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Forecast: climate conversations with Michael White show

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Michael White, Nature's editor for climate science, chats with climate scientists about their work and lives. Guests will include everyone from grad students to the most senior people in the field. Topics will include climate change, models, paleoclimate, IPCC, projections, uncertainty, El Nino, monsoons, aerosols, sea level rise, ocean circulation, glaciology, modes of variability -- pretty much any part of the physical climate systems. Impacts and policy are also in the mix. All views are those of the host and guest.

By Michael White

Telemetry: The sound of science in Yellowstone show

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"Telemetry" refers to the wireless transmission of information, often via radio waves, from one location to another. Our public radio-style podcast helps transmit some of Yellowstone's scientific investigations to listeners, wherever they are. Go on a sound safari in the world's first national park with surprising stories that highlight science and issues in the region.

By Yellowstone National Park

Exo Terra Expeditions show

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Explore together with the Exo Terra Expedition team members the remotest locations of the World. Join renowned herpetologists in search of rare reptiles and amphibians...

By Exo Terra

Science and the Sea show

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Science and the Sea presents a particular topic within marine science in an engaging two-minute story. Our script writers gather ideas from the University of Texas Marine Science Institutes researchers and from our very popular college class, Introduction to Oceanography, which we teach to hundreds of non-science majors at The University of Texas at Austin every year.

By The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Today's Creation Moment show

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Each program features some scientific fact of nature that points to deliberate design not evolutionary chance. "Creation Moments" daily 2 minute radio broadcast with host Ian Taylor is heard around the world on over 1300 stations and outlets. Each program features scientific evidences of nature that points to delicate design not evolutionary chance. The daily broadcasts are compiled in our daily devotional book, Letting God Create Your Day. Each program is also available on cassette or CD. See for more information.

By Unknown

Science Update Podcast – Daily Edition show

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Each 60-second episode of the daily Science Update Podcast series is a brief yet satisfying story on the latest discoveries in science, technology and medicine, from aardvarks to zygotes, and, every now and then, aardvark zygotes. We also answer your science questions and even say your name on the air (unless you’d really rather we didn’t) and send you a highly collectible Science Update "Smarten Up" mug. The Science Update family of radio shows and podcasts is produced by AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific society. Those who prefer their podcasts weekly should check out the Science Update Podcast – Weekly Edition.

By Science Update Podcast – Daily Edition

Science Update » Weekly Show show

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Quirky, entertaining and informative, the weekly Science Update Podcast bundles five of Science Update’s award-winning 60-second radio shows together with insightful commentary from one of our producers. Since 1988, Science Update has covered the latest discoveries in science, technology, and medicine and has answered listeners’ science questions. Phone your question in to our toll-free answer line, 1-800-WHY-ISIT (949-4748) or submit it via our website, Science Update is produced by AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific society, and is syndicated on radio stations throughout the United States.

By » Weekly Show

Mathematical Objects show

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Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett chat about some aspect of mathematics using a mathematical object as inspiration.

By Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett

EdgeCast show

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"To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves."

By Edge Foundation, Inc.

We Need To Talk About Ghosts show

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One mans attempt to convince himself that it wasn't just the wind...

By Ghost stories, Paranormal, Hauntings