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Pushing The Limits show

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Pushing the limits - the show that gets deep into the psyche of limit pushers from all walks of life. Out the box thinker, elite athlete, successful entrepreneurs, social change innovators, scientists and more. Cutting to the chase to find out what makes them so successful, how they did it, what their life philosophies are and what gems of wisdom they can impart to us all. Hosted by Professional Adventure Athlete Lisa Tamati, author, producer, motivational speaker and mindset coach

By Lisa Tamati

chicken pop pod show

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Electronic music delivered hot and fresh as its made. All-original drum 'n' bass, techno, groove, ambient, and what-not.

By cpp network

Medical Discovery News show

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Science... it permeates everyday life. Yet the understanding of advances in biomedical science is limited at best. Few people make the connection that biomedical science is medicine and that biomedical scientists are working today for the medicine of tomorrow. Our weekly five-hundred word newspaper column and two-minute radio show provide insights into a broad range of biomedical science topics. Medical Discovery News is dedicated to explaining discoveries in biomedical research and their promise for the future of medicine. Listen to all our episodes by visiting our website at!

By David Niesel and Norbert Herzog

Der Babybauch Podcast - dein Podcast für Kinderwunsch und Schwangerschaft show

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Der Babybauch Podcast richtet sich an Frauen mit Kinderwunsch und Schwangere. Hier vermittelt Sarah, approbierte Ärztin aus Berlin, auf verständliche und unkomplizierte Art medizinisches Wissen zu weiblicher Fruchtbarkeit, Kinderwunsch und Schwangerschaft. Außerdem nimmt euch Sarah mit auf ihre eigene Kinderwunsch- und Schwangerschaftszeit und berichtet von persönlichen Erfahrungen.

By Sarah Plack

Behind the Double Doors: The Houston Plastic Surgery Podcast show

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Go beyond the doors of the operating room to learn about plastic surgery and non-surgical medical aesthetics with Houston board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Bob Basu.

By Bob Basu, MD

Medic Materials Podcast show

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Want to get in the heads of four current EMS providers? The Medic Materials Podcast is a twice monthly podcast that was created to give educational opportunities in the most relaxed fashion we can. EMS is a stressful business and many discussions happen between providers in the Ambulance or in the station. This podcast reflects those internal conversations. We review actual EMS calls as well as have open table discussions on some of the most interesting topics in the EMS world.

By Mike Turek

Colon Health Podcast show

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Interviews with the world's leading professionals and experts in gastroenterology, research, nutritional science, medical technology, and more. If it impacts your colon health, we cover it here on the Colon Health Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Dac Teoli.


Who Needs Sleep? show

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Raising a child is as exhilarating as it is exhausting. It must be easier for my kid’s doctor, right? Two pediatricians embark on their own 18-year journeys to answer that very question… Maybe more than 18 years. We’ll see… Join Dr. Valerie Lawrence and Dr. Philip Magcalas as they pool their collective experiences to help you plan, commiserate, and provide reassurance from before the baby is even born, to everything that comes after. Science-based guidance from people who get it. Episodes every other week, with bonus mini-episodes in weeks in between.

By Two Tired Docs

Talk Therapy CBT show

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Join Dr. Dawn Raffa and her co-host Anthony Danna in a conversation about educating, helping, and connecting individuals to various topics in the world of psychology.

By Dr. Dawn Raffa

The Women in Medicine Badass Radioshow show

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If you’re a woman in medicine, by definition you are a badass. But juggling work and life responsibilities can be challenging. Join Psychologist and Success Coach, Dr. Sharon Grossman, each week as she shares practical tips to address the real-life struggles you are facing so that you can be unstoppable.

By Dr. Sharon Grossman: Success Coach