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Dragões de Garagem show

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O Dragões de Garagem é um podcast de divulgação científica criado em 2012. Falamos de ciência de forma natural, incentivando o pensamento crítico e a curiosidade dos ouvintes. Nossa missão é divulgar ciência de forma abrangente e interessante, mostrando a importância desse corpo de conhecimento em nosso dia-a-dia social e profissional.

By Luciano Queiroz & Lucas Marques

Podcast – Curious Mind, Curious Brain show

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Curious Mind, Curious Brain is a podcast in which I bring you fascinating, true stories from psychology and neuroscience. Several times a month I add a new episode of the podcast, and a corresponding blog post in which I cite my sources and expand on the story.

By Peter Hildebrand

The Geology Flannelcast show

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Three geologists sit down and discuss the geology topics that no one else dares to touch

By Chris Seminack, Jesse Thornburg, and Steve Peterson

The Science of Sarcasm Podcast. show

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The Science of Sarcasm is a fortnightly podcast exploring the worst of bad science in pop culture and the media. Description Every show includes a special guest from the word of science and education. We review the worst pseudo-science in the news, discuss the negative effects and potential solutions to bad science, and talk about their work/research.

By Science of Sarcasm

History of the Earth show

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366 snapshots of earth history in the form of a perpetual calendar, with daily episodes for 2014 and weekly thereafter. Find all the posts at

By Richard I. Gibson

The Curious Life of a Scientist show

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Exploring the strange and mysterious lives of Scientists... Talking to people from different walks of scientific fields (from graduate students to principle investigators) about their journey into science, interesting experiments and research, as well as challenges or advice regarding scientific education and careers. Hosted by a cell biology graduate student in California.

By Katie Sanders

Trolling With Logic show

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Trolling With Logic A group of skeptics gather to discuss relevant topics, review questionable films and interview interesting people.

By Trolling With Logic

Kick It Naturally show

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Professional comedian turned natural health expert, author and film producer, T.C. Hale, talks about how to use nutrition to improve every day health issues. Covering everything from weight loss, to insomnia, to constipation, T.C. Hale and his co-hosts, Kinna McInroe, and celebrity trainer, Will Wolfgang Schmidt, are not afraid to talk about your poop. To learn more, visit

By T.C. Hale

The Petri Dish show

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The Petri Dish is a lively podcast that's been culturing scientific banter since 2013. We are sharing our scientific perspectives on interesting news, discoveries, issues, and policies with anyone who is passionately curious about all things science.

By The Petri Dish Podcast

LASER: Materials Science Podcast show

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LASER-the Materials Science Podcast is a science and engineering podcast discussing science and engineering topics from a materials science perspective. Materials science is about things, and the stuff that makes up those things. We cover anything STEM related-–popular science news articles, recent journal papers, and buzzword topics–-in a casual, unscripted, discussion “journal club” style.

By LASER: Materials Science Podcast