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Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast show

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Daddy Square is a new weekly podcast for and by gay dads, joining the successful blog of the same name. Coming to you from West Hollywood, Yan Dekel, an independent web designer, and Alex Maghen, EVP Technology at Warner Bros., are a married couple with 3-year-old twins. In each episode they bring a guest and tackle an issue that arises in parenting in general and in gay parenting in particular. All of their interviewees are professionals in their fields and gay dads themselves.

By Yanir Dekel

LGBTQ&A show

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Weekly interviews with the most interesting LGBTQ+ people in the world. Recent guests include Laverne Cox, Roxane Gay, Pete Buttigieg, and Trixie Mattel. LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by The Advocate magazine, in partnership with GLAAD.

By Jeffrey Masters / The Advocate

Harvesting Happiness show

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Harvesting Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen broadcasts consciously prepared brain food from the beaches of Malibu, California. HHTR promotes happiness, well-being and global human flourishing with a diverse and proactive collection of the greatest thought leaders and change agents who are devoting their lives to creating a better world in which to live. Each episode focuses on personal-growth, human-interest, self-improvement, healthy lifestyle and positive psycho-social education.

By Lisa Cypers Kamen

Brave Marriage Podcast show

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<p>Intimate, life-giving marriages don’t just happen. They take courage, action, self-awareness, and surrender to Jesus. </p> <p>Tune in each week for trustworthy teachings and practical tips on how to make your relationship healthy, strong, and Christ-centered, so that your marriage, family, church, and community might thrive. If you want to grow personally, do marriage with intention, and live mutually empowered, purposeful lives, then be sure to listen in!</p> <p>Kensi Duszynski is an LMFT + a certified couples therapist, relationship educator, and professional coach. For Kensi, competent marriage education from a Christian worldview is her passion, career, and calling. Over the past 15 years, Kensi has honed her expertise for the building up of the body of Christ, obtaining degrees from a Christian liberal arts university and seminary, and working primarily with engaged and married couples in her private practice.</p> <p>To work with Kensi, visit</p> <p>Disclaimer: This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling or coaching.</p>

By Kensi Duszynski MFT

The Gay Fathers Podcast show

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We delve into the stories of gay men who are also fathers. Many of our episodes feature gay men who have come out after a heterosexual marriage and having kids. We discuss the trials and successes that come with taking those first steps outside the closet door.

By Utah Gay Fathers

Better Sex show

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Better Sex is focused on helping all couples create and enjoy their best possible sex life. Better Sex is hosted by Jessa Zimmerman who is a couples’ counselor and nationally certified sex therapist.<br><br>Each episode will dive into one topic related to sex. Some will be devoted to addressing sexual concerns like sexual dysfunction, differences in sexual desire, and intimacy problems. Some will help you develop realistic and helpful expectations. And some will offer information and approaches that can just make your sex life better.<br><br>The information and discussion on the podcast should not be taken as medical advice or as therapy. Please seek out qualified professionals for medical and therapeutic advice.

By Jessa Zimmerman

Scarlet Lovella: BDSM, Fetish and Sexuality show

Scarlet Lovella: BDSM, Fetish and SexualityJoin Now to Follow

Join Scarlet Lovella (formerly Zahvia) as she delivers real talk on BDSM, fetish, sexuality and this wild thing we call life. As a Domme, artist and certified sexuality educator, Scarlet Lovella brings experience and insight to topics that many people consider taboo. Website:

By Scarlet Lovella

The Woman Centered Health Podcast show

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On The Woman Centered Health Podcast, the official podcast of Woman Centered Health, join us, Dr. Nicole Loew and Dr. Stephanie Edmonds as we “chat” about how to discuss sexual and reproductive health with patients using a woman centered approach. Our motivation is to improve the experience women have with their providers while also advancing healthcare by creating a "bridge" between expert knowledge (i.e. clinical and research) and every day practice. In each podcast we have at least one expert guest give their advice and commentary. Become a monthly subscriber and get access to show notes so that you can have a quick reference guide and access to links: and visit our website at

By Dr. Nicole Loew &amp; Dr. Stephanie Edmonds



Brandon and Sam Middleton know how to make a marriage work while growing a business and family. The RIDE OR DIE Couples podcast shares what they’ve learned on their journey with you by letting you be a fly on their wall. Listen in and you’ll get practical life hacks, gain insight, and laugh with them as they give you the tools you need to succeed in business, marriage, and parenting. The busy parents of two have been together for 17 years, married for 8, and here’s what they know for sure: there’s a spark that ignites inside when you follow your passion...and when that happens for you, you’re unstoppable. Their mission is to inspire, motivate, and guide you to ignite that spark within yourself by sharing their stories along with interviewing other power couples. This dynamic duo is on fire and they are going to share how you can have a ride or die attitude. A message from Brandon and Sam: “Look, life gets crazy! We get it, when you’re being pulled in a million different directions, most people will just quit. But you’re different, that’s why you’re here. You need to remember at the end of the day, the good this life has to offer always outweighs the bad. We have found that when you approach life with positivity, proactivity, fearlessness, and love, you can get what you want as long as you are willing to put in the work it takes to get there.” Make sure to stay connected with us! Download their podcast on iTunes here: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @BrandonAndSam Instagram: @brandonandsam

By Brandon and Sam Middleton

Sound Therapy show

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Welcome to my new podcast. Here, I speak freely. This podcast is dedicated to my mission of healing through testimony. Join me on a spiritual journey of healing, authenticity, natural living, family life, veganism, herbalism, personal growth, homeschooling, entrepreneurship, spiritual elevation + more. Welcome to Sound Therapy.

By Ashley Wilson