. Unlike Scott, Greg is far from a professional sportswriter, but he is an armchair pro football historian who aspires in his retirement to be a sports journalist and tell the stories yet untold of gridiron football around the world. Greg is a big fan of Howard Cosell who in his own 25 year career as a navy intelligence officer made a concerted effort to emulate Howard in "telling it like it is." Additionally, Greg is an avid computer simulation football enthusiast who has found in the game a way to keep the past truly alive.

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Behind the SchƎmƎs show

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<p>You can't spell the New Abnormal w/o NWO</p>

By Behind The Sch3m3s

History's B-Side show

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History is full of amazing stories and memorable people... but we don’t care about them. Every week, we're breaking down history's biggest moments and the forgotten people who made them happen. We're not historians. We're just two regular people who enjoy a great story and plenty of laughs. This is History's B-Side. History's B-Side is an independent, listener-supported podcast. Support the show: https://historysbside.com/support

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Generally Spooky Podcast show

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Scotland’s history is full of spooky stories, ghoulish goings-on and magical mysteries. Join Highlander husband-and-wife team, Kieran and Eilidh, as they dive into the myths and legends of their homeland once a week. If you love learning about history, like settling in to listen to a good story, or just enjoy getting a little spooked, then this is the podcast for you.

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Sesli Kitap Kütüphanesi show

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Sinan Namlı'nın sesinden seçme hikayeler. Takip etmeyi ve yatmadan önce birkaç sayfa kitap dinlemeyi unutmayın! <br> Tüm hikayeleri ve diğer çalışmalar için <a href="http://www.gelecegenot.com" rel="noopener">http://www.gelecegenot.com</a> adresini ziyaret edebilirisiniz.

By Geleceğe Not

Sene 1 Milyon show

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Sene 1 Milyon - Bir Podcast Dizisi<br><br>Bir olgu olarak Sene 1 Milyon uzak gelecekte nasıl bir evrene sahip olacağımızı modeller.<br><br>Bu podcast dizisi gelecek yıllar boyunca dünyanın ve evrenin farklı köşelerinden gerçekleşmesi muhtemel manzaralar ve olaylar sunar. İnsanlığın kendi başına açacağı sorunları yine kendi yöntemleriyle çözme mücadelesi, Sene 1 Milyon’da nasıl bir sonuca ulaşacağı bir bilim-kurgu hikayesiyle anlatılmaktadır.<br><br>Toplamda 3 sezon ve 30 bölümden oluşan Sene 1 Milyon‘un her hafta yeni bölümleri <a href="http://GelecegeNot.com" rel="noopener">http://GelecegeNot.com</a> da ve sosyal medya hesaplarında yayınlanmaktadır.<br><br>Yazar: Sinan Namlı<br>Yönetmen: Mümin Gülmez<br>Yayıncı: GelecegeNot.com <br> <br> <a href="http://Sene1Milyon.com" rel="noopener">http://Sene1Milyon.com</a>

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Gelecege Not show

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Bilirsiniz doğamızda var, kendimize ait olanı sürdürmek, yaşatmak. Biz insanları bir fikir olarak görüyoruz. Bir fikrin ürünü olarak dünyaya geldik. Tıpkı bir tohumun içinde kodlanmış bir fikri devam ettirme isteği gibi, onlarca uzak ihtimalleri bir araya getiren geleceği şekillendirmemiz için tek yapmanız gereken harekete geçmek. <br><br>Ağacın dalında duran bir tohum düşünün, gidebileceği yer yerçekimine bağlıyken, ancak dibine düşebilecekken, şuan avuçlarınızda yeni ufuklar keşfetmeyi bekliyor. Birlikte güzel izler bırakmak, yeniden odaklanmak ve motive kalmak için her pazartesi saat 21.00'da geleceğe dair yeni konu ve bölümlerle yayında olacağız. <br><br>Abone olmayı ve her güne yeni fikirlerle, umutlarla başlamayı unutmayın! <br><br><a href="http://www.gelecegenot.com" rel="noopener">www.gelecegenot.com</a>

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The 90's Effect show

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Join Brendan and Bryant as they break down everything of the greatest decade! From video Games to Movies Listen to this podcast and experience The 90's Effect! Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/the90seffect/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/the90seffect/support</a>

By Brendan Blanchette

Wrong Term Memory show

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Wrong Term Memory is a weekly podcast from Glasgow by Jack and Colin. Listen. Or don't. No one reads this anyway. This is an original production from Glasgower.

By Glasgower