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e-flux podcast show

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Conversations with some of the most engaged artists and thinkers working today.

By e-flux

Art Side of Life show

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Art Side of Life is a podcast and YouTube show dedicated to inspiring artists to pursue their passion in life and take action to make money as an artist. It is the perfect companion for your commute to school, work, or while you are creating. The artists share how to make money as an artist, how to get first art jobs, how to get freelance artist jobs, commissions, and clients, how to improve your art skills, how to find your style and grow your Instagram and social media following. Get inspired and motivated by successful artists like Loish, Cyarine, Picolo, Eleeza, Jason Brubaker, Wouter Tulp, Marco Bucci, Brett Bean, Stephen Silver, Nathan Fowkes, Schmoedraws, Asia Ladowska, Jake Parker, Proko, Audra Auclair, Ahmed Aldoori and many others! Each episode presents the journey of a successful Artist who shares their personal background, their art style, medium, tools and also strategies how they make money and stay motivated in their projects. For the ones of you who are just starting, the guests also share what they learned from their mistakes, and the action steps to achieve success. Each episode ends with the highlights and the summary of Artist’s resources so you don’t have to take notes of the valuable pieces of information.

By Iva Mikles: Artist and Creative Entrepreneur

Your Home Story show

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DIY Home Improvement and Design podcast by DIY home improvement pros & bloggers Ashley of Bigger than the Three of Us and Suzannah of Create/Enjoy. We believe you don’t have to be an interior designer to create a home you love, and you don’t have to be a contractor to do the work yourself. Join the conversation each week as we talk in detail about finding your home style, why we DIY, how stay consistent with your home projects and more. You’ll be able to tap into our knowledge on how to paint cabinets, how to pick flooring, how to hang gallery walls, etc., in the upcoming episodes.

By Ashley of Bigger than the Three of Us and Suzannah of Create/Enjoy blogs

Comic Lab show

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Welcome to ComicLab: The podcast about making comics, and making a living from comics! If you loved Webcomics Weekly, you're gonna love this show: It's half shop-talk, half how-to, and half friendship. WE SQUEEZED IN THREE HALVES. It's tips and tricks and all the joys of cartooning as a pro. So pull up your drawing chair, put on some headphones, and join us while you draw! And if you like what you hear, kick in a dollar to help make more 'n better shows —

By Brad Guigar and Dave Kellett

Master Your Lens show

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The photography podcast dedicated to helping photographers take better pictures. Each week you'll discover photo tips to create better portraits, improve your lighting, and get more clients. New episodes every Wednesday.

By Matthew Jordan Smith

Fog of Truth: A Podcast About Documentary Film show

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A podcast exploring the definition and boundaries of documentary cinema, as well as current releases within the genre.

By Christopher Llewellyn Reed and Bart Weiss

Letterpress Digest: A Podcast About Letterpress Printing show

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In the “Letterpress Digest” podcast, novice printer Jordan Berry talks about all things letterpress with some of the most influential and experienced artists, designers, and printers who are using letterpress printing today. You’ll hear guests talk about the resurgence of letterpress and their first printing press as well as numerous helpful and practical tips like how people launched their letterpress business, what type of ink they use, how they found their printing press, how to design for letterpress, and many more. There will also be some fun and entertaining stories along the way, all centered around letterpress.

By Jordan Berry

Zack's Film Talks at SDSU show

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Interviews with screenwriters, DPs, directors, and other film professionals conducted by San Diego State University film major Isaiah Solotaroff.

By Isaiah Solotaroff

The Midnight Charette Design and Architecture Show show

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The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by Architects David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet, the show covers a wide array of subjects with humor and honesty and features a variety of creative professionals in unscripted and more personal conversations.

By David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet

Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About Spider-Man show

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THWIP! Swing on by to hear a discussion of each of the 41 Spider-Man comic issues done by the original creative team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko! We get into: Stan's terrible puns! Steve's angsty inks! The compelling villains (Doctor Octopus)! And the sometimes very dumb villains (Fancy Dan)! And anything that made these issues the BIG BANG of modern super-hero comics! Your co-hosts, UCB performers Will Hines and Kevin Hines, have no official qualifications except for a life-long love of Spider-Man in general and these issues in particular! 'NUFF SAID!

By Will Hines & Kevin Hines | Campfire Media