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I Was Only Doing My Job: Australia's Military History show

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"I Was Only Doing My Job" is a fortnightly (Bi-weekly) Australian Military History podcast hosted by Ross Manuel. Instead of focusing on maps and dates, each episode is devoted to chronicling Australia's Military History through the individual stories of those who served; where they grew up, what they did, and invariably what happened to them.

By Ross Manuel

History of North America show

History of North AmericaJoin Now to Follow

Sweeping historical saga of the United States (USA), Canada and Mexico from their deep origins to our present epoch. Join host Mark Vinet on this exciting and fascinating journey through time, exploring and focusing on the interesting, compelling, wonderful and tragic stories of the North American continent, its inhabitants, heroes, villains, leaders, environment and geography.

By Mark Vinet

They Knew Which Way to Run show

They Knew Which Way to RunJoin Now to Follow

They Knew Which Way to Run is a 7-part podcast series that tells the story of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and what it means to survive a disaster. Bhopali-American and Fulbright Scholar Apoorva Dixit and her childhood friend and podcast producer Molly Mulroy present the story of the Tragedy and of the Bhopalis who were shaped but not defined by the disaster, of hope, of resilience, and of memory. Visit TheyKnewWhichWaytoRun.com to see photos of survivors, and make a donation to NGOs on the ground still supporting survivors and fighting for justice.

By Apoorva Dixit and Molly Mulroy

Helden Hautnah - Biografien mit Human Design und Astro Twist show

Helden Hautnah - Biografien mit Human Design und Astro TwistJoin Now to Follow

Uta Jenzewski (Human Design Coach) und Barbi Mlczoch (Unternehmerin) sprechen über Helden allerart - Personen, die mit ihrer Geschichte inspirieren. Dabei versuchen die beiden zu verstehen, was diese Persönlichkeiten ausmacht und antreibt und wieso sie so sind wie sie sind. Die Erkenntnisse kommen aus einem bunten Mix aus Human Design, Astrologie und Numerologie. #heldenhautnah #astrologie #astrotwist #numerologie #podcast #humandesign #barbilerntastrologiemitpodcast #humandesignforlife

By Uta Jenzewski & Barbi Mlczoch

Victorian Legacies show

Victorian LegaciesJoin Now to Follow

Look around. What do you see? How do the Victorians continue to influence our lives, our society, our entertainment? Join Emma Catan as we explore the legacy of the Victorians. Where fiction becomes fact.

By Emma Catan

Historia i podróże w Miejsca Nieoczywiste show

Historia i podróże w Miejsca NieoczywisteJoin Now to Follow

„Miejsca nieoczywiste” to audycja o podróżach do miejsc niedalekich, o bogatej historii Polski i regionu o miejscach osiągalnych dla każdego i o moich przemyśleniach w historycznych miejscach. „Wszak istnieje coś takiego jak zarażenie podróżą i jest to rodzaj choroby w gruncie rzeczy nieuleczalnej" powiedział Ryszard Kapuściński. Publikuję też krótkie opowieści na Facebooku i Instagramie. - Zapraszam – Marcin www.miejsca-nieoczywiste.pl https://www.instagram.com/miejsca_nieoczywiste/ Wirtualna kawa: https://buycoffee.to/miejscanieoczywiste e-mail: domwdawidach@gmail.com

By Marcin Marucha

Do You Know The Mob? show

Do You Know The Mob?Join Now to Follow

Cohosts Samuel Bratton and Brandon Ellis do an inside look through a biography of a mobster and their life of crime. Each episode is dedicated to a famous American outlaw gangster as they try to find what made them choose their life of criminal activity. Be prepared for a comical, upbeat way to listen about America's war on criminals from two unprofessional, young researchers. Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/samuel-bratton2/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/samuel-bratton2/support</a>

By Samuel Bratton and Brandon Ellis

Rogues Gallery Uncovered show

Rogues Gallery UncoveredJoin Now to Follow

Libertines, Lotharios and Complete B******s. True stories of history's most badly behaved men and women.Join bawdy historian Simon Talbot as he uncovers the disreputable lives and fascinating times of a new rogue every week.You'll laugh, you'll learn, you might even want to get drunk and wear period costume.. .

By Simon Talbot

Scary Savannah and Beyond show

Scary Savannah and BeyondJoin Now to Follow

Scary Savannah and Beyond is a podcast featuring paranormal, true crime, and stories of oddities from Savannah, Georgia and beyond. Podcasting from the most haunted city in America!

By Scary Savannah

HILF: History I'd Like to F**k show

HILF: History I'd Like to F**kJoin Now to Follow

Host, comedian Dawn Brodey, takes you through the annals of history with a special guest and history subject each episode. From Dillinger to Frankenstein, from The Crusades to Freak Shows - Dawn brings her history degree and unfiltered sense of humor to deliver well-researched deep-dives that strip history naked and serve it up raw.

By Dawn Brodey