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COM's History Channel show

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If you don't learn from history you will keep making the same stupid mistakes

By COM History Channel

The Wide Awake Radio Network show

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WELCOME! To the Wide Awake Radio Network , a family Network with a variety of shows!! Tune in to Wope Mode Radio's "Take it to The Sectional" for VIP interviews & Hot Topics with Robin & Gurgus Denise...Don't miss The Don & Big E as they "Set The Stage" by spotlighting local talent and "Cash it or Trash it!" And Join us on HOT Cannon Monday's with James Cannon where "The Power of Black Media" is exercised! And don't forget to REPLAY>>> Our hit shows from the past that started it All: REAL TALK w/ Kimistry & Friends, Peace Talks w/ Ms. Dove, The Vault w/ Warren Houston, Wide Awake TEEN w/ Tonia, The Good News Hour w/ Aundrea Matthews and Tonya Burton, and the Founding Show The Wide Awake Radio Show w/ Brotha Rock! "Big fields await The Wide Awake."....

By The Wide Awake Radio Network

History's Hotties show

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A podcast that discusses the sometimes forgotten but influential women in American history.

By Chrysta

American Civil War Today show

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American Civil War Today (ACWT) is a website dedicated to connecting you to Civil War History. ACWT presents podcasts with American Civil War authors to discuss books , discuss American Civil War events with hosts, present stories with historians, review battlefields and parks, and games by developers. ACWT also offers videos on youtube, and articles. Please visit www.americancivilwartoday.com

By Charles Cummings

Colonial Williamsburg Video show

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Colonial Williamsburg Video brings you new perspectives from the Revolutionary War era. Colonial American history is explored in interviews with historic interpreters, tradesmen, musicians, historians, curators, authors, archaeologists, and more.

By The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

WeAreMany.org: Recently posted audio show

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For the latest in fantastic radical podcasting, visit http://WeAreMany.org

By WeAreMany.org

A History Of: Hannibal and the Punic Wars show

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A History Of: Hannibal and the Punic Wars is a biweekly biography of everybody's favourite Carthaginian general. We follow Hannibal throughout his campaigns as well as looking at the Punic Wars at large. This is done through a mixture of lecture style episodes as well as more relaxed Let's Talk episodes; in which I invite guests onto the show to talk about Hannibal, Rome, Carthage, the Punic Wars and the ancient world in general. Please note, I have recently upgraded my recording equipment and am updating the back-catalogue. Presently episodes 4 through 17 need to be re-recorded; so bear with me.

By Jamie Redfern

A History Of: Alexander show

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A look at the life of Alexander the Great, from his birth in Macedonia and his conquests to the edge of the world and back.

By Jamie Redfern

Chick History show

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Chick History is a place to come together and (re)learn about all the cool things chicks have done that, like the dishes, otherwise might go unnoticed.

By Chick History

Fieldstone Common Season 1 show

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This is Season 1 only. Find Season 2+ at www.FieldstoneCommon.com or in iTunes.

By Fieldstone Common