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chicken pop pod show

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Electronic music delivered hot and fresh as its made. All-original drum 'n' bass, techno, groove, ambient, and what-not.

By cpp network

Medical Discovery News show

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Science... it permeates everyday life. Yet the understanding of advances in biomedical science is limited at best. Few people make the connection that biomedical science is medicine and that biomedical scientists are working today for the medicine of tomorrow. Our weekly five-hundred word newspaper column and two-minute radio show provide insights into a broad range of biomedical science topics. Medical Discovery News is dedicated to explaining discoveries in biomedical research and their promise for the future of medicine. Listen to all our episodes by visiting our website at!

By David Niesel and Norbert Herzog

			The Sheldrake Vernon Dialogues

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Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist and author. Together they discuss: consciousness, prayer, angels, science and spiritual practices, magic, dreams, hell, the unconscious, rituals, enlightenment, atheism, materialism, and more.

By Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon

How to be Good show

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Fossil fuels, intensive farming, deforestation, waste disposal, overconsumption, pollution, the 6th mass extinction, climate change is all on everyone’s mind. But what can we do? How do we make a difference? What do we have to change now? The How to Be Good podcast asks these questions. Join Gareth and Anca as we speak to specialists, scientists, activists, providers and more, and ask what we can do in our everyday lives to make a difference and debunk many of the myths and misinformation.

By Gareth & Anca

The Weather Lounge show

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Welcome to the Weather Lounge! Join us every two weeks as WeatherWorks Meteorologists Mike Mihalik and Brad Miller discuss topics that relate weather to your everyday life and business. WeatherWorks is a private consultant company, located in Hackettstown NJ that provides daily forecasts, verified snow and ice totals, forensic reports, and more to a wide range of clients.

By theweatherlounge

Quantitude show

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A podcast dedicated to all things quantitative, ranging from the relevant to the highly irrelevant. Co-hosts Patrick Curran and Greg Hancock talk about serious statistical topics, but without taking themselves too seriously. Think: CarTalk hi-jacked by the two grumpy old guys from the Muppets, grousing about quantitative methods, statistics, and data analysis, all presented to you with the production value of a 6th grade school project. But in a good way.

By Greg Hancock & Patrick Curran

Biology Blogger (Podcast) show

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Podcast stream. Current as of Thu, 01 Jul 2021 15:33:31 -0300.

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The Cliff's Edge show

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You don't need to be a scientist to enjoy biology and environmentalism. Listen to the Cliff's Edge each week for a casual chat about everything from evolution to climate change, with some off-beat humor tossed in. Bring your curiosity and become an armchair expert in scientific issues that affect our daily lives. The Cliff's Edge: Biology and environmentalism for the rest of us.

By Cliff Hohman

Everything Everywhere Daily show

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A Podcast for Intellectually Curious People! Learn something new every single day. Everything Everywhere Daily tells the stories of interesting people, places, and things from around the world and throughout history. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, history, science, geography, and culture.

By Gary Arndt

JUNGLÜCK – Natürliche Kosmetik & Hautpflege show

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Herzlich willkommen bei einer neuen Podcastfolge von JUNGLÜCK. In unserem Podcast sprechen wir über natürliche Hautpflege, nachhaltige Kosmetik und einen ganzheitlichen, gesunden Lebensstil. Wir klären dich über unsere Inhaltsstoffe und deren Wirkweise und Funktion auf, damit du unsere Produkte verstehst. Mit einer reinen, nachhaltigen und natürlichen Pflegeserie möchten wir dir zeigen, dass deine Körperpflege einen Mehrwert für unsere Umwelt schaffen kann. Das ermöglichen wir mit Produkten, die auf alles verzichten, was du nicht brauchst. Wir verwenden natürliche und reine Inhaltsstoffe, die 100% vegan sind. Bei der Herstellung achten wir besonders auf einen nachhaltigen Prozess. Wir vermeiden weitestgehend Plastik, füllen unsere Produkte ausschließlich in Braunglas ab und versenden in Deutschland, nach Österreich und in die Schweiz klimaneutral. Für jedes Produkt, das du bei uns kaufst, pflanzen wir zusammen mit Eden Reforestation Projects einen Baum. Weil: Umdenken beginnt bei dir. Wir freuen uns auf spannende und informative Podcastfolgen mit dir!

By junglück