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Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life Rocks show

Redefining Balance for Working Mom Podcast by Your Life RocksJoin Now to Follow

Working mom life is full of blessings! The Your Life Rocks podcast is for Christian moms looking for practical strategies to grow in all areas of life they are trying to balance. You will learn how to reach your goals in your faith, marriage, parenting, career, health, home, finances, and friends and fun. Yes, we believe balance is possible because we believe you can define balance to be whatever you want.

By Your Life Rocks founder, Jenny Stemmerman, Christian working mom

3 Things (with Ric Elias) show

3 Things (with Ric Elias)Join Now to Follow

<p>I’m Ric Elias, one of the luckiest people you’ll ever meet. I was lucky enough to survive a plane crash - and to share on the TED stage 3 things I learned from that experience. On this show, I'm sharing conversations I feel lucky to have had with athletes, entrepreneurs, and remarkable people. Just like I did on the TED stage, I’ll summarize each conversation with three simple takeaways we all can use to get better every day. </p><p><br></p><p>It's 2 people. 20 minutes. And 3 things. </p>

By Red Ventures

The Pitch show

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A show where entrepreneurs pitch investors for funding. Like Shark Tank, but smarter.

By Josh Muccio /

Beers, Blokes and Business – blokes drinking beer talking business show

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Beers, Blokes &amp; Business was borne out of a casual catch up with a few mates who have an entrepreneurial bent that like having a beer and discussing topics around business - marketing, growth, sales, networking, learning and more. Blokes include Sean Callanan, Josh Rowe, Steve Sammartino, Jim Stewart, James Noble, Luke McCormack, Steve Vallas and Scott Kilmartin. Each week they will dissect a business topic (and a six pack) in their own unique way bring a wealth of business experience from multiple industries. Industry experience from retail, ecommerce, marketing, sports, hospitality, creative, domains, web development, search engine optimisation, web design, startups and more. You know those panel shows where they don't really open up and you think a beer would help? That is exactly what the Beers, Blokes &amp; Business podcast is all about, full strength banter. Grab a beer sit down and enjoy.

By - Entrepreneurs | Business | Marketing

The Tech Talk Podcast: Startups | Technology | Silicon valley | Entrepreneurship show

The Tech Talk Podcast: Startups | Technology | Silicon valley | EntrepreneurshipJoin Now to Follow

The TechTalk podcast is the number one resource for feeding your interest in the technology startup scene. Take inspiration and guidance from entrepreneurs that have gone through the ups and downs of startup life in the most fast-paced industry on the planet. Hear from founders that have been through Y-Combinator and other gruelling upstart incubators. Each episode ends with a tech quiz where Ash asks 3 questions to test founders of their technology knowledge.

By Askin Akhan: Technology enthusiast, startup founder &amp; online entrepreneur

Retirement Answer Man Show show

Retirement Answer Man ShowJoin Now to Follow

This is NOT another personal finance show focused only on saving and investing. It’s about making the most of your life today and in retirement. <br> Retirement isn’t an age OR a financial number. It’s finding that balance between living well today and feeling confident about your retirement. It’s about gaining more freedom to pursue the life you want.<br> In each episode, Roger unpacks topics like investing, insurance, IRAs , pensions, healthcare expenses, building wealth, creating income, being happy, and much more.<br> Roger Whitney shares practical wisdom on retirement planning learned over 26 years as a financial planner walking life with clients into retirement.<br> <br> Head over to to learn more and sign up for the free Retirement Learning Center. An online resource full of checklists you can use to work towards your ideal retirement.<br> <br>

By Roger Whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF® | A personal finance show on retirement, money, investing and wealth

Voice Over Actress Meredith show

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Get a cheap voice over from professional female voice over talent Meredith. Visit:

By Voice Over Actress Meredith

Create My Independence | Live Below Your Means | Build Your Own Business | Create Freedom show

Create My Independence | Live Below Your Means | Build Your Own Business | Create FreedomJoin Now to Follow

Inspiring commentary &amp; interviews on how to create personal freedom in our lives by living on less and building our own business. Weekly podcast! Join the CMI community at as we discuss what it takes to create real independence and escape our reliance on others, keeping us unsatisfied, overworked and without options.

By Kraig Mathias

Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow Hosted by Kevin Bupp. show

Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow Hosted by Kevin Bupp.Join Now to Follow

There are a lot of real estate podcasts out there, most of which focusing on the residential fix and flips or wholesaling, but Kevin Bupp believes there's a smarter way to build wealth. On the Real Estate Investing For Cashflow podcast, you'll learn firsthand how the most successful commercial real estate investors in the world have learned to leverage their multifamily and commercial properties to create a steady stream of passive income. We'll spend time with industry experts who will teach you how to take your Real Estate Investing business to the next level. <br> <br> Whether you're a brand new Real Estate investor or someone who's looking to make the transition into bigger and more profitable deals, this is the show for you. This is where the BIG BOY RE Investors come to play...ARE YOU READY?<br> <br> On our show we'll feature industry experts and discuss topics such as : <br> * Commercial Real Estate Investing <br> * How to get started <br> * Creating Passive Income from CRE <br> * Syndication <br> * Retail Shopping Centers <br> * Office <br> * Self Storage <br> * Industrial <br> * 1031 exchanges <br> * Investing via your self directed IRA <br> * Private Lending <br> * How to buy your first commercial property <br> * And much, much , more<br>

By Kevin Bupp

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes show

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Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a personal development podcast focused on exploring the day-to-day behaviors we all engage in that determine the results we gain in our lives. Hosted by Gregg Clunis, the show shares simple strategies you can implement into your life to start moving the needle towards your biggest goals.

By Gregg Clunis