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The Geek Whisperers show

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The Geek Whisperers work every day with enterprise IT professionals. In Season 2 of the show, the grew centers on talking about careers: particularly about the career success of high tech leaders who have navigated the nonlinear career path. Listen, enjoy and please be sure to share. <br> <br> Join John Troyer, Amy Lewis, and Matthew Brender as they share their experiences, stories, and what's worked for them as they do their daily jobs as Geek Whisperers.

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Tap the brains of some of the greatest masters of writing of all time including Ted Nicholas, John Carlton, Denny Hatch, Melvin Powers, Mike Pavlish, Carl Galletti, Brian Keith Voiles, Gary Halbert, Joe Vitale, Bob Bly, Ben Settle, Eugene Schwartz and more and cut years off your education right now!

By Michael Senoff at

The Agents of Change: SEO, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing for Small Business show

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Discover how to increase your online visibility, drive more qualified traffic to your site and convert that traffic into leads and business! In The Marketing Agents Podcast, we'll interview leading marketers from around the globe to get their insider tips and tricks on SEO, social media and mobile marketing. If you've been looking to reach more of your ideal customers and build your business, be sure to subscribe to The Marketing Agents Podcast today!

By Rich Brooks | Interviews with Marketing Experts | SEO | Social Media Market

Unreasonable Entrepreneur Podcast: Online Entrepreneur | Internet Marketing | Niche Creation | Business Branding show

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Ryan Dobbs from the Unreasonable Entrepreneur podcast shares his revolutionary strategies for using internet marketing, social media, blogging, branding and networking to create a "No Money On Marketing" approach to niche creation. Ryan's approach allows you to use lifestyle design to create your life in advance, identify un-pursued opportunities and angles in your market and by increasing the customer base instead of fighting over the scups you can make your competition irrelevant. Ryan Dobbs offers a different mindset and approach than a lot of the podcasts in the market today. Ryan owns multiple brands and businesses including offline consulting and brick and mortar businesses in a variety of markets. Ryan's businesses earn him a high six figure income while being completely removed from his businesses creating passive income while using leverage, automation, and outsourcing to keep his businesses running while he focuses on his next entrepreneurial endeavor. On this podcast you will learn about having the right entrepreneurial mindset, building your tribe, twitter, Facebook, linkedin, Youtube, video marketing and production, Ebooks, product creation, affiliate marketing, mobile ready strategies and much much more.In addition to the podcast Ryan Dobbs updates 5 days a week with content and videos meant to inspire action and give step by step tutorials on all the best tools and tricks that Ryan uses in his own businesses. "My name is Ryan Dobbs and I make my living being the small tail that wags a big dog owning multiple online and offline business. I started this blog to help everyone understand that where they are is never the last step. With focus and direction you can pursue ALL of your passions, not just one!" - Ryan Dobbs, The Unreasonable Entrepreneur

By Ryan Dobbs: Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Business Branding Strategist

The Marketing Companion show

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The world’s most entertaining marketing podcast! The Marketing Companion brings you laugh-out-loud comedy, “celebrity” guest appearances, and cutting edge marketing insights. With more than 50 years of marketing experience between them, hosts Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas deliver insightful, creative commentary on the world of digital business. The Marketing Companion is always fun, always interesting, and always on-target with insights and ideas that will turn up your marketing intellect to an “11.”

By Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas

Kahnversations Podcast show

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So many inspiring podcasts out there allow us to hear all about how well-established stars got to where they are today. But those actors are so faaaaaaar away from where so many of us are today! Wouldn’t it be great to hear from the guy who just booked his first pilot? Or the kid finally doing a studio pic after a bunch of low budget indies? Or the woman who’s been a series regular a few times but is only now becoming a name? What about the guy who’s been on a show for years and you know his face but what’shisnameagain? Or that actress who is now a freakin’ showrunner???? How’d THEY do it, right? How did they transition from relative obscurity, bartending and bottle service, to buying that house in the hills? We’re producing “Kahnversations,” a podcast that provides access to THOSE people -- your immediate predecessors -- so that you can learn from them while their battle scars are still fresh. In “Kahnversations,” our own Ryan Bailey interviews some of Lesly Kahn &amp; Company’s working actors, directors, and writers in order to learn how they got started in Hollywood, the challenges and hurdles they faced, and how they overcame the odds. (They also dish out some crazy stories!) Listen in and enjoy as these entertainers speak candidly about their paths, processes, and experiences. You might even hear a bit about how Lesly and the Kahnstitute have influenced and shaped their careers. You can download or subscribe to the podcast for FREE by clicking below. If you like “Kahnversations,” feel free to leave a rating or review on our iTunes page!

By Ryan Bailey

Well Kept Wallet Podcast - Personal Finance Show that Helps You Achieve Your Financial Goals show

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The Well Kept Wallet Podcast with Deacon Hayes is all about getting you from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to your career, money and lifestyle. In this podcast, Deacon will interview people from all different types of careers who love what they do for a living. The goal is to help you in your search to find a job that you love. Check out for more tips on how to achieve your goals in life when it comes to your career, money and lifestyle.

By Deacon Hayes

Podcast – Mas Marketing Personal show

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Marketing personal es un programa diseñado para las personas que quieren entender un poco su vida, identificar como mejorarla y sentirse feliz con los cambios efectuados en ella.

By Elsa Paola Atencia

Release Notes show

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Release Notes is a weekly podcast about the business of Mac and iOS indie software development. We discuss inspiration, design, trends, and tools — everything but the code. Each week, we cover topics for the new or curious independent developer looking to make his or her way in the iOS and Mac ecosystem. Tips and tricks, success stories as well as failures. The show is hosted by Charles Perry, owner of Leaf Hut Software, and Joe Cieplinski, Creative Director of Bombing Brain Interactive.

By Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski

ProdPod, a Productivity Podcast show

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The Podcast of Productivity Lessons in Two Minutes or Less

By Ray Sidney-Smith - - Productivity Podcast Guide